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Perfume Day in India: the best quotes, wishes, and more

We would not be talking about India if we weren’t to say that it is the land of exquisite scents and fragrances. Thousands, millions, and even billions of fragrances fill our senses every day, and some say that the way we experience smells is an interesting way of seeing how we interact with the world. Perfume day is just a way of celebrating the perfumes in all their magic.

That’s so, perfumes are an important part of our lives, especially in India, where the exotic and exquisite scents that characterize us have become a part of our identity and our culture. Since perfume is such an essential thing for us, there is no doubt that we need a special day to celebrate one of the greatest creations of ancient times: perfume.

History of National Fragrance Day

We all know that perfume has been around for thousands of years. Tapputi was the first-ever recorded chemist, and it is to whom the first perfume ever created is attributed, around the 2nd millennium BCE in Mesopotamia. Back in the days, thinking of perfumery as we know it today was almost impossible, yet the oldest perfumery discovered was located around the Bronze Age, in the island of Cyprus, and covered around 4,000m², which would mean that there was actually a large-scale production of perfumery.

history perfume day

If we take a little look at the Bible, the Book of Exodus describes what appears to be a sacred perfume that contained liquid myrrh, fragrant cinnamon, fragrant cane, and cassia. Nowadays, France is considered the home of a great range of exquisite perfumes and has spread this industry worldwide, being that many countries like Thailand, India, and even the United Kingdom, have created their own perfumes, which have nothing to envy from the french ones.

But even though fragrance creation is nothing new, Perfume Day has gone popular only recently, as a part of the Anti-Valentines week. Every February 17th is used to celebrate perfume day and recognize the exquisiteness and the well-being a perfume can give you, regardless of your relationship status. It is important not to confuse this day with the International Fragrance Day, celebrated on March 21th, and it is the date where many perfume retailers promote their perfumes and have social media campaigns spread worldwide. That’s so, Perfume Day represents an amazing way to show love, whether it is to your partner or yourself.  

Happy Perfume Day Wishes

“The fragrance of your love is one that I would love to wear every single day for the rest of my life, happy perfume day”

“Not even the most exquisite fragrance in the world compare to how much I love you, happy perfume day”Perfume Day message

“If you want to own the world, you just need the right fragrance to start, happy perfume day”

“Just like a perfume wrapping all your senses, I hope my love surrounds you with happiness and good things, happy perfume day”

“Love and perfume bottles have one thing in common: you only know its true potential when you open it. My best wishes on this perfume day”

“The perfume you wear tells more about you than your words, may you always wear the most impressive and incredible perfume there is, I wish you a happy perfume day”

“Perfumes give one the same peace of mind I get while being with you, and you’re my favorite perfume of them all, happy perfume day”

“I hope every day of your life is covered with a delicious aroma, happy perfume day to you.”

“Just like it happens with perfume, happiness can not be poured on someone else if you don’t have some for yourself, I wish you a happy perfume day”

“Smelling good is equal to feeling good, so I wish you a happy perfume day, surrounded with the best fragrances you find“

“Wearing perfume is the best way to show the world you’re ready for whatever it puts in front of you, have a happy perfume day” 

“You can wear the most elegant outfit ever, but if you’re not wearing perfume, your outfit is not complete, happy perfume day”

Perfume Day Quotes

“When we smell a good perfume, we find ourselves embarking into a personal olfactory journey” – Huib Maat 

“The most beautiful thing about fragrances is that it speaks directly to your heart and, if you’re lucky enough, to someone else’s too” – Elizabeth Taylor

Perfume day quotes

“A man might not remember what you were wearing or how your handbag was, but there is no way he forgets what your perfume smelled like” – Olivier Creed

“A true gentleman is made out of good manners and an exquisite cologne” – Tom Ford

“Perfume is that one thing that allows you to have a moment of peace, love, and freedom, between the chaos of the modern living” – Sonia Rykiel

“In the fight for female attention, a wise man knows that cologne is the most powerful weapon he can use” – Marcello Mastroianni

“Perfume is just like men: you never find the right one quickly, you need to let it seduce you” -Jean Patou

“There are two things that create an excellent first impression for a man, and that are the best investments one could do: a custom-tailored suit and an expensive, delicious cologne” – Massimo Ferragamo

“It is not possible to achieve elegance without a great perfume. A good fragrance is that unforgettable, unseen accessory that you can never miss” – Coco Chanel

“Clothing and perfume are very similar: they are both a way to present yourself and giving others a message about the way you are without saying any word” – Paloma Picasso

How to celebrate perfume day?

There are many ways to celebrate a beautiful day like this, but many people choose to spend it with their loved one and give him or her perfume as a gift that represents the love and commitment to the relationship. There is a superstition regarding this, that says that this condemns the relationship to fail, and it even is a way of breaking up, but you are free to take a vow on this matter.

Of course, you don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy the magic of perfume day, since you can take advantage of this day as a self-love day, gifting yourself a perfume, or just taking a moment to enjoy yourself, doing the things you love the most (and smelling incredible while you’re at it). Some also prefer to gift perfumes to their parents, siblings, or friends, as a way to express appreciation and love to them, but it is up to you, in the end, the magic of perfume is in the ability it has to express feelings and evoking wonderful sensations, and this is exactly what perfume day is all about.

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