Best Perfumes for Women in India 2020








Skinn Nude by Titan



Rose Rush by Paris Hilton



United Dreams Love Yourself by United Colors of Benetton



Secret Love by Body Cupid



Engage Femme

A woman’s scent is part and perception of her whole being. A lady’s perfume is the focal point of emphasizing confidence, poise, class, elegance, and so much more.

The fragrance that trails behind her operates like a shadow with the job to entice, elevate, and imprint a lasting impression on whoever takes it in.

Scents are the one thing we do not forget even as we grow older. That is why a particular scent you were fond of will always invoke a nostalgic feeling every time you smell it. Indeed you will hear of depreciating sense of sight or hearing, but rarely will you hear of declining sense of smell.

Women of all ages and social classes need that extra layer of confidence and appeal provided perfumes and signature fragrances.

Let’s look at the best perfumes for women in India 2020.

Best Overall: Skinn Nude by Titan

Skinn Nude by Titan Review

This perfume, which happens to be the winner of the best perfumes for women India, has an ombre red bottle that fades from deep red towards a more transparent hue to the bottom. The box is an off-white rectangular pack with an exquisite abstract art that takes up the package’s front.

Here are the reasons why it topped the list of the best perfumes for women in India 2020.

About the fragrance

Skinn Nude by Titan is an Eau de Parfum and comes in a 100ml glass bottle. Skinn nude is perhaps the best long lasting women perfume since it can last you the whole day. The ingredients used in this fragrance consist of lychee, bergamot, and raspberry as the first introductory notes.

The middle nodes that come flowing after the first notes float away are rose, super hedlone, and violets.  To finish off this scent, you will be adorned with the woody smell of sandalwood, firewood, fermionic musk, and tonka beans.

Perks of using this fragrance

Having this scent as your everyday companion sound like a pretty great idea as the blend of scents invokes a sensual, elegant, romantic, and mesmerizing effect on anyone you come across.

It awakens the nostalgic feelings of a summer love you once had and gets you in great spirits the whole day.

Unique additions

This perfume adds a playful nature yet elegantly and maturely. It is a flirty scent that is perfect for a date, a night out with the girls or a vacation.

The great thing is that you will not need to carry this bottle with you everywhere you go—application on your pulse points after a shower in the morning will last you the whole day.

The downside of this fragrance

There is really nothing wrong with the scent nor the bottle. The only issue is that if you do not buy this fragrance from a trusted seller, you will get a replica that ruins the excellent reputation of one of the best perfumes for women in India, and is quite unfortunate.

Buying advice

The Skinn Nude by Titan retails for approximately 1750 rupees and depending on your location, and you get free shipping as part of that price. This fragrance will last you the whole day, which translates to it lasting you for a very long time, primarily if you use it only for special occasions.

For this price, the Skinn Nude by Titan is hands-down the best perfumes for women under 2000 rupees. So much so, it is worth buy, for sure!

Runner Up: Rose Rush by Paris Hilton

Rose Rush by Paris Hilton Review

Paris Hilton is an unforgettable name and her scent too. Rose Lust comes in a pink grandiose glass bottle shaped like a red carpet trailing gown. This stunningly captivating bottle has an ombre pink hue that fades to clear from top to bottom.

About this fragrance

The Rose Rust is an Eau de Perfume in a 100ml glass bottle. As an Eau de perfume, you expect a single application on your pulse points to last you for about five to eight hours. This perfumy blend consists of rose, lychee, and neroli as the first scents sent out.

Then after these three fades away, the heart notes come in as the rose of may, juicy papaya, and peony. After about an hour or two into the fragrance, you will start noticing traces of amber and cedarwood, which take you through the rest of the scent’s life span.

Perks of using this fragrance

Thes best thing about Rose Rust is the refreshing and uplifting feeling one gets after an application. The lychee is an incredibly very enticing scent that exudes a rosy, fruity, and winery aroma in one. The lychee blends beautifully with the other two top notes to invoke rejuvenation.

Unique additions

The mix of different scents classes makes the Rose Rust, one of India’s best women perfumes, very unforgettable. Wearing this brand will get you noticed right away because of its distinctive papaya fruity aroma.

The downside of this fragrance

The Rose Rust can also be sold as a counterfeit and is quite often. What makes it a target to con artists is the name attached to the fragrance, and they would do anything to land a few coins illegally.

For that reason, you are advised to purchase from a trusted seller, mostly a physical store. If you choose to go online, be sure of your source.

Buying advice

The Rose Rust by Paris Hilton goes for a whooping 3900 rupees, but this should not come as a surprise—the name tells it all. It is a designer brand, and the price justifies the purchase.  Women who love having specific famous brands in their scents collection will have no issue purchasing this piece.

It is perfect for a date, everyday application, and even a trip out of town. If you get your hands on the original product, you will love Rose Rust.

Best Perfumes for Women Under 2000

Best Overall: United Dreams Love Yourself by United Colors of Benetton

United Dreams Love Yourself by United Colors of Benetton Review

This fragrance, which happens to be the best perfume for women under 2000, comes in a  classy spherical-shaped bottom light pink glass bottle with an elegant silver cap, a pink banner around the bottle’s neck with the brand’s name.

About the fragrance

The Love Yourself by United Colors of Benetton United Dreams is an Eau de toilette, and this means that one application could last you no longer than three hours. The bottle has an 80ml volume.

The fragrance blend has top notes like bergamot and raspberries. The mid notes that come after the top notes fade away are jasmine, peach, pear, and rose. To finish off, the aroma’s trail comes amber and sandalwood.

Perks of using this fragrance

The Love Yourself fragrance is a feminine and sensually aromatic mix that is mood-boosting, seduces but, at the same time, very delicate and soft. The warm woody base scents with the intense amber smell get this job done.

Unique additions

The scent also has a signature romantic, fresh, and floral scent that is mild and very soothing.

The downside of this fragrance

The only issue is that you may be forced to reapply this perfume more often than not throughout the day. Its gentle scent fades away after three hours, and so if you want to keep smelling divine, carry the bottle with you wherever you go.

The small size will not be cumbersome to carry, so that is not an issue.

Buying advice

This piece retails for about 1850 rupees making it the best perfume for women under 2000 that is both functional and pocket friendly. It is perfect for going for brunch, heading for a few errands at the farmers market, or even while you stay at home.

Best Perfumes for Women Under 1000

Best Overall: Secret Love by Body Cupid

Secret Love by Body Cupid Review

As we narrow the scope to cover the best perfumes for women in India fit for everyone’s pocket, Secret Love by Body Cupid lands as our best perfumes for women under 1000.  This little rectangular nude pink unmistakable bottled fragrance has a lot going on for it, and you are about to find out why it is the best.

About the fragrance

The Secret Love is an Eau de Parfum that will last you no less than 24 hours when applied generously on your pulse points. This perfume comes in a 100ml bottle with quite an elegant mix of scents. The top notes are a fruity blend of clementine, apricot, peach, and blackcurrant.

Heart notes are different exotic, fruity, and floral smells of the wild orchid and the orange blossom. The base is amber and cedarwood and hints of musk.

Perks of using this fragrance

The Secret Love is a rich, fruity fragrance that invokes the feeling of romance and charm immediately after the droplets go airborne.

Unique additions

This fragrance is a premium brand and one of the best perfumes for women with price that is affordable to many. The brand is an all-natural and organic brand making it perfect for vegans.

The downside of using this fragrance

A few clients say that the scent does not last as long as they would wish it to, despite being an Eau de parfum. Others point out that the fragrance is too intense and can cause headaches if you are particularly sensitive to strong smells.

Buying advice

The Secret Love by Body Cupid costs around 450 rupees, which is actually on the lower end . This makes it a worthy buy since it will give you service for a very long time.

This fragrance is perfect for a lady who loves being outdoors and enjoy the night scene. It is, for sure, a Secret love of many.

Best Perfumes for Women Under 500

Best Overall: Engage Femme

Engage Femme Review

The engage Femme is the best perfume for women under 500 because of its price tag but mostly because it has a very enticing and refreshing scent. This brand comes in a clear rectangular bottle with a pink and purplish hue that screams our royalty and class from the get-go.

About the fragrance

Engage Femme is an Eau de parfum in a 90ml bottle that would last you about a whole day with one application. The top notes comprise of apply, woody cypress, and elemi gum.

The mid-tones are nutmeg and geranium, and the base notes come streaming in smells of amber, patchouli, and vanilla. The top notes aim to attract, the mid-tones influence the scent, and the base creates depth and memory.

Unique additions

The Engage Femme is a cologne that women of all ages find appealing making it very beloved. It has a casual feel to it that refreshes both the mind and the body.

The scent is very playful, making it the best perfume to wear while enjoying the open outdoors. Things like a vacation, date, and social events meet these criteria to the fullest.

The downside of this fragrance

The only downside is admittedly the fact that the Engage Femme is a small bottle of the only 90ml. If you are using it daily, you will be forced to get a refill after a while.

Buying advice

The Engage Femme costs about 300 rupees making it the best perfume for women in India that is affordable and long-lasting.

The Scents Women Find Appealing In Their Fragrances

woman chooses perfume

There are a plethora of scents available in the world, and we cannot possibly cover all of them.

Each has a particular nerve it touches, which invokes a certain feeling, below are just some of the beloved scents for women.


The smell of flowers exudes happiness, freshness, warmth, and love. All these feelings plus more get represented inside a floral-scented fragrance, and women love this. Great examples are like the lily of the valley, an old age scent beloved by many.

Then there is rose oil, which is bright, has healing properties, and is also great for skin toning. These two are just the tip of the iceberg as there are many more like rose, jasmine, orchid, to mention a few.

Under floral scents, there are fruity ones that smell edible and sometimes sweet in different degrees. These are the likes of apple, peach, or pear, and they have an effect that disarms you and initiates a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. Then there are soft florals that are soft and gentle smelling.

They have a feathery texture that is light and imitates a tinge of cream and powdery smells. Lastly, there are floral orientals that give out sweet scents with hints of spice.

Fresh Fragrances

Fresh fragrances ooze out cleanliness, and which lady does not like being recognized as clean, none! These are scents like eucalyptus and aloe vera, which also have medicinal benefits in addition to smelling divine. Other mentionable fresh fragrances that ladies find lovely in the best long lasting perfumes for women are like aromatic, citrus, water, and green scents.

Green aromas are the likes of freshly crushed grass or nature in a bottle. Water smells are mostly aquatic smells that smell exactly like the sea or the rain. Citrus smells are like the smell of oranges and lemons that are mostly zesty with hints of tang.

Lastly, aromatic fragrances in the best perfumes for women that men love have similar aromas to freshly harvested herbs, mostly blended with woody scents and lavender notes.

Oriental scents

Under oriental smells for the best perfumes for women of all time are divided into woody orientals, orientals, and soft orientals, each with a distinctive smell. The woody orientals are mostly accompanied by an earthy aroma, things like sandalwood blended with a bit of spice and sweetness.

Oriental fragrances are warmer, sweeter, mostly vanilla scented, musk, or cinnamon. The soft orientals are gentler on the nose with soft and feathery notes mixed with florals, incense, and warm herbs and spices.

Oriental fragrances are a rich and exotic collection of the best perfumes for women in India and beyond. They radiate happiness and sensuality that act as aphrodisiacs and raise the level of adrenaline in the body. These are some of the effects men have when they smell vanilla off a lady.

Woody scents

Women’s scents are not mostly entirely woody, but subtle hints make the cologne unforgettable. Woody smells are the best as base notes since they leave a lasting impression. Vertiver, which is in the same class as sandalwood and cedarwood, exude sexual appeal.

Its smell is somewhat similar to lemongrass, but its uniqueness is surpassed. Vertiver has the warmness of tobacco leaves, the freshness of crushed green grass, and lemon verbena’s coolness.

Woody scents usually leave a smokey and smoldering trail of scent behind. And the best long lasting perfumes for women typically have one woody scent within their composition.

Perfume For Woman FAQ

What is the difference between male, female, and unisex perfumes?

perfume differences

Male perfumes are blended explicitly for men, while women’s perfumes are for women and unisex fragrances are for both genders. The main difference lies in the ingredients used in the making of each set mentioned above.

Men’s perfumes tend to be more bold and intense since they particularly have thicker skin, producing more sebum and sweat, needing better defenses against body odor. Men’s perfumes will then be formulated with strong overpowering scents like tobacco, cedarwood, and sandalwood.

Women’s perfumes have a less intense delivery that is soft and more gentle. Women love having floral, fruity, and sweet smells that bring happiness and sensuality on-board. It is every woman’s desire to be admired and beloved, and their fragrances do precisely this.

When it comes to unisex scents, they have both features that make both men and women’s perfumes memorable. The blends are cleverly blended to appeal to both men and women’s needs regarding signature scents.

Where do I apply the perfume to last the longest?

To ensure that a fragrance lasts long, you should apply them to your pulse points. These are the warm and hot parts of your body that facilitate the evaporation of the scents. These locations are your neck, shoulder, chest, inner elbow, forearm, and the wrists.

If you have a perfume that has a short life span, you simply redo after the base notes start fading away too.

How to avoid over perfuming

avoid overperfuming

A good fragrance could turn nasty if applied in excess, and that is what you must avoid. The amount will depend on the type of perfume and its composition. If it consists of intense smells like tobacco and musk, a spritz or two on your pulse point is enough.

 If you happen to get to the point of sneezing or getting a headache, or nose irritation, you might have over perfumed yourself.

To stay safe, apply only one spray on each pulse point evenly.

Do perfumes expire, and how long do they last?

Yes, they do! And the expiry date is usually labeled on the packaging. But most people overlook these details. One sure sign that a perfume is stale is if it has an unpleasant smell and reacts adversely with your skin. You might also know if a fragrance is bad if you look at the solution.

If you notice floating solid particles or settle particles at the bottom of the bottle, that perfume is spoilt.

However, a majority of the best perfumes for women in India and elsewhere have a very long life span that can go even beyond ten years. Things like exposing the solution to direct sunlight might fasten this decay process.


Women for all walks of life in India have no excuse to smell nice since this list covers all price ranges. The five best perfumes for women in India 2020 discussed above have all the features to fit every woman’s lifestyle, and so pick one that represents your personality best.

If you have been looking for the perfect gift for your spouse, mother, or daughter, get one of the above and gift your loved one. They will love it for sure!