Jasmine and its delicious aroma: the favorite of perfumery

Jasmine is a beautiful flower known not only for its beauty but also for its characteristic and strong aroma, which is usually more intense at sunset. It comes from a bush of the Jasminum and is an ancient plant to which medicinal and cosmetic properties are attributed. Perfumers especially value the essence of jasmine and it is one of the elements they often use in the preparation of various fragrances.

Specialists claim that jasmine blossoms are more aromatic than the same flowers. Its aroma is perceived in its natural state for an average of 12 to 20 hours, and they are flowers that open in the morning and close during the night. The jasmine flower is considered by perfumers as the queen of flowers

The aroma of jasmine is simply breathtaking.

Sensations produced by jasmine are diverse. The floral aroma, reminiscent of fruits, liquors, spices, animal notes, and the sensation of warmth that it offers make it one of the most valued for lovers of perfumes, being the flower most used by the great perfumers worldwide and one of the most sensual aromas known.

It is said that jasmine is native to Asia, and is very widespread throughout that continent, even in some of those countries it is considered the national flower. Its fame dates back centuries, especially for its sweet aroma, which becomes more intense at night.

More than 200 varieties of jasmine flower are known worldwide and its oil is frequently used in the perfume industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Jasmine flower is considered a symbol of purity and goodness in the south in many Asian countries.

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Uses of jasmine flower

Jasmine flower is widely used in the preparation of home remedies to relieve coughs, improve conditions such as hoarseness and other respiratory affections. Many people attribute antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and nervous system properties to jasmine, and some even attribute aphrodisiac effects to it, although this has not been scientifically proven. It is known that the jasmine flower is effective in lowering the temperature, fighting infection, and relieving stomach problems, muscle pain, and inflammation.

Certainly, jasmine has the properties given by popular beliefs and is because it contains linalool, which is the component that gives it its characteristic aroma and also has sedative properties, which reduce stress and improve emotional health. It also contains benzyl acetate. This component, according to the herbalist, has been used for thousands of years in the development of fragrances and body massage oils.

In cosmetics, there are a great number of products and master formulas that have been used for years in various cultures, including jasmine oil, as it has properties that improve skin elasticity.

Jasmine flower is often used to decorate homes and public paces because it is a climbing plant that is ideal for bringing beauty to walls and trellises. It has also been used since time immemorial, particularly in Asia, to decorate women’s hair and to prepare delicate handmade perfumes with its oil.

Jasmine in Perfumery

Although there are more than 200 varieties, only two species are used for the elaboration of perfumes and they are the grandiflorum and sambac. The firm Carolina Herrera uses the jasmine sambac as an icon of the brand because it was the aroma of this flower that inspired the first fragrance of the brand. Its creator Carolina Herrera, says that its aroma brings her back home, reminding her of her mother and her childhood.

It is true that many fragrances claim that their perfumes are of jasmine flower, however, the percentage of natural jasmine essential oil cultivated is not as high as you might think. The truth is that to get one kilogram of the product, more than six million flowers are required. It is important to note that most perfumes use synthetic reproductions of natural flowers, not only because of their cost but also to avoid allergies or pigmentation problems. Among the perfumes that use synthetic jasmine oil, we can mention some of the famous brands and great popularity.

Blond Jasmin, by Carolina Herrera

From the firm Carolina Herrera, of the exclusive Herrera Confidential line, the Blond Jasmin perfume is one of the fragrances with a jasmine aroma that lasts for hours. Its aroma is feminine, has that halo of mystery, and is a stimulating fragrance that causes happiness.

A la Nuit, by Serge Lutens

This is a creation that, in addition to jasmine, includes musk, honey, and some green touches. Those who use it claim that the aroma is similar to that produced by cutting the flower and rubbing it on the skin. It is a fragrance that can be used by men or women indistinctly, but A La Nuit is definitely of great preference for women thanks to the intense aroma of jasmine.

Joy, by Jean Patou

This one is a classic for lovers of the aroma of jasmine. It is a concentrated perfume, very durable, and is one of the best selling. This fragrance was one of the favorites of the well-known Maria Felix, however, the original aroma of this fragrance is no longer mass-produced.

Alien, by Thierry Mugler

Another fragrance, which, although mixed with amber, lets you feel the presence of jasmine is Alien by Thierry Mugler. It has an intense aroma, which allows perceiving the strong essence of jasmine that leaves an unforgettable trail in its wake. For the elaboration of this perfume, jasmine flowers from India are used, which are carefully treated to collect the essence of the flowers.

Olene, by Diptyque

If you’re looking for a perfume that, although it contains a mixture of fragrances that includes honeysuckle, green aromas, and narcissus, has an essence of jasmine that prevails, then you’re looking for Olene. It is an intense, long-lasting fragrance that leaves a wave of scent that raises the question of what fragrance you use to cause that impact on the people who breathe in the scent. As a curiosity, this perfume for women is used in Arab countries by many men.

Tendre Jasmin, by Yves Rocher

If you are one of the lovers of citric perfumes, but you are fascinated by jasmine, don’t forget to try Tendre Jasmin by Yves Rocher. This fragrance contains the two species of jasmine used in perfumery, Grandiflorum, and Sambac, and also includes essential oils of citrus fruits such as lemon, tangerine, and orange, as well as mimosa and orange blossom,

White Jasmine & Mint, by Jo Malone

Jo Malone’s White Jasmine & Mint is an herbal fragrance, although jasmine can be perceived as the main element. It is a fresh and feminine aroma, perfect for those who want to attract attention.

Chanel N° 5, by Chanel

We cannot forget to mention the Chanel Nª5 perfume, even though jasmine is not its only component. It is the most sold perfume worldwide since 1954 and it is a perfect option if you like, besides the jasmine aroma, floral and citric fragrances. However, if you are looking for an intense jasmine aroma, explore the other options.
The star of many of the greatest perfumes worldwide, we can’t deny that a jasmine fragrance is an excellent option when it comes to soft, exquisite, and mystical perfumes.

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