difference deos perfumes

Learn now the difference between Deodorants and perfume

In the Western world, most people know the difference between a perfume and a deodorant, and even between perfumes and toilet waters or colognes, however, for people from India, it is difficult to understand.

Although Indian consumers were not prone to purchase this type of product and preferred talcum powder, the hot climate and the importance of eradicating body odors have popularized its use. That is why today in India, the sale of deodorants has exceeded market expectations and there are currently more than 900 varieties of nearly 500 brands. 

The most popular brands of deodorants in India are Fogg, which occupies the first place in sales with 12.5% of the market; followed by Engage (8.1%) and Axe (6.9%). Also, several national brands are emerging, and offer products of low cost, thinking in the consumers of less economic resources. Anyways, there is an extensive collection of deos and perfumes that can be found all over India in stores like Myntra and Amazon.

Without a doubt, the fact of “smelling good” is something that worries everyone, and that is why, in addition to deodorants, perfumes, colognes, and bath waters, there are also body creams and flavored bath soaps, all of which tend to make people not have to deal with the unpleasant odors that inevitably occur when sweat is combined with the body’s bacteria

The variety of both products is very extensive and it could be said that there are perfume and deodorants for each person according to their personal preferences, personality, and needs. The difference between them relies on some minor aspects we’ll later check on.

What is deodorant?

difference deos perfumes

Deodorants are aromatic products that prevent or reduce unpleasant body odors. It is important to note that sweat itself is odorless, however, when combined with the bacteria in our body general unpleasant odors, which can be very embarrassing.

It is a false belief that deodorants eliminate sweat, they simply disguise it or attenuate it thanks to the aromatic essences they contain. Only the so-called antiperspirant deodorants reduce perspiration significantly, thanks to the fact that their formulation includes components that dissolve when they come into contact with the sweat and the humidity of the skin and reduce the amount of sweat.

There is an important difference on how long-lasting both are. The duration of deodorants is limited and less than the duration of perfumes. Worldwide there is a great variety of deodorants in different formats. Depending on personal preferences you can buy deodorants in cream, roll-on, spray and stick. 

Spray deodorants are very practical and can be applied to the armpits as well as to clothing, however, they are not recommended for people with sensitive skin, as the high level of alcohol can irritate the skin. Roll-on and stick deodorants are easy to apply, but can only be applied to the skin because they may leave marks on clothing. Cream deodorants, on the other hand, are the least used and known. They can be used on large areas of skin, such as the face, torso, or neck.

What is Perfume?

When we talk about perfumes we refer to the mixture of oils, with different fragrances or aromas, and other components such as alcohol in different proportions that are applied to the skin and offer an exquisite aroma. Since ancient times, perfumes have been used in all civilizations and originally the essential oils of plants and flowers were exclusively extracted for their formulation.

Today, perfumes are formulated by combining aromatic compounds, ethanol, and water. In this sense, the greater the concentration of essential oils, the more intense and lasting the aroma becomes. In their majority, perfumes contain 25% essential or aromatic oils.

Similarities between deodorant and perfume

The similarity between perfume and deodorant is that both are alcoholic solutions that include fragrances. Their functioning is similar, and in their composition, there are herbs, oils, alcohol, and water in different proportions. Depending on their presentation, deodorants can be applied directly to the skin or even to clothing, in the case of those that come in a spray.

Both perfume and deodorant are fragrant and have specific uses, so they have become essential products for personal use. Some prefer to use the only deodorant, while others choose to use both and even the entire product line of a given brand.

Differences between deodorant and perfume

Large firms usually include in their product range a whole line of products with the same fragrances that can be used together. Among them, many include products such as eau de cologne, bath soaps, deodorant, body creams, and perfumes, which complement each other and allow you to stay perfumed for hours without interfering with each other because their aromatic notes are the same.

Despite their similarities between deodorants and perfumes, there are also very marked differences between both products, among which we can highlight the following:



It can be applied on the body and clothes leaving an exquisite aroma.

They are applied directly to the skin to avoid body odors. Only deodorant sprays can be applied to clothing

The composition of the fragrance is superior to approximately 15 to 25% of fragrance oils combined with alcohol

The proportion of fragrance oils does not exceed 3% and the alcohol used is more diluted

Provides a full-body aroma

Helps eliminate body odors

Their cost is higher than deodorants

They are more affordable than perfumes

Its most frequent use, due to its cost, is limited to special occasions or meetings

It is of daily use and for any occasion

The presentation is usually in designer bottles or jars

It is found in different containers and presentations such as spray, roll on, bar and cream

Its durability is longer

Its duration is limited

It is generally applied to pulse points, such as the wrist, behind the ears and on the neck, although it can be applied to clothing

It is applied to the skin, usually to the points that generate the most sweat and odor

What to choose?

Both products offer a pleasant aroma and will allow you to have a good body odor. The deodorant is recommended to use at any time because there are many brands, very aromatic fragrances that will prevent the sweat from prevailing, you can even choose the antiperspirants that will prevent excess sweat.

On the other hand, the perfumes are products that you can also use daily, depending on the intensity of them, choose soft and fresh perfumes for the day while a more intense one for special occasions, which are very durable and will leave a pleasant wake, more suitable for more formal events or social gatherings.

Ultimately, this choice is always made depending on your likings, on your lifestyle and even on your personality. While the goal is the same: smelling good, the ways to achieve this only depend on your personal preferences, after evaluating pros and cons of each option to know which one suits you the best

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