Here’s My Story

Abram Khatri

My name is Abram Khatri, and I grew up in the heart of Jaipur as a boy.

When we moved to the United States, something was missing from my life.

We had a good home, I had excellent friends, and my parents and siblings were happy, but that wasn’t it.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it for the longest time.

I found out that I’m someone who really lives through scents and aromas—they just trigger something inside of me that really compel me more than any other sense.

I know a lot of people like this, but I didn’t know how to use this to my advantage.

Since most of my childhood happened here in America, I didn’t really know what caused the scents of my childhood.

Those were locked away in my memories. I started doing some digging.

I found what goes into Indian perfumes and perfumes, what the difference between the two are, and just how powerful these aromas were.

Not just for me, but for anyone who enjoys them—there’s just something different about them that affects people in a more profound way.

I’m here to be your guide through the scents of India, and break down every technical aspect of perfumes along the way.

Your sense of smell is powerful; you just need to know how to use it properly.