What Type Of Car Perfume Is The Best For My Car?

Perfume for car use is just as crucial as a perfume for the body. The mix of dust, sweat, past perfumes, and smoke’s pungent smell can become a troublesome combination of smells inside your car.

Such unpleasant smells can get you into an irritable mood, make you nauseous, and, even worse, stick on your undesirable clothes.

In this piece, you will find a full guide to types of car perfumes and what they are all about.

So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

What Types of Perfumes are there for Cars?

bottle of car perfume

Perfumes for cars come in different flavors and unique packaging. Whatever the driver feels is best for them, they should go with that. There are essentially six variations of perfume for car usage, and they are as follows.


First is the good old spray in a pressurized can, which comes in a pressurized aerosol container. They are pretty straightforward to use, and their results are instantaneous.

They work best when sprayed directly on the source of the odor to get rid of it. Daily spraying is also recommended for long term results.


Commonly seen hanging on the rear or front view mirror, cardboard perfume for cars are the least expensive of all fragrances. They are crafted into different shapes and sizes, as well as adorned by various scents.

Today, companies are using them as advertising kits for their companies. Therefore, it‘s not a surprise seeing cardboard with religious sayings hanging on some cars’ rearview mirrors. 


red bottle of car perfume

A can as a perfume for a car contains a gel mixture enclosed by a porous lid. The gel is a fragrant mixture of signature scents that get released into the car’s air slowly.

A can perfume takes a while to be effective. So if you just bought one, be patient, and you will soon smell the goodness of the air freshening can.


Plug-ins are just as the name suggests—they need a power source to work. The plug-in container constituents have an oily solution of aromatic oil that oozes out when the device is plugged in.

They work pretty effectively in changing the car’s air once plugged-in. Some sophisticated brands come with in-built timers that release the fumes periodically throughout the day.

Sticky gels

Perhaps one of the long-lasting solutions to aerating the car is sticky gels. These gels are enclosed in a flexible container and stick to any dry surface on your vehicle.

You can stick it on the dashboard and any other dry space. The sticky gel perfume remains intact until the fragrant fumes are exhausted. It usually takes close to six months or beyond, depending on the size of the sticky gel.


perfume in bottle on ventilation

A diffuser perfume for the car is 100% natural and act as car vents. The composition of the aromatic properties does not have any synthetically formulated element.

They consist of a refillable compartment that you can put a few drops of your choice’s essential oils. Therefore, they are the most diverse car air fresheners since you can switch up the scent as you go about your day.

Bamboo charcoal

The Bamboo Charcoal is yet another solution that is 100% natural and is perfect for people prone to nasal allergies. This air freshener is perhaps one that is least scented but still very effective. It is long-lasting and gets the job done for a year or more. 

Pros and Cons of Each Type



  • Sprays are an instant solution for a foul odor in the car. Once you spray it on the source of the smell, you get the scent right away
  • Sprays are very economical as the price range is within reach. This may, however, differ depending on the brand and size, but overall they are affordable.
  • Car perfume sprays are very convenient as you can get the work done pretty quickly and efficiently.


  • Some of these sprays, when sprinkled, can leave a stain on the seats of your car. That is why you are advised to spray the fumes a few centimeters away from any surfaces.
  • Sprays can act as magnets to dust, which creates another problem that will have you clean up the car more often than not.
  • Perfume for the vehicle in spray form is a very short-lived solution that will have you buying a container quite often, which may lead to spending a few more cents in acquiring a new can.
  • When kept in enclosed hot spaces, the aerosol constituents may explode due to air expansion inside the can. This is a hazard to any car owner.


cardboard refresh


  • Car perfumes are stylish and can be used to add some color and character to your car’s dashboard area. They can also be used as a template of displaying your morning prayer or something of the sort.
  •  You can switch them up if you wish since they are effortless to place. They are mostly attached to an elastic band; thus, switching them will not be an issue.
  • They are very cheap. As a matter of fact, some are even given out for free by different brands as a marketing strategy. 


  • When placing the scented cardboard perfume for a car, the smell might stick on your hands, which can be unpleasant.
  • Most times, these scented cardboards have a very intense aroma that can trigger nausea and dizziness.



  • Cans will last you a very long time.
  • These perfumes for cars are very economical.
  • You can switch the scents how you wish since the many varieties available.


  • When placed on the dashboard, they can look a bit tacky and misplaced.
  • If the constituents in the can are liquid, spillage is a possibility.
  • Dust is most likely to enter the can making it unattractive and crude.



  • They are fast, effective, and durable.
  • You can interchange the scents according to your tastes and moods.


  • If your car lacks a power outlet, it’s useless to buy one.
  • If the solution in the plug-in is liquid, spillages may occur.

Sticky gel


  • Sticky gels can easily be hidden and kept in spots no one can reach. They are perfect if you have children.
  • They are very affordable and available in different flavors, shapes, and sizes.


  • The gel is a magnet for dust, and this shortens the life span of the product.
  • When touched, the smell of the gel can be very intense.


hanging perfume


  • Diffusers are an instant solution to freshening the air, and the results last longer.
  • A diffuser perfume for car allows the car owner to switch up the scents whenever they want to.
  • Using a diffuser is straightforward.


  • Spillages are bound to happen if the diffuser is knocked over.
  • To get the best in the market is rather expensive.

Bamboo charcoal


  • They are eco-friendly.
  • They last very long.
  • Bamboo charcoal is mild scented and is perfect for people with allergies.


  • If you enjoy a strong scent, they are not for you.
  • They need to be activated by the sun every so often.
  • They are quite costly.

Is it Possible to Get Back that New Car Smell?

new car smell

The answer to this question is yes, but that will depend on the fragrance you are using for your car and how often. Regardless, below are some of the things you can do to ensure you get that new car smell back, again and again. 

Get the car professionally cleaned

Cleanliness will make you achieve a fresh smell that resembles precisely how a new car smells. And the best place to get this done is taking your vehicle for a professional cleaning session.

Make sure that they are using soaps that resonate well with your palate.

Use neutral scents

When you get your car, did it smell like strawberries or honey? Most definitely not. So while you use these flavors, do not expect to get the new car smell back.

However, the fresh car smell might come back if you go for neutral scents like forest or ocean. These are somewhat similar to a new car smell.

Change the seat covers

This is perhaps the easiest and best way to get back that new car smell. The new seat covers will have the fresh scent already, and since that is what you are aiming for, the goal is achieved.

How Safe are Car Perfumes?

small bottle of car perfume

A particular car perfume’s safety will solely depend on the ingredients used to make them. If they are made of elements that are harmful to the human body, then they are toxic. And if they are made with safe ingredients, then they are okay.

Ingesting perfume for car or using it directly on the skin might be harmful and poisonous and is highly discouraged. Some of these car perfumes are also explosive, and you should keep them away from open flames and direct sunlight. Expired car perfumes are harmful to ingest, apply, and inhale.

How Long do they Usually Last?

Depending on the type of perfumes for car you use, they generally last from two to twelve months. Obviously, the more you use it, the faster it will get exhausted. For better insight, always check the packaging, and you will find a timeline indicated. 


Perfume for car use, as seen, is essential. But one thing is for sure— you must clean your car for the best results.

Do not skip taking your vehicle for a bath. You can then adorn it with a splash of your favorite car perfume to get that great smell that uplifts your spirits and gives you the deserved comfort while driving.

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