The different types of perfume: which is the best for you?

In the world of perfumery, you will find a great variety of fragrances cataloged as Eau de perfume or Eau de toilette and the difference between them is the concentration and the percentage of alcohol they contain. 

The composition of perfumes includes, in addition to odoriferous substances, other ingredients such as alcohol, water, colorants, and preservatives. The percentage of each of these elements places them in a classification table according to the Academy of Perfume.

Eau de parfums are called EDTs for short. EDTs are long-lasting, deep, and very intense fragrances. On the other hand, the acronym EDT corresponds to Eau de toilette or eau de toilette, being more subtle. 

Variety of fragrances

The best perfume firms do not limit themselves to the production of perfumes and include a complete line that includes Eau de parfum, eau de toilette, colognes, deodorants, soaps, creams, extracts, among others, based on your favorite fragrance.

Each of the fragrances, according to its intensity, can be used at a certain time of the year or for a particular occasion, the more subtle ones for daily use and the more intense ones for special occasions.


The percentage of fragrance in colognes does not exceed 8%. They are perfect for use on the hottest days. Their durability is limited, so they can be reapplied during the day.

Eau de toilette 

Also called eau de cologne, they have a fragrance concentration ranging from 5 to 15%. They are fresh, but their durability is longer than that of colognes but does not exceed three hours. They are perfect for summer and for younger women who prefer a more subtle fragrance. The percentage of alcohol in eau de toilette is high. This category also includes the so-called eau de toilette intense, which, as the name suggests, are more intense than conventional Eau de toilets. Their cost is lower than that of Eau de parfum.

Eau de parfum

In this presentation, the concentration of the essence is increased up to 15 to 20%. The duration of Eau de parfum is usually about six to eight hours. It is more suitable for use at night or in air-conditioned environments. Their concentration is lower than that of perfume and their cost is lower. In terms of price, Eau de parfum is more affordable than perfume or elixir.

A characteristic of Eau de parfum is that they are non-invasive, therefore, they do not cause discomfort to other people and do not transfer after close contact.


Perfumes have a scent concentration of between 20 to 30%. The longevity of perfumes usually exceeds 8 hours, some can even last up to 24 hours.  When applying perfumes it is necessary to properly dose the amount and place it in strategic places such as the neck or wrists. 

It is advisable to use perfumes only on formal occasions and in cold weather. The cost of perfumes varies depending on the brand, however, they are more expensive than eau de toilette, colognes, or Eau de parfum. Perfumes are more recommended for people with sensitive skin since their composition is less drying for the skin.

perfume types


Many firms market a fragrance elixir, which has a higher concentration of the fragrance, in bottles that do not exceed 30 ml and at a higher cost than perfumes.

Eau Fraiche

It is much lighter than any other fragrance presentation. It contains a percentage of between 1 to 3% of perfume which makes it very subtle. The maximum duration of these fragrances is two hours. The difference between Eau Fraiche and other Eau Fraiche is that it does not contain alcohol but water, so it is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Body Mist 

They are formulated for body use, with the fragrance of the original perfumes in a low proportion and combined with body creams. Some of the body mists even include bactericides and moisturizing agents. 

Hair parfums

These are applied to the hair and are specifically designed to keep the fragrance in the hair and incorporate detangling or shine-enhancing substances.

A fragrance for every hour 

Not all fragrances are suitable for every occasion, so there are variations of fragrances in terms of their concentration and different aromatic notes that are suitable for daytime or evening wear.

Daytime fragrances

It is important to distinguish fragrances that are used during the day and those that are more suitable for the evening. For daytime use fragrances with fresh notes, not too invasive or overloaded. Floral, fruity, and even woody notes are ideal for use during the day, for work, college, or an informal meeting.

It is important that for a job interview you use a subtle fragrance that is not the focal point of your persona and does not overshadow your skills. Choose herbal and citrus fragrances, sober and fresh.

For daytime use, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, or Eau de Fraiche, is certainly the best alternative and will not be invasive.

Fragrances for the night

The night is perfect to flaunt spicy, sweet, and musky fragrances, and it is the best option to attract attention at an evening event or a romantic date. Remember that a gathering of friends is not the same as a date with romantic expectations. For those special occasions, with ulterior motives, choose sweet fragrances, with chocolate or spicy notes and a musk or pheromone component that encourages romance.

In the evenings you can splurge with perfumes, Eau de parfum, or even an elixir concentrate of your favorite fragrance, it will last for many hours and you will certainly not go unnoticed.

Difference between Deodorant and Perfume

Although they work similarly, there is a great difference between deos and perfume. In general, we have that deodorants, in addition to fragrances, oils, herbs, alcohol, and water, contain components that prevent the proliferation of bad odor in the body due to the combination of bacteria and sweat.

Deodorants have a lower amount of essential oils and a higher alcohol content than perfumes.  Deodorants are generally used on the armpits, while perfume is used on various parts of the body and even on clothing.

They also differ in their purpose. Deodorants have the function of limiting the production of bad odors while perfumes only aim to offer their scent. In terms of price, perfumes are more expensive than deodorants.

Most popular Eau de Toilette in India

In India, some local companies rank among the most popular Eau de Toilettes. Among them, we can mention the fragrance Cityscape, from Miniso, an eau de toilette in which fruits stand out in its top notes, with floral heart notes and a woody base of acceptable duration that is the favorite of many local women.

A fragrance imported from Malaysia that is positioned in female preferences is Enchanteur Paris Adore Eau De Toilette (EDT), a fragrance in which jasmine, pink mimosa, and the sweet scent of pear prevail. 

The men’s eau de toilette market is led by the national firm Armaf with its masculine fragrance Nuit Intense, a masterful spicy woody-woody combination, very masculine and seductive, which has become the favorite of many Indian men.

Big brands such as Benetton, also capture the preference of Indian men. United Colors, with its Dreams Aim fragrance, is one of the best-selling Eau de toilettes in the country. It is a woody fragrance, in which citrus notes such as lemon, grapefruit, and bitter orange prevail. In its heart notes sage, mental, nutmeg and geranium give that fresh touch to the fragrance. In its base notes, moss, amber, patchouli and vetiver complement this eau de toilette. 

Nike also positions itself with a fragrance for women, Up or Down Woman, an exquisite eau de toilette with aquatic and floral notes, very feminine, very good durability, and a moderate trail, which makes it the favorite of many women in India.

Worldwide, the best-selling eau de toilette Acqua di Gio for Men, a fragrance with marine notes, in which bergamot, mandarin, and neroli combine masterfully with patchouli, rosemary, and persimmon to offer a unique experience.

Younger women prefer Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl, a soft and spicy EDT, in which vanilla combines with flowers and fruits to offer an exquisite fragrance. The top notes are mandarin, camellia and currants. In its heart notes citrus fruits such as lemon and lime are complemented by flowers such as lily and violet, as well as mint to close the fragrance with notes of jasmine, sandalwood, leather, and cedar.

Mature women, on the other hand, opt for White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor, a stylish, opulent fragrance, in which aldehydes, orange, bergamot, and lily stand out. In its heart notes prevail cinnamon, Turkish rose, tuberose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and narcissus that are in perfect harmony with musk, sandalwood, oakmoss, patchouli, and amber.

Most popular eau de parfum in India

India’s offer of Eau de parfum is extensive, local firms such as Fogg are very well positioned. The fragrance Scent for Man with a combination of floral notes such as rose and jasmine and fruity, among which stand out the citrus notes of orange and ginger and a base of sandalwood that captivates, plus chords of honey and amber, which make this fragrance the most popular in India. 

Another of Fogg’s popular fragrances is Impressio Scent. This EDP captivates with the combination of olfactory, oriental, and floral notes in which orange citrus, ginger, honey, and floral notes such as jasmine prevail. Like Scent, this fragrance has a note of sandalwood that makes it characteristic.

For women, My Day Scent for Women and Beautiful Secret Scent For Women are the best-selling fragrances. My Day is a sensual EDP, which also offers antibacterial protection and has been dermatologically tested. It is a soft, fresh fragrance that can be worn on any occasion. Floral and fruity notes prevail, long-lasting and moderate trail. Beautiful Secret, on the other hand, is a sweet fragrance with fruity and floral notes.

Fogg fragrances offer a relaxing sensation to their users. They can be used at any time and their durability is extensive. They are all fresh and relaxing fragrances that are suitable for use at any time. You are sure to find an EDP among the variety of products that Fogg offers.

Also standing out at the top of the charts is Engage Femme Eau De Parfum, a citrus and floral fragrance, with woody notes that make it an EDP classified as fresh oriental. The notes of green apple, white flowers, and patchouli are a perfect combination. From the same line Engage Yang Eau De Parfum, is a very long-lasting fruity EDP, in which jasmine and sandalwood prevail and are complemented with citrus notes masterfully.

From Skinn, Nude Fragrance for Woman is a feminine, sensual and exquisite EDP. Its fruity, floral, and woody notes give it that special touch that captures the preference of Indian women. 

From the same Skinn firm, the EDP Verge Fragrance For Men is one of the best sellers for men. This fresh and refreshing fragrance. In its top notes, lemon, rosemary and basil, and eventide prevail. In its middle notes, green mint and geranium prevail and in its heart notes, the masculine presence of leather and moss accord, have won male preference.

How to choose a perfume

When you decide to buy a perfume, it is advisable not to use fragrances that may affect your decision. When applying the perfume on your skin, wait between fifteen minutes and an hour before deciding, so you can feel how it reacts with your body chemistry, and make the purchase safely, with the certainty that the fragrance is the most suitable for you.

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