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Keva: an amazing company from India to the world

Keva is a company that has been in the fragrance market for almost a hundred years. In its beginnings, it was called SH Kelkar and C and Sarawati Chemical, and its base of operations was located in British India.

After 99 years in the market, its fragrances are known around the world and have managed to position themselves at the top of the sector. Excellent quality products and creative solutions in the world of fragrances is what KEVA offers to its thousands of customers and these aspects are what have made the business has sustained growth and ensured its success, which has positioned them as the leading manufacturer of fragrances in the country.

A bit of history

SH Kelkar and Company came into existence in 1922, starting as an industrial perfume manufacturer based in British India, and it has become one of the leading fragrance manufacturers in the country. It has subsidiaries that handle various branches of the industry, such as:

Keva Fragrances Private Limited: it has a multipurpose plant at VAPI and is engaged in the manufacture of aromatic fragrances of different categories.

Keva Fragrance Industries Pte. Ltd. It is better known as KEVA Singapore and started its operations in the year 2016. It is the company in charge of providing assistance in sales and all marketing strategies that are developed to Southeast Asia, it is also in charge of wholesale marketing of various chemicals and NCOP industrial chemicals. As a sideline, it conducts research and experimental development in chemicals.

Keva Flavours Private Limited: is dedicated to the development of specialized flavors for the pharmaceutical industry, personal care with its line of flavors for toothpaste, as well as the dairy sector, beverages, and desserts, which give that special aroma to the various products.

Rasiklal Hemani Agencies Private Limited: with almost fifty years of operations, is dedicated to the northern region of the country and has an extensive client portfolio and extensive knowledge. Keva took over the firm by acquiring the entire shareholding in 2016

Keva Chemicals Private Limited, which specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of aromatic ingredients, joined Keva in 2007.

VN Creative Chemicals Private Limited specializes in the area of aroma chemicals and has a manufacturing plant.

Purandar Fine Chemicals Private Limited manufactures and markets a wide range of aromatic ingredients and has a manufacturing facility in Jejuri city.

Keva UK Limited is the company in charge of investments in the Netherlands.

PT SHK Keva Indonesia is mainly engaged in the marketing and distribution of a wide range of compounds for the perfume industry.

Anhui Ruiban Aroma Co. Ltd.: It is a company that is largely owned by Keva as it holds more than 90% of its shares. It is headquartered in Fuyan Anhui, China, and has established itself as a market leader in aromatic ingredients. It has a large infrastructure for mass production.

PFW Aroma Ingredients BV: based in the Netherlands, is engaged in the manufacture of aroma chemicals and ingredients. It was acquired by Keva in 2011 and has a research center and two production plants.

Siaba Industries Private Limited: is dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of flavors. It is a company that has been in the market for more than six decades and was acquired by KEVA in the year 2012.

Tanishka Fragrance Encapsulation Technologies LLP: this company has advanced technology that allows the encapsulation of fragrances. Keva acquired, in 2017 a license allowing it to use that technology.

Creative Flavor and Fragrances SpA (CFF): this Italy-based company is one of the leading companies in the fragrance market. In 2018, KEVA acquired the company allowing it to position itself throughout Europe. They have a technologically advanced laboratory and manufacturing plant.

Currently, they are the largest fragrance producer in India, estimated to corner more than 20% of the local market. They are also an emerging manufacturing company that has successfully exported fragrances to more than 15 countries. Its production plants are located in Mumbai and Raigad, Maharashtra, and it has an excellent research and development team. The firm’s presence extends to the Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

An emerging company

The truth is that Keva is more than a fragrance industry, since, according to their financial reports, in 2015 they created, manufactured, and supplied more than 8,000 fragrances and flavors for personal care, home care, as well as food and beverage industries. Their motto is “Where science blends with art”


All their products are created by specialists. Their fragrances have behind them excellent perfumers and specialized flavorists who produce patented formulas since they believe that the aromatic element is the one that has the greatest selling power over consumers.

Keva has more than 5,000 customers worldwide, both from national and multinational companies of various mass consumer products, as well as fragrance and flavor mixers. Therefore, its fragrance ingredients are the raw material for various personal care products for hair and skin care, household and fabric care products, as well as for the bakery industry, dairy products, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

Fragrance’s customer base includes firms such as Godrej Consumer Products Limited, Marico Limited, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting Limited, Hindustan Unilever Limited, VINI Cosmetics Private Limited, and J.K. and Helen Curtis Limited. They are also suppliers to firms such as Britannia India, VICCO Laboratories, Vadilal Industries Limited, and Ravi Foods. 

With corporate headquarters in the city of Mumbai, India, and four factories in total, of which three are located in India and one in the Netherlands, Keva has an installed capacity of over 19,819 tons per year. And their infrastructure enables them to cover customers in 50 countries, including India, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

With a presence in India, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Indonesia, where the Creative Development Centers operate, they unite their ideas and the talent of their personnel to offer the best solutions in the world of fragrances.

Keva hand in hand with modernity

It is inevitable to think of Keva when talking about modern and advanced companies. The reason is that it has become the most technologically advanced and has the most human capital in India. The automated systems in its fragrance facilities, as well as the blending systems, research, and development equipment, olfactory control, quality control, microbiology, and the various laboratories, position it as the most modern in the sector. More than 18 scientists make up the research team at Mumbai Barneveld. The specialized team includes 12 perfumers, two aromatizers, as well as evaluators, and a large team of executives based in Mumbai, Bengaluru, the Netherlands, and Indonesia.

Wide range of services

As can be seen, the KEVA group is more than just fragrances and scents, it also offers a range of services in its different locations that make it different, including biotechnological research services and various tests of cosmetic ingredients, cosmetic tests for the evaluation of fragrances on the skin, biotechnological research services for the conservation and propagation of medicinal and aromatic plants at risk of extinction, and chemical synthesis for the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

Human Capital

One of the reasons for the company’s success is its sales and marketing team which is spread over nine centers located in India, New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Bengaluru, Pune, Nagpur, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.  Fragrance promotion and sales are handled by a dedicated fragrance team, in addition to a minority team for flavored products. 

However, not all of their strength is in India, as they have staff operating from overseas, overseen by executives from corporate headquarters in the Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand who handle the marketing of fragrances internationally.

Leading-edge leadership

The company’s management’s focus on identifying market trends and analyzing customer preferences has made it one of the most successful companies in India. Combining ancestral knowledge passed down from generation to generation, the art of creation, and modern techniques, they offer a broad knowledge of sensory trends that move consumers.

Internationally recognized

But that’s not all we can say about Keva. The company has received many awards, including the “Dream Company to Work For Award” in the area of manufacturing, an award for “Best Human Resources Strategy in Line with Business” and various awards for excellence, best performance, quality, and diversity among others.

The reason for its success

Keva’s competitive strengths include excellent market leadership and a strong brand, a very broad product offering, and a large customer base, as well as outstanding research and development capabilities.  Its sales and marketing capabilities and its constant concern for finding scalable raw materials and manufacturing facilities are part of the success of this Indian industry.

On top of that, they have highly experienced promoters and a highly qualified and experienced management team, who manage well and work towards the growth of the business.

KEVA Fragrances

When we talk about fragrances we are not actually referring to perfumes, as KEVA produces fragrances in six different categories classified according to their use, thus we have 

Fine Fragrances

The main customers in the fine fragrances sector are the perfumery industry. In the world of perfumery, they have a powerful clientele and elaborate various fragrances to be included in the various perfumes worldwide. The aromatic notes offered by the form range from fruity, floral, oriental, woody, and a wide range of aromatic notes that can change affect the mood of consumers.

Skincare and cosmetics

Major brands opt for Keva fragrances to include in their skincare and cosmetics products. Keva fragrances are more than a complementary fragrance in this area, they are unique, define the brands and offer sensations that allow consumers a mental balance and pleasant associations.

Personal care

For personal care, Keva offers an extensive catalog of exquisite fragrances, including relaxing, energizing, and aromatic fragrances, among others, which are incorporated into mass-use products with pleasant scents that evoke pleasurable sensations.


Many hair care products include Keva fragrances in their formulations, and the aroma of this type of product is fundamental for customers. KEVA fragrances for hair care, in addition to their exquisite and delicate aroma, have properties that the consumers appreciate and that favor the nourishment and shine of the hair.

Fabric care

The fragrances designed by Keva are very aromatic, resist the washing cycle, remain in the fabrics, and offer that fresh scent that everyone expects to feel in a freshly washed garment. Based on the importance of scent for consumers, Keva’s catalog for fabric care offers the best options on the market.

Household Products

Fragrances and cleaning products with a pleasant scent are used in every home in the world. That is why KEVA Fragrances offers fragrances for cleaning products that with innovation and creativity are present in various brands.

We could definitely say that Keva is a monstrous giant in the industry, and it is not for less, almost 100 years of experience have earned Keva the knowledge and aptitude necessary to stand out and become the massive machine they are today.

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