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Rose Essential Oil: exquisite aroma and plenty of benefits

One of the most fragrant, delicate, and perfect essential oils is rose essential oil. Its uses and properties are innumerable and it is the favorite of many perfumers because of the sensations it causes. Not for nothing it is one of the most popular scents in India.

Different types of roses can be used in their distillation processes, such as the Damascene Rose, the Damascus Rose, and those grown in countries such as Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, China, India, Bulgaria, and Uzbekistan, as well as the Centifolia Rose that is grown in France, Egypt and Morocco.

How is Rose Essential Oil obtained?

Among the most common methods used for extraction is steam distillation, which produces the purest and most expensive rose blossom; carbon dioxide extraction, which results in the “rose absolute”; and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, which produces lower quality and the lower cost rose absolute and CO2 extract.

We can find, among the usual chemical components in rose oil, phenethyl and benzyl alcohol, camphene, terpene, caryophyllene, citronellol, eugenol, nerol, geraniol, beta-ionone, paracymene, beta-damascone, linalool, pinene, limonene, damascene, farnesol, rose eloxide, benzaldehyde, and citronellol, geranyl and neryl acetates, which make it have that distinctive aroma. Although some of the components only represent 1% included in its delicious aroma.

Extraction process

Although it is true that the price of pure essential oil has a very high cost, it is totally understandable since it involves harvesting the flowers by hand, and before dawn, to proceed with its distillation on the same day. 

Once the flowers have been harvested, the process of extracting the essential oil is very laborious. Large copper pots (dheg) and cold water are used. These pots are placed over a fire, fed by wood or dung. After a period of 4 to 6 hours, the steam releases the essential oils, which are then condensed and passed through bamboo tubes into a receptacle. This is a very complicated and careful job, which has been used for several generations. If the dheg exceeds the required heat, the essential oil will have a strong smoky aroma. 

Due to the complexity of the steam extraction process, the price is very high, added to the fact that to obtain one kilo of rose essential oil, four tons of hand-picked roses are required.

Certainly, it is very easy to make rose oil by hand, using roses from your garden that are free of pesticides and macerate them in a hot carrier oil.

Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

This essential oil is one of the most beneficial for beauty and health. It is attributed to relaxing, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, antiseptic, and detoxifying properties. In the world of beauty, it is widely used not only in the elaboration of delicate, soft, and pleasant perfumes but also for the regeneration, cleaning, and hydration of the skin. It is suitable to fight cellulite, reduce stretch marks, diminish skin marks, balance the production of fat in the facial skin or for acne.

rose essential oil

It is also particularly effective in reducing scars and treating skin conditions such as dermatitis and other irritations. Just remember that it is never used pure, it should always be diluted with other oils or combined with daily use creams. It is especially recommended to moisturize dry skin as it restores elasticity and provides softness. It is considered a rejuvenator if used frequently in combination with a daily use cream.

Although rose essential oil is quite safe, you should not forget to dilute it. It is also advisable to perform a skin tolerance test to avoid complications.

If you have delicate skin or suffer from allergies, it is advisable to consult a specialist before incorporating rose essential oil into your beauty routine. It is not recommended for use on pregnant women or children, as most essential oils are. Remember that under no circumstances should it be ingested, or applied to the eyes or other mucous membranes.

Uses of Rose Essential Oil

The essential oil of roses is one of the preferred oils for anti-stress treatments of aromatherapy, provided that it is diluted in jojoba oil or other carrier oil as its concentration is high, however, is not its only utility.

You can use it in the water of your bathtub for a relaxing bath, diluting five drops of the essential oil of roses in a teaspoon of carrier oil to considerably improve the quality of your bath. You can also dilute three drops of rose oil in another carrier oil for a massage and to soothe your muscles.

Though it may seem strange since it is a source of vitamin C, it is used as a sunscreen and to nourish the scalp, since it stimulates the hair follicles, helping hair growth. Because of its content of vitamin A, C, E, and bioflavonoids, it cleanses the blood and purifies the body.

To aromatize the spaces in your home or office, relax and balance your mind with your body, use a few drops in a diffuser. You can also add it to your usual creams and lotions to enjoy its exquisite aroma.

If you suffer from anxiety or want to reduce your stress levels, or if you have menstrual cramps, combine rose essential oil with lavender, almond, or sage oil and you will feel relief. It is especially effective for improving mood and relaxing nervous tension.

It is also said to have analgesic properties and is used for stomach discomfort, the circulatory system, and even the lymphatic system. Some claim that it is a natural stimulant that boosts libido and increases vitality.

Pharmacological use of rose oil 

In the field of pharmacology, it is used both inhaled and ingested. It is often used to treat diseases of the ears, throat, and nose. It has antiseptic and astringent properties. It is often used to relieve sore throat and gingivitis. It is also used to relieve headaches and to treat menstrual disorders.

In alternative medicine, it is recommended for people with negative emotions, as well as to reduce states of anxiety or stress and eliminate bad energies. 

Rose oil in perfumery

Many modern and renowned perfumes use rose oil in their composition. Although they were previously classified as old perfumes, those used by grandmothers, firms such as Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabanna and Bvlgari, have in their collections rose perfumes. It is mainly used in women’s perfumes, however, some very male perfumes and men’s as One Million, includes a little essence of roses in its composition.

From the firm Dolce & Gabanna, the perfume Dolce Rosa Excelsa is one of the best selling perfumes of the brand. The rose essential oil is masterfully combined with amaryllis narcissus, musk, water lily, and neroli to offer a unique, elegant, sweet, and very fresh feminine fragrance, suitable for women over 25.

No less famous is the Paris perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, which in addition to roses, includes violet, mimosa, geranium, iris, bergamot, lily, and hyacinth among others. It is a feminine fragrance with a heavy trail and a long duration. It is a classic of perfumery, elegant and refined.

Viva la Juicy Rosé is another of the feminine perfumes that stand out for their delicate aroma of roses, which, combined with fruits such as mandarin and pear and notes of jasmine, peony, lily root, and benzoin offer a soft, delicate, and very feminine and youthful floral fruity fragrance, with a soft trail.

Bvlgari could not be the exception and launched the perfume Rose Essentielle which includes roses, violet, blackberry, musk, and mimosa. It is a long-lasting fragrance, with a moderate and very feminine trail. It is a classic fragrance, elegant, formal, and relaxed at the same time, suitable for any occasion, and can be used by women of any age.

From Tous, Rosa Eau Légère is a floral fragrance, which includes wild rose, peach, and magnolia. Its longevity is moderate as well as its trail. It is perfect for daily use and any occasion. It is fresh, modern, and feminine.

We cannot miss mentioning Jo Malone’s, Red Rose. This perfume includes seven different types of roses that, together with the notes of violet and lemon, make it unforgettable. It is suitable for older women, is classic, traditional, with a powerful trail and great durability.

Finally, a perfume from the oriental floral olfactory family, very feminine is China Rose by Floris. In its top notes, peach, raspberry, and sage stand out; in its heart notes, rose aroma prevails, which, together with geranium, clove, and violet and with the bottom notes of amber, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla vetiver, and tonka bean, make this perfume a very special one. It is a very long-lasting perfume, with a heavy trail that remains in the air and will make more than one person sigh. It is powerful and sensual, which makes it perfect for women over 25 who love to be the center of attention.

Without a doubt, rose essential oil is indispensable in the perfume and cosmetics industry. It has been used for centuries and the vast majority of firms include some perfume with its captivating aroma. It is a highly valued, classic, a timeless ingredient that combines perfectly with the various olfactory families.

Their fragrance, color, and exquisiteness have given the roses the title of “Queen of Flowers”. Its essential oil is feminine, warm, sensual, and even mysterious. With all the incredible benefits it has, and the exquisite, sensual aroma, it is no surprise that the rose is one of the most valuable essences in the cosmetic world, and it will continue to captivate people’s heart with just a little splash of the aroma, whether it is in a form of perfume or in the form of essential oil for aromatherapy. Definitely, an awesome plant that is perfect for almost everyone, in the most perfect ways in the world.


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