Best Fragrances for Indian Market: Enjoy in the Indian Scent

The most important thing you put on before you walk out the door is perfume, and this is true for both the men and women of India, thanks to the country’s deep historical connection to fragrances.

The scent that you carry with you throughout the day is about more than just smelling good, it helps define your style, mood, and attractiveness to others, and it should be the most fundamental part of your daily routine.







BEST FOR WOMEN - BVLGARI Women Omnia Collection


GUESS 1981 Women Eau De Toilette


BEST FOR MEN - Jaguar Vision III Eau De Toilette


Armaf Voyage Perfume For Men


Jimmy Choo Man Intense Eau De Toilette

Figuring out which perfume is best is no easy task though, as it’s hard to know for sure what smells good, especially when we’re trying to smell it on ourselves.

For the signature rich and exotic Indian fragrances that flatter our unique skin and style, there are some perfumes out there better suited to the Indian man and woman, and we can help you find the one that’s just right for you.

What are the best fragrances for the Indian market?

The best choices for fragrances in India will depend on the wearer and their personal preference, as fragrances can be a very sensitive choice. However, we recommend something long-lasting, refreshing, and pleasant smelling as an ideal option if you’re looking for a new perfume and don’t have any previous preference or brand loyalty.

With our help and recommendations, you’ll be able to find a definitive list of the best men’s and ladies’ perfume brands in India and the signature products that can allow you to define your personal style through scent.

Whether you want something fresh, long-lasting, memorable, or just a beautiful fragrance for everyday use, we’ve got the top perfumes for men and women for you to choose from.

Perfume is a personal choice and for every man and woman, they likely have their preferred scent in mind.

Whether you want something for a special occasion or an everyday fragrance to complement your Indian skin, we’ve got the top perfumes for men and women to suit it all.

Best Women’s Perfume: Bvlgari Omnia Collection

BVLGARI Women Omnia Collection Eau de Toilette

The range of women’s perfumes is a lot greater than men’s, and there are more options to help define a woman’s style. You might like something crisp and refreshing or a darker, more exotic aroma, and we’ve found the best long lasting perfumes in every scent and style.

Bvlgari is one of the biggest perfume houses in the world and the famous Italian luxury brand makes our choice of the best perfume for women in India. The Omnia Collection is a set of three 5ml perfumes that encompass different scents to suit your occasion and mood, including their popular Omnia Crystalline, Omnia Pink Sapphire, and Omnia Coral fragrances, each representing a sparkling gemstone.

The best thing about this perfume choice is the variety of scents. By choosing a set like this you’re able to pick a fragrance to suit the time of day, occasion, or mood, and you get three premium scents from one of the leading perfume houses in the world. If you find that you like one more than the other, you can purchase a larger bottle and have one that you truly love.

As an Eau de toilette, it’s not one of the long-lasting perfumes for her in India if you need something that’s going to keep its scent the entire day. However, you should get around four hours of noticeable fragrance from this Bvlgari scent, so it’s slightly less than a cologne. Keep in mind that you’ll have to reapply it if you plan on being out of the house for a while, but carrying the perfumes in your purse should be easy thanks to their compact size.

Crystalline features notes of lotus and other fresh floral scents so it’s ideal for day time. Pink Sapphire is a bright and effervescent fragrance featuring frangipani and white musks that have a romantic scent. Coral has a musky base with floral notes of lily and hibiscus, making it ideal for nighttime wear. There’s a variety of scents in this set and it lets you explore more of the range from Bvlgari without having to settle for just one.

This perfume costs around Rs. 2000 for three of the 5ml bottles so you’re able to sample some of the best fragrances Bvlgari has to offer without committing to a large bottle of perfume that you might end up disliking. If you’re looking for a scent suited to the modern Indian woman that combines traditional aromas with crisp and modern bouquets, our favorite choice by far is the Omnia Collection Eau de Toilette Kit from Bvlgari.

Type:Eau de Toilette
Scents:Sweet and fresh, sunny and floral, musky and floral
Size:3 x 5 ml
Ingredients:Iris root, vanilla heliotrope, wild tiara flower, water lily, pomegranate

Runner-Up: Guess 1981 Eau de Toilette  

GUESS 1981 Women Eau de Toilette

If you’re an Indian woman looking for a fruity and floral fragrance that can help you stand out, look no further than Guess with their signature 1981 scent that is one of our all-time favorites. This 100ml size of 1981 is more than enough to last for years of use and it has a light and floral aroma that makes it ideal for daytime use. A perfect choice for an Indian perfume thanks to its fruity and floral notes, and romantic scent that stays put for the entire day.

What women loved most about the Guess 1981 Eau de Toilette was how memorable the scent was. This perfume has been around since the 1980s and has remained one of Guess’ bestsellers, thanks to its unique smell. If you’re looking for something that will help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered for your beautiful aromas, 1981 is the way to go.

This perfume has a powdery and floral smell that can be overpowering when you first spray it, so make sure you give it time to set when you put it on. This wouldn’t be a perfume to spray as you walk out the door otherwise the floral notes could overwhelm you. Let it sit and allow the fragrance to settle into your skin so that its true fragrance can be appreciated without being overpowering.

Guess 1981 features some of India’s most treasured and traditional aromas like sandalwood and jasmine, but mixed with modern and effervescent scents like juicy pear. The result is a beautiful floral fragrance that would be ideal to spray on the first thing in the morning and still be smelled at night. As an eau de toilette, it’s mid-range in how long it lasts, but you’ll still be able to get hints of its fragrance many hours later, which is the mark of a quality perfume.

This 100ml bottle of Guess 1981 Eau De Toilette costs around Rs. 2800 which is an exceptional price for a designer perfume this size, and far better value to purchase at this size rather than something smaller. If you prefer a floral perfume that still has traditional fragrances of India, this is one of our top choices, and it’s designed to complement the modern woman through every step of her day.

Type:Eau de Toilette
Scents:Fruity and floral
Size:100 ml
Ingredients:Juicy pear, jasmine, sandalwood

Top Perfumes for Men: Jaguar Vision III

Jaguar Vision III Eau De Toilette

Good perfumes for men are harder to come by, and if you’re looking for something for the modern Indian man, there are certain features worth considering like longevity and freshness to help it last throughout the day. We’ve got the answers as to which perfume is best for man, so check out the top contenders in masculine fragrances ideal for our unique Indian style.

Jaguar has created the ideal perfume for Indian men with their Vision III scent, and this 100ml eau de toilette bottle is our number one choice. With a range of scents including bergamot, lemon, jasmine, and pineapple, it has a unique fragrance and one that will make you feel attractive and stylish immediately upon your very first spray. Jaguar is known for making signature scents that don’t break the bank and if you want one of the most trusted names in Indian perfumes, you can’t go wrong with Vision III.

This perfume has incredible staying power compared to other eau de toilettes we’ve found. If you’re after something that you can put on at the start of the day and not have to worry about it again, this is ideal. Being able to smell its fragrances after many hours adds even further to its price, so it’s a great investment if you’re only looking to own just one men’s perfume.

On the downside, you may find this scent a little overpowering if you’re not used to wearing cologne or perfume, as it has a spicy and aromatic scent to it. Because the perfume uses stronger smells and aromas of things like cardamom, jasmine, and bergamot together, it creates quite a powerful fragrance. If you’re concerned about wearing too much, just start with a light spray and work your way up until you feel comfortable with the fragrance you’ve achieved.

Jaguar’s Vision III comes in a 100ml glass bottle and a striking but simple black glass design. It would make an ideal gift for the man in your life or as a treat for yourself, and because it has such amazing staying power and a strong aroma, you only need to use a little to smell its fragrant results. If you’re an Indian man who prefers a spicier scent in his daily perfume, there’s nothing better than Vision III.

To get your hands on a bottle of Jaguar’s signature perfume, you can head to Amazon for the best price, retailing at around Rs. 2000 for the 100ml eau de toilette option. This is a budget friendly fragrance that can help you smell like a million dollars, without anyone knowing the difference. If you’re after a signature spicy and masculine aroma that will stay with you the entire day, Jaguar’s Vision III is simply unforgettable.

Type:Eau de Toilette
Scents:Spicy and aromatic
Size:100 ml
Ingredients:Bergamot, lemon, cardamom, pineapple, jasmine

Runner-Up: Armaf Voyage Eau de Parfum

Armaf Voyage Perfume For Men

Armaf is a relatively new perfume brand from the Middle East, and although they’ve only been making fragrances since 2015, they’ve already established themselves as a favorite of men in India. This aromatic and spicy scent is ideal for the man who prefers a masculine scent on them, and it comes in a 100lm bottle of eau de parfum variety for a higher quality product.

Voyage features ingredients like iris, sage, and grapefruit but overwhelmingly is a spicy and aromatic fragrance, suited to men who prefer something darker.

If you want the signature Indian scent from your men’s fragrances, this is one of the best, and you’ll smell a range of flavors including sage and cardamom in every spray. There’s nothing feminine about the Armaf Voyage perfume and it has a signature aromatic and spicy scent to it that’s instantly recognizable. For men who don’t like any obvious floral notes in their fragrances, you’ll be very pleased with what you smell from the Voyage bottle.

As an eau de parfum, it doesn’t last as long as you’d like it to. Usually, this indicates that a higher oil concentration in the ingredients which means the scent will stay on your skin for up to six hours. When using Armaf Voyage, it seemed to need reapplication after a few hours, so if you want something that you can apply in the morning without having to spray again, this might not suit.

The Armaf Voyage Eau de Parfum is housed in a stylish bottle that features brown leather and polished metal. This perfume has a high level of silage which means its aroma lingers in the air after you’ve walked away, helping to create a memorable experience. You only need a small amount to get the full effect and it’s ideal for men who prefer not to lather on colognes and other body products just to get ready for their day.

Armaf is already well known for its signature aromas and Voyage is by far one of their customer favorites. To get your bottle of this spicy eau de parfum for yourself, head to Amazon where it’s priced at around Rs. 1400 for 100ml, making it one of the best-priced fragrances on the market. For men who like their fragrance to follow them wherever they go, something powerful and memorable like Armaf Voyage is the perfume to choose.

Type:Eau de Toilette
Scents:Aromatic and spicy
Size:100 ml
Ingredients:Iris, sage, grapefruit, cardamom

Alternative: Jimmy Choo Man Intense

Jimmy Choo Man Intense Eau De Toilette

When money is no object and you want to ensure that you smell more sophisticated than any man in the room, it’s worth it to spend extra on a fragrance like Jimmy Choo Man Intense. This perfume features notes of spicy freshness with an amber base, and it’s the more intense version of the standard Jimmy Choo Man fragrance, for men who prefer something stronger.

Everything from its packaging to its silage is memorable and it’s ideal for the modern Indian man who wants something fresher from his everyday perfume.

This is a more modern take on fragrances so if you’re after a scent that’s masculine but not as heavy, Jimmy Choo Man Intense is ideal. The perfume has an aroma that’s masculine yet sensual, without being overpowering or too dark, it’s got an aroma that will be easily remembered by anyone you come into contact with. If you like your cologne to make a statement, this is the way to do it.

The price is probably the biggest downfall of this perfume, so you can expect to spend a lot more for the pleasure of using it. Most of the cost has to do with the crocodile leather that covers the antique hip flask shaped perfume bottle, which some might see as unnecessary when you’re focused more on the scent. However, if you’re a man who likes his perfume to look just as good as it smells, it’s a nice treat to have sitting on your bathroom countertop.

Jimmy Choo has selected a range of different scents to make this signature aroma including geranium, lavender, pepper, patchouli, and honeydew melon. It’s a long lasting scent that won’t need to be applied again for hours and has a strong and distinctive fragrance that you’ll carry with you throughout the day with pride. 

For just under Rs. 4500 you can get the 50ml bottle of this eau de toilette or spend extra to get the 100ml bottle, priced at around Rs. 6000, so it’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Although an expensive option, it’s worth every cent to smell this sophisticated, so if you’d rather one of the most trusted luxury designers making your perfume, Jimmy Choo Man Intense is a top choice for the modern Indian man.

Type:Eau de Toilette
Scents:Oriental, woody, spicy
Size:100 ml
Ingredients:Amber, Lavender, Patchouli, Geranium

The FAQs of Indian Fragrances

Indian Fragrances

India has a love affair with perfumes and fragrances, and Indians prefer a mixture of old world and modern aromas in their wearable scents.

If you’re trying to choose the best perfume for you, and ensure that it suits your personal style and taste, we’ve answered some questions that can point you in the right direction.

What Type Of Fragrances Are Popular In India?

India has a historical connection to fine fragrances and some of the most popular scents used traditionally in the country are still used in perfumes today.

Jasmine, rose, and sandalwood are some of the more common scents you might find in fragrances, otherwise, the standard range of designer and luxury perfumes that are trendy around the world are also top sellers in India.  

Where Can I Buy Perfume Online In India?

Buying Perfume

Many websites in India allow you to buy imported perfume from around the world or locally sourced fragrances.

Some of the more popular sites include Projekt Perfumery India, Nykaa, and Perfumes Direct, otherwise online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon also have a huge selection of perfumes.

Which Perfume Is Long-Lasting In India?

To choose a long-lasting perfume, look for one that’s called ‘Eau de parfum’ as these formulas have a higher oil concentration than others.

These perfumes usually last for six hours which are ideal, compared to a standard ‘Eau de cologne’ which lasts around two hours and has a less obvious scent.

What Are Some Indian Perfume Brands?

Fragrance From Bombay Perfumery

India has had an explosion of local perfumeries in recent years and several brands have become famous in the country for their signature scents.

Bombay Perfumery, All Good Scents, Aamon Luxury Fragrances, Titan Skinn, and All Good Scents are just a selection of the popular Indian perfume brands that have been gaining traction in the global perfume world.

The Perfect Indian Fragrance for Every Day

Choosing the right perfume is just as important as choosing your outfit for the day, as the right choice will help define your style, personality, and the image you want to portray to the world.

For Indian men and women, some scents suit better, so knowing how to pick the perfect aromas to suit our beautiful country is important.

From our selection of carefully curated fragrances, both the men and women of India will find the best perfume for them.

No matter your scent preference, personal style, or plans for the day, you can guarantee that if you’re smelling your best, everyone you meet along your way will think so as well.

Abram Khatri

Abram Khatri is moved through the power of scents. After moving to the United States as a boy, he missed scents and aromas from his home city of Jaipur, India, and wanted to bring the olfactory portion of his culture back. After finding the best Indian perfumes and colognes, and truly figuring out what made them so unique (apart from nostalgia), he wanted to bring this unique experience to you. He’s here to help you find the best authentic Indian perfumes, and teach you the differences in quality, grade, and tell you just what goes into them.