PerfumeBooth, the perfect online shop to buy your fragrances

PerfumeBooth is a perfume shop that borns in India to meet the needs of the Indians to acquire, at an affordable price, high-quality perfumes and change the trend of the domestic market, oriented towards deodorants. The false belief that deodorants are a cheap product and perfumes are very expensive, was the initial battle of its founders.

They began by marketing a box with seven fragrances that fit different personalities and even different moods. This concept revolutionized the market, not only because of the novelty of the presentation but also because of the low cost and the quality of the fragrances.

The Selfie perfume collection, which includes seven different fragrances, international size, and in miniature bottles, at a very affordable price, was the key to its success. By eliminating the intermediaries, they were able to reduce costs considerably and gain immediate attention. 

International Perfumes at low cost in PerfumeBooth


With this collection, PerfumeBooth started the perfume emporium that includes today more than 400 perfumes on its website, under the premise of offering affordable perfumes for everyone. On its website, you can get fragrances from firms such as Lomani Paris, Baug Son, English Blazer, Chris Adams, Emper, and many others. 

In India, it is difficult to acquire international perfumes, but Perfume Booth has made it possible and offers fragrances in different presentations as Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Perfumes, Attar, Body Spray, and Deodorants, all at a very affordable price.

Selfie is not the only collection of assorted, quality perfumes that Perfume Booth has to offer, the Scent Shot line is also available in beautiful cases of seven fragrances for men and women.

This is an excellent way to try the different fragrances and then purchase the one you like best in its conventional size, also available in the online store. 

Selfie, an aromatic case

The pioneering collection of PerfumeBooth, Selfie, includes seven mini perfumes from different international brands, an applicator case, and a gift card so you can buy the conventional size perfume of your choice at an unbeatable price. The brands included in the Selfie case are Jacket English, Emper, Lomani, Creation, Louis Cardin, Mariaj, and Chris Adam.

Scent Shot, a different alternative

With the same concept the Scent Shot line, also includes seven fragrances in a practical ergonomic case, available in six different colors and three variants of fragrances for men that are Manhattan, Signature, and Drifter and three for women called Malibu, Vodoo, and Blush. Also with the purchase of this collection, you will receive discount cards to purchase regular size perfumes. Besides, it is possible to purchase a pack of fragrances to recharge your miniatures at a fairly affordable cost.

Without a doubt, PerfumeBooth has captured the attention of men and women who love perfume and have managed to eradicate the myth about the high cost of international fragrances. Both collections of perfumes are an excellent alternative, either for personal use or as a gift, the best thing is that you can buy them online and without having to leave home.

Of course, there are many more perfumes you can buy in PerfumeBooth, not only indian-made fragrances, but also international fragrances coming from France, United Kingdom, America and many more. This is one of your best options and you can surely find a fragrance that makes you fall in love. 

Their option to have mini-packs of fragrances is an excelent way to try first and then go for all in when you decide to buy a regular perfume, or even stay with the versatility of having many options to choose from day to day.  Online shopping has definitely changed the world and it can change your world too.

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