The top 9 car perfumes in India for a fresh drive that you’ll love

If you own a car, you must probably know that odors that appear in your car are not always the most pleasant ones. Many people think that one of the most essential things you should have in a car is perfume or air aromatizer, and it makes sense, since it is one of the places where we’ll spend a lot of time, and we need to feel comfortable in our cars, which could be difficult if the odor it has is not the best.

There are some things you should consider when you’re going to pick the perfect perfume car for you, like the different types of car perfumes and their pros and cons, before buying. But ultimately, it will depend on your likings to choose the best smell for your car, and choose the presentation you think is more suitable for you.

Best Car Perfumes in India

Choosing the best car perfume might be a difficult task, but it will surely be easier if you minimize the list of options to the absolute best. That is why we decided to bring you the top 9 car perfumes in India, so you can choose the one that feels like the right one, and matches what you’d wish your car smell all day long. Let’s get at it.

#1. Aer Twist Car Air Freshener – Fresh Lush Green, by Godrej

Aer Godrej car perfume

The freshness of the green grass that was just cut, or the fresh lavender fields, is captured in just one car perfume, and this car perfume is, of course, Godrej’s Aer Twist Car Air Freshener. Fresh Lush Green provides the perfect citrus touch you’ve always wanted, as its sweet notes of lime and jasmine wrap your senses and make you feel like you’re in a garden filled with the most exquisite scents. 

Godrej Aer Twist collection is one of the most sold of the brand, and it comes in 8 different presentations, that go from the softest, pink, and delicate fragrance, to the most relaxed, summery fragrance, passing through all the citrus, fun, and bright fragrances like this one. It comes in stylish packaging that will look extremely well on your dashboard, but you can also hide it in your cup holder. Its delicious fragrance will accompany you and your car for a very long time, and even though it claims to last up to 60 days, some say that it lasts way longer than that, so you can have a citrus, delicious explosion in your car for quite a while. 

#2. Coffee Car Gel Freshener, by Aerozel 

Aerozel car perfume

If you’re one of those coffee lovers that believe that life is better when you feel the exquisite aroma of freshly made coffee, then there is absolutely no doubt that you’re going to love this delicious car perfume. Originally made in India, this freshener is perfect for giving you a sweet, delicious aroma that invades every sense of yours and takes you to heaven (of coffee). 

This classy car perfume can be used in other spaces since it gives any environment a fresh touch you’ll surely love, but some say that entering a car that has this freshener could improve your mood and make you feel happier and more relaxed. In general, this car perfume lasts up to 6 weeks and should be apart from the sunlight. The only con we could mention is that sometimes the odor gets too strong, but other than that is one of the best car fresheners you could get on Amazon.

#3. Hanging Paper Tree Car Air Freshener, by Little Trees

Little Trees car perfume

Do you remember the exquisite smell your car had when you first bought it? The fresh, subtle aroma of new leather being unwrapped and presented to its new owner can be summed up in this car freshener. Although it is not as long-lasting as the ones that come in gel or a diffuser, it is quite practical and provides a strong smell that doesn’t go away very easily.

The leather aroma gives it a classic, elegant touch that resembles the delicious and exotic aroma of musk, and even though the aroma invades your senses in a way that might be too aggressive for some, this air freshener is perfect for giving your car a masculine, luxurious vibe. Other fresheners by Little Trees are also widely popular in India, but this one is definitely one of the top choices for many.

#4. One Musk Car Perfume, by Involve

One Musk car perfume

The musky, sweet, and delicious aroma that this Car Perfume has caught the attention of Indians quickly since it gives any car a fresh, elegant touch that you won’t want to miss. One Musk is a strong freshener that comes in many different variations, with vanilla, lemon, wood, flowers, and more, so you can choose the one you prefer, even though all of them are unique and can give your car an exquisite smell. 

It works even in SUVs and Sudans, which is something that other perfumes might not be able to do. One of the downsides of this is that it is not as long-lasting as it could, being that only lasts for a few weeks before fading away, but it is definitely worth trying. One Musk comes in the form of fragrance cakes and can be placed in the front of the car. This car perfume surely honors its name by involving your car in the most exquisite way possible.

#5. Car Freshener Gel – Romantic Rose, by Ambi Pur

Ambi Pur car perfume

The fresh and romantic smell this freshener gives your car takes you to a cloud of softness and sweetness that will soothe you while driving, no matter how long the ride is. This sweet aromatizer removes all unpleasant odors and leaves a rosy, fresh aroma that lasts all day. Since it is a gelly freshener, you won’t have the risk of spilling out and having a little disaster in your car.

It also has cute, compact packaging that does not disturb the style of your car and doesn’t interfere with the space in your dashboard, since it fits in any cup holder, and it gives a sweet, exquisite aroma to the car for up to four weeks. The only bad thing about this perfume is that might not work as well as you would expect on big cars like SUVs, but other than that, is still a great choice for your car. This collection also has other fragrances, like Relaxing Lavender or Refreshing Lemon, so you have one to choose from according to your likings.  

#6. Wish Gel Air Freshener for Car & Home, by Areon

Areon car perfume

Areon is, by excellence, one of the top brands if you’re looking for a quality air freshener for your car, or even for your home. It has an exquisite, uniform spread that is very easy to use. It has a gelly, soft consistency that avoids spills, and has an amazing spread that works even in bigger spaces.

One of the best things about Wish Gel Air Freshener is that it is one of the most long-lasting ones in the market since it has a duration of up to 80 days. However, one thing we could consider a downside is that you can’t have it open all the time, you should just let a little bit to aromatize the car and then close the gel, otherwise, you would have an overwhelming, too strong odor that might become a little annoying. Other than that, this car freshener doesn’t have too many downsides and accomplishes the purpose of keeping your car fresh.

#7. Luxury Mic Man Black – Velvet Mask Fragrance – Car Air Freshener Perfume Fragrance, by AirPro

Airpro car perfume

If you’re one of those people who love a beautiful freshener but are not willing to sacrifice the quality of the fragrance, then this cute little microphone-shaped air freshener should do for you. Airpro Air Freshener has an exquisite, pleasant, and long-lasting fragrance that keeps your car fresh for a fair long time without getting too strong.

Lasting for up to 60 days in any environment, this air freshener contains notes of musk that give it a mysterious, elegant vibe. And, of course, the fancy mic can also give you the look of a rockstar while smelling incredible. Though it might look cute, you should be careful where you put it, since the movement on the roads could cause this stylish freshener to break.

#8. Lemon Car Air Freshener, by My Shaldan

My Shaldan car perfume

Japanese have always been known thanks to their millenary knowledge on different aspects, and the way that they take advantage of this knowledge to create solutions for the common citizen is mindblowing. Since 1948, My Shaldan has been creating the best air fresheners, and this one is not the exception. 

Each can of My Shaldan’s air fresheners contains limonene oil, which is an ancient Japanese medicine that has well-known effects as a stress reducer. With its fresh and natural fragrance, this air freshener creates fresh, exquisite air in your car for up to 15 days. The only downside is that this is not a gelly freshener, so there is a risk of spilling the freshener when it is tilted.

#9. Charming Scents Fragrance Pink Sands Car Air Freshener Refill, by Yankee Candle 

Yankee Candle car perfume

Finishing this list we have this delicious freshener that have an easy-to-use presentation and can be refilled. There are many different presentations of this fragrance, and they are actually presented as candles in their original form, but these are the adapted version for the car, with the exact same components.

The delicious notes of citrus, berry, melon, musk, spicy vanilla, and wood turn a simple fragrance into an explosion of aromas that will leave your car smelling delicious. However, it is not as long-lasting as you would expect, since some users claim that it doesn’t last more than a month, and it is a little expensive, but it is refillable, so it might end up being a great investment for your car. 

Final comments

When you have to drive for long hours you definitely need something to eliminate the bad odors that’ll eventually appear in your car and maintain you fresh while driving could even improve your mood. That’s so, you need a reliable car freshener that not only suits your style but lasts enough to be a good company and that doesn’t become an issue in your car.

Anyway, it is important to take into account so many different matters that the perfect freshener for someone else’s car might not be the best option for you. By knowing some of the best options you obtain a clearer look at what to choose according to your personality and the way you drive. Of course, you can always change, choosing the perfect car perfume, like many other things in life, is only a thing of practice and patience until you find that one that makes you fall completely in love with it.

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