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A classic gentleman is defined by how he appears, talks, and trails. And the most striking part that seals the deal is the scent he leaves behind.

In the land of diverse culture, delicious food, active sports life, and great Bollywood films, Indian men have a lot to be proud of. Beyond that, their intelligent minds are reflected by how they carry out business.

Therefore, an Indian man must have one of the best perfumes for men in India 2020 as complementary to their great looks, charisma, and flourishing lifestyles.

But why exactly should men in India wear perfume?

Let’s find out.

Reasons Why You Should Wear the Best Perfume

To become unforgettable

The first reason a man should wear a fragrance is to be remembered. Science backs up the fact that scents make a lasting impression on the memory center of the brain.

That is why we can relate to specific food smells and distinctive delicacies that lead us down memory lane remembering how our parents made the dish. Similarly, a guy using one of the best long lasting perfumes for men in India will leave a long-lasting impression.

To become more alluring

A gentleman trailing a divine aroma is bound to intrigue more female mates his way just because of his fragrance. Women tend to get hooked on a man’s scent the moment they get into the same space.

And the fact that they can remember them through their scents makes the bond even more robust. A well- balanced top perfume for men will, for sure, get you that second date.

A marvelous scent represents a self-aware man

A gentleman with the best men perfume in India is one poised man. Looking dapper and smelling heavenly represents a man who is aware of himself and his surroundings.

This exhibition is very advantageous as a man of this caliber can get almost everything done. He is teeming with self-confidence and believes he can touch the skies. But then again, who said he could not? If you feel good, you perform better in all aspects of your life, business, and personal.

Types of Men Fragrances

types of mans perfume

Before we get into examples of the best perfumes for men in India 2020, you must first understand the diverse classes of men’s scents.

The fundamentals of any fragrance lie in the aromatic oils used for the concoction. And the uniqueness comes in the concentration of the scented oil blends. Usually, alcohol and water are used in the mixtures.

A high concentration of the oil translates to a more potent scent that lasts longer. And the vice versa translates to a shorter scent duration.

The general categories of the best men perfume are as follows:

Eau Fraiche

These varieties of men’s fragrances have the least density of aromatic oils. The concentration usually lies between one to three percent, and the remaining volume is mostly water and alcohol.

The name Eau Fraiche means freshwater, emphasizing that these colognes are very dilute. Their sillage lasts from a few minutes up to an hour after application.

Eau de Cologne

The Eau de cologne has a higher percentage of scented essential oils than the previous type above. But the dissolving agent is alcohol, which makes almost 70% of the blend. The perfume content of the Eau de cologne lies between the range 2 to 4%.

These scents are usually light and crisp and last for about two hours on the skin.

Eau de Toilette

With a 15 to 20% perfume oil formation, Eau de Toilette is a pure blend containing only alcohol solvent. These men’s perfumes last at least three hours after application.

The name translates to ‘toilet water’ because these mixtures were used as skin fresheners after visiting the lavatory. A majority of Eau de toilettes are unisex and neuter.

Eau de Perfume

These types have aromatic oil concentration that ranges between 15-20%. They are pure blends without any additives and last for about five to eight hours. These are ideal if you want to have one application per day. 

This product retains fragrance the entire day at the office, or all night at the club. Top perfumes for men cost a bit extra than Toilette, cologne, and Eau Fraiche. However, the volume or brand of the fragrance may influence the pricing.


Parfum has the highest concentration of aromatic oils and is the most pricey in the bunch. They have an oilier feel and have the highest sillage compared to the rest.

The perfume oil concentration stands at 20 to 30%, which can last long. Some of these scents linger around even after a few washes.

The Composition of Men Perfumes

notes pyramid

Every fragrance included in the collection of the best men perfume in India has three distinctive tiers—the top(head), the heart(medium or middle), and the base tones.

These tones are categorized according to the rate they evaporate, which translates to the time they retain the fragrance.

Top Notes

The top notes, also known as head tones, usually produce scent for about five to fifteen minutes after application. They are the first layer of perfume and are traditionally the distinctive smell that hits your senses right after application.

They have the role of setting the stage for the next tier of scents, the heart tones, also known as the middle or medium tones.

The most common head tones used in the best perfumes for men in India are scents such as lemon, bergamot, lemongrass, mandarin, marines, and aquatics.

Medium Notes

Also known as the heart tones, these scents are the main attraction of the fragrance. They usually ooze out about three to five hours after application. The best men perfumes in India have middle tones that are somewhat similar to the head tones to create a seamless transition from one tier to the next.

Since men are into masculine smells, men’s top perfumes consist of middle tones made from green scents like stone, conifer trees, eucalyptus, and grass. They may also contain some spicy aromas such as clove, cinnamon, cardamon, herbal, and pepper.

Base Notes

Base tones are the third and last layer of a fragrance. They are more profound and bolder than the other two tiers creating more intensity and fullness of the perfume. Base tones usually stay active for about five to ten hours after application.

The base notes typically start to get discerned about half an hour after application and ride along with the middle tones. These tones sink deep into the skin, and that is why they are felt long after application.

For the best perfume for men India, the most common base tones are either wooded, musky, or balsamic. The wooded options are moss, tobacco, musk, patchouli, and cedar, not forgetting sandalwood.

Musk scents are such as cashmere musk and civet musk. Some examples of balsamic aromas include vanilla and heliotrope, frankincense, and myrrh.

Linear and non-linear perfumes

Non-linear perfumes are the kind of men’s fragrance that follows the systematic order of tones mentioned above. They start by releasing the head tones, then the middle tones, and finally, the base notes. All through their cycle, you experience different kinds of smells that unfold as time passes by.

Linear perfumes have only one scent all through their use. If the first scent is flowery, the entire cycle will present the same smell, and their composition is mostly made of a few ingredients. Instead of evolutionary experience, they give a consistency flow.

Now, let’s look at the best perfumes for men that will change your life.

Best Overall – Be By Calvin Klein

Be By Calvin Klein Review

Calvin Klein is a household name with a multitude of products under its broad umbrella. The brand screams out diligence, power, poise, and vigor.

Here are the characteristics and useful information about this perfume.

Type, size, and longevity

Be by Calvin Klein is an Eau de Toilette fragrance. The packaging comes in either the 100ml or a 200ml bottle.

The longevity of Be by Clavin Klein men’s fragrance is moderate. It oozes out a soft and gentle sillage after application. One application and you will trail a transcendence aroma for three hours straight.

Specifications of the product

Be by Calvin Kleins comes in a matte black glass bottle packaged in a black oblong box package. The 100ml pack retails at 2,800 rupees, while the 200ml bottle goes for 3,400 rupees approximately.

This perfume’s accord begins with the first notes of citrus bergamot, mandarine, juniper, lavender, peppermint, and notions of green scents. After about fifteen minutes, you start to experience the middle tones of fruity and clawing sensations of jasmine, orchid, magnolia, peach, and freesia.

The base comes intense with tinges of woodsy and balsamic odors of the cedar, amber, opoponax, tonka bean, musk, sandal, and soft vanilla.

Selling point

Be’s selling point lies in the oriental woody fragrance that brings in more than just a scent. It carries poise, class, style, and confidence in only one application. The personal touch is brought out with the unique dry down that fits every man’s natural smell.

The black packaging is masculine and screams out elegance from a mile away. The whole package explains why this is the best perfume for men in India 2020.


Notable, nothing disadvantageous concerning this fragrance pops up, although if you wish to have a scent all day, you may need to spray a new application after a few hours.

The radiance is heavenly and divine, so the fresh spritz will rejuvenate you yet again, giving you a boost to keep going.

The Calvin Klein is best for

  • Everyday use
  • A night out
  • Running errands

Buying advice

Calvin Klein’s Be is the top perfume for men in India for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, the concoction of scents that unfold with every passing minute makes it a worthy investment.

And secondly, the confidence it builds for every man is unquestionable. So much so, every cent used to purchase this product is worthwhile. Want to turn heads in the streets? Get yourself a CK Be men’s perfume.

Runner Up – Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water by Davidoff Review

Imagine standing facing the calm ocean blue waters, and the fresh sea breeze is gently caressing your face. The sun is peeking on the horizon, and right beside you is a cold drink that refreshes your spirits with every sip.

Now, squeeze that experience in a bottle of the best perfume for men, and you have yourself the Cool Water by Davidoff.

Type, size, and longevity

The Cool Water is an Eau de Toilette (EDT) and comes in a 125ml glass bottle.

The Davidoff Cool Water records three-hour longevity, which is an average amount of time for an EDT. This product gives out a modest sillage that releases waves of fragrance throughout the scents cycle.

Specifications of the product

The ocean blue glass bottle comes enclosed in a blue box that costs around 3,500 rupees. The formulation of Cool Water consists of aromatic aquatic scents as the first noticeable smells being marine, complemented by rosemary’s freshness, peppermint’s coolness, lavender’s softness, and coriander’s lemony aroma.

The middle tones present powerful geranium, calm sandalwood, subtle jasmine, and earthy oakmoss. And lastly, after half an hour of application, you live through the bold amber, musk, cedar, and tobacco aromas as the base scents.

Selling point

As one of India’s best men perfume, Cool Water embodies masculinity, strength, sensuality, and coolness. Every splash offers a refreshing induction into relaxation and radiates energy. This fragrance is a non-linear brand that keeps unfolding bliss every passing minute.


When applied in hot weather, the scent tends to die off pretty fast. Hence, you might be forced to use a new splash every so often.

The Cool Water by Davidoff is best for

  • A date
  • A night in the town
  • After the gym or taking a shower

Buying advice

For the 125ml bottle, the price seems pretty fair. This perfume is one of India’s top perfumes for men as it offers you not only a great scent but a splash of energy. This fragrance is best used as a complementary piece in your collection of men’s perfume.

Best Perfumes for Men Under 1000

Best Overall – Urban Nights by All Good Scents

Urban Nights by All Good Scents Review

The Urban Nights men’s perfume is an Indian premium brand and a distinguished member of the top perfumes for men under 1000.

The fragrance is manufactured in the rich Indian country, and the oils are blended in top-tier perfume-making facilities in France. It is classy and potent, making it an excellent addition to any man’s collection.

Type, size, and longevity

The Urban Nights by All Good Scents is an Eau De Toilette and comes in a 34 Fl oz bottle. Urban night’s longevity is durable, making it one of the best long-lasting perfumes for men under 1000.

Its lingering sillage is rich and moderate, which is gentle to the nose.

Specification of products

The Urban Nights, an All Good Scents product, goes for approximately 900 rupees on most online stores. Mainly because it is a locally made brand, but do not think even for a second that it isn’t an exceptional fragrance. On the contrary, the aroma’s formulation in this perfume makes it one of the best men perfume in India.

The headnotes are uniquely blended with hints of striking spicy mint, sweet mandarine, and tangy grapefruit. After those wear-offs, the aromatic sweetness and classic of the rose, cinnamon, and Indian spices follow as the heart.

It finishes with the earthy blond leather, honey-like amber, and the musky patchouli scents.

Selling point

The distinctive features about Urban nights that render it memorable and perhaps one of the best perfumes for men under 1000 begin with the packaging. The modern printed black and white box with tiny orange, green, and red strokes make it recognizable from a mile away.

Additionally, the uniquely blended Indian spice aromas will make you feel like you want to taste the perfume even though you shouldn’t. The extraordinary thing is that Urban Nights is a fully vegan product.

The Urban Nights by All Good Scents is ideal for

  • A night out
  • A date

Buying advice

Cleanliness, oriental, and affordable are just some traits that put the Urban Nights on the map as one of the best men perfume in India. Having roots in the nation, all Indian guys will relish having this product added to their fragrance collection.

At a price it’s going for, you better run to the store and get yourself one as soon as possible. It is authentic and smells sublime.

Runner Up – United Dreams Go Far by United Colors Of Benetton

United Dreams Go Far by United Colors Of Benetton Review

On the package, both the colorless glass and the carton box comes with a message to give the user encouragement words. As one of the best perfume for men under 1000, let us take a deep dive into finding out what United Dreams Go Far is all about.

Type, size, and longevity

This top men perfume is an Eau de Toilette and retails in a 60 ml colorless bottle to reveal the content.

The longevity of the cologne is well under two hours, and that falls on the lower side. The sillage given out by the fragrance is middling with bursts of energy and coolness.

Specification of product

The clear bottle comes in a light blue packaging box at a price of approximately 990 rupees. You will realize the first scents that come out after a spitz are a lime, sea note, and citron.

Shortly after, the smell evolves into the magnificent fresh blue lotus, cardamom, and lavender hints. And lastly, the marvelous aroma of cedar, amber, and moss takes over to finish the cycle.

Selling Point

The list of elements used to make this concoction is perhaps the first thing that makes this fragrance one of India’s top perfumes for men. One breath of this scent will make you miss the beach because of the infused, well-blended aquatic smells.

The bouquet is made unforgettable with the fresh, energetic, healthy, and brave attitude that comes teeming out. Just like the name, Go Far, any visionary and fighter will find this perfume ideal. And this product is but one of three sets in a special collection. The other two are Be Strong and Aim Higher.


The most significant issue many past users have had is the low or short longevity of the product.

The small size is a bit of a turnoff, but the price justifies that. However, you can keep the fragrance by having the perfume in your bag everywhere you go and be applying after it wears off. The 60ml bottle is small in size and easy to carry.

The United Dreams Go Far by United Colors Of Benetton is best for

  • Daily use
  • Right after a shave
  • After the gym
  • Staying indoors

Buying advice

If you are going for a mild scent that just hits the right spots at an affordable price, then Go Far is the perfect choice for you. As one of the best perfumes for men under 1000, it proves to be a worthy investment, and your new carry-on cologne is always ready for use.

Best Perfumes For Men Under 500

Winner – Impressio by Fogg Scent

Impressio by Fogg Scent Review

Tracing its roots in India’s country, the Impressio by Fogg Scent is a gem with a pocket-friendly price. It is one of the best perfumes under 500 in India for men, and here is why.

Type, size, and longevity

Unlike all the other fragrances listed above, Impressio by Fogg Scent is an Eau de Parfum, and it comes in a 100ml bottle.

A couple of sprays of this Eau de parfum lasts you practically the whole day, quite a high potency rate. The sillage is also durable, giving outbursts of manly floral freshness throughout the day.

Specification of product

The 100ml bottle is shiny black with golden decorations that exudes class from the get-go. The packaging looks like a million bucks, but wait until you smell what is inside!

The spray bottle delivers a savory smell of bitter orange, and soon after, ginger, rose, and jasmine takes over. This product’s base notes are honey amber and sandalwood that finish off the perfume’s scent evolution. This list of ingredients is perhaps why the Impressio is one of the best long-lasting perfumes for men.

Selling point

The elements used in the Impressio by Fogg Scent infuse correctly to deliver a masculine floral, fresh scent. A tiny amount goes a long way and gets you noticed all day long. The smell remains the main event if you have deodorant on, and this is a plus.

It lasts long. It’s affordable and smells divine. Is there anything more to add?


The powerful scent can be a bit too strong for people who prefer smoother, milder smells. This is the likely scenario if a user sprays way too much. The perfume is for moderate use. Just one spritz and you go on your way.

Best time for Spraying Fogg Scent

  • Everyday use
  • As aftershave
  • A long day out
  • A night in the town

Buying advice

Impressio is the best perfume for men under 500 because of the goodness it brings into a man’s world. It is economical, lasts long, and smells great, so why not get it!

Tips for Buying the Best Men’s Perfumes

man spraying perfume on neck

Buy from a trusted seller

Whether it is an online store or a physical shop, make sure you are getting your best men perfume from a trusted source. To confirm this, check the reviews online and even ask around if the source is legit.

When buying online, get a familiar scent

Online buying entails you ordering a fragrance and having it delivered to you. This is not the time to try something new as you are at a disadvantage of possibly getting a fragrance that you don’t like.

If you are trying a particular scent for the first time, go to a physical shop and try it. After your first physical buy, you can now order it online since you are now familiar with its aroma.

Do your research and ask around

It may seem like a bother but having some background info about a product goes a long way into ensuring you get the best. As for the best perfume for men in India, check for the brands and perfume types within your budget.

Furthermore, read about the notes and the elements used for each product, and you will find out how long they will last you. Also, consider your lifestyle. For instance, an athlete might need a different product from a business person based on their physical activities.

A reliable source can be a friend or colleague who uses the best perfumes for men in India 2020. They have the first-hand experience and can point you in the right direction.

Know your intents

Some men buy colognes for mood-boosting and staying fresh, while some go for scents to become more alluring. What is your goal? Knowing this will have you pick the best men’s perfume for a date, after the gym, or for work.

Are you trying a cologne for the first time? Wait it out

Knowing the science behind how notes get delivered, it is wise to let the fragrance sit for a while before buying it.

The reason behind this is that you may find the top notes appealing but hate the middle or base notes afterward, which will have you going for another piece later on. To avoid this, get a sample sprayed on your wrist and stay with this for a few hours. If you find yourself wanting more by the end of the day, go back and buy that perfume.

When trying out a new fragrance, avoid using the little sample cardboard most stores use. Instead, have them apply a tinge on your wrist or your forearm as you wait it out.

Perfume for Men FAQ

suited man spraying perfume

 Is it OK for guys to wear perfume?

It is not only ok, but a necessity for a guy to have perfume on. Wearing perfume is alluring and enticing and the perfect recipe for getting people to notice you.

A man wearing a complementary scent shows that he is a well-put guy who knows what he wants in life. It is classy, stylish, dazzling, and dapper.

Which perfume is best for men?

Depending on the occasion and personal tastes, the best perfumes for men in India would be Eau de Toilette and Eau de parfum. They last no less than three hours and provide the best service throughout the day.

The Toilette is excellent for short events, while parfum is ideal for more extended events.

What do you call a men’s perfume?

Men’s perfumes have been given the name cologne over the past few centuries, and that name has so far stuck and is used to refer to all men’s fragrances.

How to apply perfume for men?

The application of men’s perfume is best made on the hot and warm body pulse points. These areas are the neck region, chest, inner elbow, forearm, and wrist. For best results, you should spray the perfume on the skin and not the clothes.

Spraying and walking through perfume is a total waste as most of the scent lands on the ground. You must, however, avoid applying perfume in the groin area.


As an Indian man who knows what he wants in life, now you have no excuse not to add a transcendence smell to compliment your personality. At least one of the five products has all you need, whether you are a business person or an athlete.

Furthermore, they are perfect for also getting you noticed in the streets. To walk the talk, get one of the best perfumes for men in India 2020 listed above to back you up!