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Cobra Perfumes: divine fragrances from India to the world

The vision of the founder of the firm IV John, which produces Cobra Perfumes, states that it is not important the idea a man holds, but its depth. This company started its operations in 1960, in a very humble way, manufacturing personal care products, being its first products Vaseline and scented hair oil. Over the years, it expanded its horizons to become one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic, personal care, and health products under the VI John brand. 

Among the firm’s products are toiletries, shaving products, perfumes, deodorants, and other products for skin and hair. A particularity of the firm is that its products are not tested on animals nor do they use derivatives that could affect them

Among the firm’s products, St John Cobra perfumes, the perfumed water of the same line, stands out. The Black Diamond perfume for women is also very well known. 

cobra perfumes

Cobra perfume

This perfume uses essential aromas and was designed as a complement to daily activities. It offers a sensation of freshness and avoids unpleasant body odors. Cobra is one of the most popular in India and the perfume is sold in spray form. Manufacturers recommend its use on the wrists, neck, armpit, and behind the ears for optimal results, since the fragrance is more powerful when it comes into contact with the sweat of the skin.

The fragrance has floral and citrus notes, which allows it to be used by both men and women. Its durability is extensive and sensual that many people love. Cobra perfume can be used for any occasion, whether it is a casual gathering or a big party.

Like all the original Indian fragrances, Cobra, original perfume has its followers and detractors, therefore, reviews are not very reliable, so it is recommended that you try the perfume on your skin to perceive its aroma.

Besides, you can complement your care with other products of the Cobra line that includes deodorants, attar, facial and body creams among many other products.

Cobra Eau de Parfum

Cobra is also available as Eau de parfum. Softer, with a pleasant aroma, and made with various essential oils and other aromatics. The line of Eau de parfum has various fragrances all with the denomination of Cobra Twist, and available in fragrances: Original, Fresh, Wild and Kill Her.

Cobra Twist Original Fragrance: it is soft, of fast evaporation, but it has a combination of very pleasant aromatic notes.

Cobra Twist Fresh: is a sensual, masculine, and very fresh fragrance

Wild Cobra Twist: mystery is what defines this fragrance, it has an aroma that will make your imagination fly.

Cobra Twist Kill Her: this fragrance is one that women love. It is elegant and mysterious and will certainly make more than one lady sigh.

Cobra is more than a perfume firm, it is a business that has been dedicated for many years to the elaboration and commercialization of personal care products, both with fragrances, deodorants, attars, unique shaving creams in its style and in great demand, as well as other products that are worth knowing.

Like all fragrances, the best option is to try them on your skin, since body chemistry works differently for everyone, so if you want to be sure of how the fragrance will feel on your skin, choose to try it.

 Without a doubt, Cobra Perfumes are an excellent choice when you need to express yourself and its exquisite scents are quite a representation of everything India has to offer. If you are not afraid to try something different and you’re looking forward to being the center of attention anywhere you go, you should try one of this fragrances and give yourself the opportunity to become the person you always wanted to be. Just make sure you follow our tips to make perfume last longer and enjoy these fragrances at their best.

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