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Beverly Hills Polo Club deodorants: bold and exquisite

Beverly Hills Polo Club is an American brand, which has been characterized by excellent quality and is a trend in international markets. More than a brand is a lifestyle and a different attitude to face the world. It is a really popular brand in America and Europe, but this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t earned a spot in the top sellers in India as well.

Beverly Hills Polo Club, in addition to many garments, sells other products that monopolize the market worldwide. While it is a brand well-known thanks to its clothing, accessories, and perfumes, Beverly Hills Polo Club has managed to become a reference in other fields. It is important to mention, in this matter, that the brand’s deodorants are quite new, but still, backed by the high quality that characterizes the brand, are part of the empire of deodorants worldwide. 

In India, the Beverly Hills Polo Club deodorants are very popular and the variety of products offered is immense, and they are of very good quality and very durable.

The firm has deodorant sprays for men and women in very pleasant fragrances that suit all preferences and needs. No matter if you’re an active man or a busy woman, Beverly Hills Polo Club deodorants are perfect for keeping a fresh, exquisite aroma through the day and feeling comfortable and prepared to face any obstacle you might face.

All are very durable fragrances, provide an unparalleled feeling of freshness, and are very stylish. To differentiate each one of the fragrances, Beverly Hills Polo Club deodorants are identified by numbers, from number 1 to number 9. Each one is different, unique, and irresistible. 

beverly hills polo club deodorants

Best Sellers for Men

Among the most popular male deodorants in India, No. 1 stands out, which has a delicious aroma of lavender, from the floral woody olfactory family and has become one of the best sellers. 

No. 2, also one of the most popular, is preferred by many for the luxurious notes that can be perceived and in which the aroma of pink pepper, saffron, nutmeg, and cardamom combined with fragrances such as geranium, patchouli, incense, and leather to offer a very manly fragrance.

Without underestimating the other fragrances, because they are all very good, the deodorant identified as No. 8 is the most masculine of them all. In it, woods and oriental species prevail, delicately complemented with fresh and fruity aromas such as passion fruit, watery and floral notes.

For the youngest, deodorant No. 9, has a distinctive floral aroma and aquatic and citrus notes that make this deodorant perfect for athletes and people charged with energy.

Beverly Hills Polo club Deodorants for women

beverly hills polo club no 9

The most popular deodorants among Indian women are No. 9, which has a floral and watery aroma, with citrus notes perfect for younger women. The exquisite aroma of vanilla, Musk, and amber, are combined with Cashmere Wood and amber. In its middle notes prevails Honeysuckle, orange blossom, and osmanthus, and in its top notes Raspberry, Sorbet, and blood Orange.

The No. 1 with a delicious fruity aroma, along with No. 8 delicate and soft, have become a reference within the world of deodorants. However, we can not dismiss the No. 2 deodorant, which has become the favorite of many women and has a pleasant aroma that includes sandalwood, moss, lily of the valley, neroli, watery notes and lavender as a starting note.

All the deodorants in the line are complemented with other products such as eau de cologne, body creams, and bath soap that will help the fragrance prevail longer on the skin of those who use them. There is a deodorant perfect for each type of person, and there is no doubt that you’ll find the one that suits you best in this collection. Each of these fragrances is made especially for taking out the daring, confident, and distinguished side of you, with just a little splash of the scent that better reflects your personality.

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