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Best Fogg Deodorants for men and women that you will love

There are many brands in India to check on, specially when it comes to deodorants. After all, a land of scents and exquisite aromas couldn’t leave behind something as important as smell. And for most Indians, the best option to have an amazing smell is Fogg deodorants and body sprays

While it has a small range of perfumes and body-sprays for women, men can find themselves in a whole new paradise of aromas and scents given by the best deos from the brand. In fact, Fogg is one of the best seller brands in stores like Myntra and Amazon. So, today, we’ll top down on the best scents on Fogg Deodorants and talk a bit about women’s body sprays that Fogg has to offer for you.

Fogg Deodorants for men

It should be no surprise that Fogg is so popular amongst Indians. Relying on an amazing collection of more than 18 deodorants and over 10 perfumes, Fogg has managed to become one of the best brands in the market and its delicious aromas have earned Fogg first place in sales in India. So, let’s have a look at the best deodorants for men.

Fogg Fresh Oriental Black Series For Men

One of the most popular deodorants from the Oriental Black series. This one has the right amount of scents that allow it to be spicy, sweet, and exotic at the same time. It is one of the best scents for winter, giving you a fresh, elegant touch you’ll love. It has a long-lasting trail: it stays between 8 and 10 hours in the skin, which is why it is an excellent option for active men, especially in winter.

Fogg Marco Body Spray for Men

Now, sales don’t lie, and one of the best sellers of Fogg is, without a doubt, Marco Body Spray. This black-colored bottle hides a divine, musky, and woody fragrance that feels amazing. It is also a perfect fragrance for winters, where the musky, classic aroma tends to stand out, and lasts longer. With a warm and spicy trail, this deodorant will surely do for confident and careless men who are ready to take over the world in their hands.

Fogg Fragrance Body Spray for Men Imperial

A deodorant with a fragrance that you probably won’t forget. This is the best way to define Imperial. In this blue-colored bottle, you will find a spicy, tobacco-like fragrance that turns any moment into a special and intense situation. It has a fresh trail that stays for hours and has a quite strong scent perfect for making a statement and letting people know you’ve arrived. 

Fogg Napoleon Body Spray

One of the best features of Fogg deodorants is that they barely have gas, so they have a better concentration of the scent and last longer than other deodorants. This one is not the exception and has become one of the favorites of buyers all around the world. It has an oriental, musky, and spicy fragrance that lasts all day long and has its greatest potential in summers. We could also point out how little expensive it is and that it is economical for use, but this is also a feature that every Fogg deodorants have and that this one, in particular, has known how to take advantage of.

Fogg Dynamic Fragrance Body Spray

This fragrance, as its name might tell you, gives you a fresh, dynamic sensation that makes you feel like a powerful, confident man. It has a musky, floral aroma that also has slight fruity notes. It is also one of the most long-lasting fragrances by Fogg, with an average lasting of 12 hours. It is definitely one for relaxed men that want to reconnect with themselves through fragrances.

1000 Sprays Royal Body Spray for Men

If you want to feel like the king itself, you should definitely try Fogg Royal Deodorant. This one offers you a soothing experience that has a musky, floral aroma you’ll love. With notes of sandalwood and woody scents, this fragrance is perfect for maintaining your energy and show the world you’re a distinguished man who knows how to get what he wants.

Fogg Scent Intensio for Men

This beautiful green bottle hides within itself an exquisite, long-lasting deodorant that is perfect for summer. It has citric, fruity scents that make you feel fresh, and its manly aroma will surely captivate the attention of anyone who surrounds you. This deodorant is perfect for those long summer days where you have tons of things to do and you want to feel like you’re capable of doing all of them and more. 

Fogg Xtremo Scent for Men

This deodorant has an exquisite mixture of Ginger, Bitter Orange, Rose Jasmine, and Honey Amber, along with base notes of sandalwood and woody aromas. It is one of the best options for winter, and it helps you keep fresh and active throughout the day.

 Fogg Spray Forever

With aromatic, exquisite notes of citrus, musk, and wood, Forever Deodorant is one of the most long-lasting deos from Fogg. Created specifically for active men who love to take a challenge and are always looking for a risk to take on. It is one of the most popular deos in India and it is surely one to take your heart.

Fogg Xpressio Scent for Men

One of the highest-rated deodorants from this brand, this beautiful, leather-wrapped bottle looks like a real invitation to open it and enjoy its aroma. It has a nice, but strong aroma, that might not be your favorite at the beginning, but once you get used to its sweet, fruity scents, you might fall in love with this elegant fragrance. 

Fogg Impressio Scent for Men

If aquatic, marine fragrances are more your thing, Impressio is the one that will steal your heart in a minute. It is perfect for making you feel fresh and full of life, even though this is one of those fragrances that feels completely different on each skin. It is as long-lasting that might come across as a strong scent, but it is one you can get used to as the day passes.

Fogg Fresh Aqua Black Series for Men

This one is another of the greatest aquatic fragrances for men by Fogg. Even though it is not as long-lasting as many other fragrances by the brand, has a soothing, refreshing aroma that lasts up to 6 hours. It is a perfect deodorant for the winter season when its fresh marine aroma tends to stand out amongst everything else.

Fogg Fresh Fougere Black Series for Men

This is another not-so-long-lasting fragrance that still has a lot to offer. It has a smell that’s quite average, not so strong nor so soft. It is perfect for daily activities and, even though it needs quite a few splashes a day, it may be perfect for active men, especially in the summer.

Fogg for women

Even though Fogg is majorly known thanks to the excellent fragrances and deodorants for men, it is safe to say that the ones they offer for women make you feel fresh and desirable. These are some of the best options for independent, confident, and modern women that want to have it all.

Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Essence

One of the best sellers of the brand for women is, without a doubt, Fragrant. This deodorant is a long-lasting one that, as all of the Fogg deodorants, has little to non-gas and it is merely composed of perfume and liquid. It is easy to use and it is preferable to apply it immediately after showering so the fragrance lasts longer. This floral, sweet fragrance is perfect for the warm days of summer when you want to feel romantic and sensual.

Ossum Body Mist

If you’re a more romantic kind of woman, Fogg Ossum Romance Body Mist is the perfect one for you. It has a sweet, delicate floral scent that is given by its exquisite notes of mandarin orange, wild berries, honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine. An inebriating fragrance that lasts all day long and makes you feel like a truly captivating, interesting women with just a spray of it.

Fragrant, Radiate Body Spray For Women

Citrus and sweet fragrances blend in better than you could ever imagine, and Fragrant, in its Radiate variant, is definite proof of it. This one is a very refreshing deodorant that might come across as a strong scent at the beginning, but then it starts to fade to become a simply delicious fragrance. This beautiful red, orangish bottle hides an exquisite, feminine fragrance you can’t miss out. 

Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Paradise

If you think a fragrance is not capable to get you to heaven with just a spray of it, then think again, because Fragrant, in its Paradise version, is designed specifically to do so. This long-lasting deodorant feels nicely tropical, so it is perfect for warm weather, creating a critical, fruity, and sweet trail that you are definitely going to love. It is perfect for relaxed women that are always looking for an opportunity to have fun and learn something new while relaxing on the hottest, finest beaches in the world. 

It would be no crazy to say that Fogg has earned a great spot on Indians’ hearts. The quality of their deodorants and fragrances, accompanied by the little amount of gas they have in their deos, and their exquisite, modern, and fresh aromas, make this brand one of the unstoppable giants that might as well take over the whole world. There is no doubt that Fogg offers the perfect deodorant for every person, it is only a matter of giving them a chance and start enjoying all of the great, exquisite, and long-lasting deodorants they make, knowing you won’t ever regret this decision.

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