expired perfumes

Myths and realities on expired perfumes: a complete guide

There are many myths about the duration of the perfume and the possibility of damage or change their aroma, however, the expiry dates included in the packaging of perfumes are quite variable because, according to specialists, once opened the bottle will be kept intact for six months, although it is unlikely to vary significantly or immediately.

Frequently, the intensity of the perfumes degrades slowly, losing its original aroma and becoming a little more bitter. However, if conservation precautions are taken, the perfumes can last much longer than indicated. Of course, there are ways to use an expired perfume, but we’ll talk about it in a moment.

Perfumes should preferably be stored in a dark place, away from sunlight, and in a cool environment so that they do not lose their intensity or color, and to enhance their aroma. Contact with heat and direct light can cause the perfume to oxygenate, even if it is still closed. Therefore, avoid placing them near windows or in the bathroom and opt for cool and even cold places.

How long does perfume last?

According to studies, perfumes that include strong notes are more durable, while those with soft notes last about two years.

It is also important to know that some perfumes improve over time, such as those that include patchouli or wood in their composition. The reason is that these ingredients make the perfumes have a strong aroma, but with time, when degraded, they become softer and therefore pleasant, however, it is a gradual process that can take a long time.

On the other hand, perfumes with floral and fresh notes are more likely to lose their intensity because they are much softer, therefore, they last less time.  If you take proper advice on the conservation of perfumes, you can extend their use for a long time.

Avoid bad practices with your perfumes

expired perfumes

Although many women love to display their perfumes in their dresser, it is not a good idea, as they are exposed to changes in temperature, humidity, and even light and heat. There is a myth about perfumes and it is that many people claim that by keeping them in the refrigerator they will last longer, however, the perfume can be contaminated with the odors of the products that you keep in the refrigerator and you will ruin your perfume.

You should also avoid keeping the perfumes in your bag or the car since the movement of the product inside will cause its molecules to be agitated and can affect the quality of the perfume. If you want to keep your perfume properly, keep it in its original box, at rest, in cold environments, away from sunlight and heat.

 When you use it do not leave the bottle open, remember that the less contact with the environment, the evaporation will be delayed and the original properties can endure. 

It is important to note that, when we talk about perfumes, we refer to brand name perfumes, not eau de cologne or cheap copies, since definitely, the copies of the perfumes have a much shorter duration than a brand name perfume.

Tips for conserving a perfume

The best idea to preserve a perfume is to buy the miniature version, usually, a fragrance stays with one person over a year, and more if they have variety. Why buy big perfumes if they are not going to be used in the short term, to avoid their degradation and evaporation, as well as the problem it may represent to have expired perfumes.

One piece of advice that is worth taking into account is to acquire the perfumes in their miniature version, firstly, because you will avoid their degradation and secondly. After all, you can have a real arsenal of fragrances that you can choose according to the occasion or your mood.

On the other hand, the place where you acquire the perfume is important, so remember this advice when buying your perfumes. Perfume stores should have dim light, adequate temperature, and little sunlight. Otherwise, you are exposing yourself to a perfume that has lost its properties or is about to expire.

A detail that not many people know about perfumes is that those with a higher level of alcohol are the most durable and the least likely to be damaged. However, it is not a good idea to acquire a perfume that has too high a percentage of alcohol, and it is a better option to choose those that have a proportional proportion in their formulation.

An expired perfume, money lost?

Not necessarily, it is particularly rare for people to pay attention to the expiration date of a perfume, so if you notice that your perfume has reached the expiration date indicated on its packaging, don’t worry, you can continue to use it for a few more years, only in a different way.

Keep in mind that when the fragrance has expired, the smell may not be the same and it is not recommended to apply it on the body. You may have to leave it on to scent the drawers of your dresser, remove nail polish, thanks to its high alcohol content, clean some personal objects, mirrors, or to set the mood in your bathroom, rooms, or car, although the scent can be much more subtle.

You can also use it to scent your shoes, boxed clothing, or pillows, allowing you to enjoy the aroma of your favorite perfume. Just make sure you don’t apply it to objects or environments used by people allergic to strong odors, as it could cause them a problem.

How to know if the perfume has expired

To know if your perfume is still in good condition or if it has expired, your best allies are your sight and smell. If you notice that the fragrance has lost its intensity and that the smell of alcohol is more predominant, also if you perceive a change in the original coloring, becoming darker, your perfume is no longer suitable for application on your body and the best thing you can do is to give it other uses.

It is important to keep in mind the components of your perfume since some are more likely to lose their original aroma, particularly those that include high notes, such as citrus fruits, since they have oxidation, and those that include patchouli that can diminish their intensity. Perfumes that have an oily base and a low proportion of alcohol also deteriorate more frequently.

Remember, opt for perfumes that have the perfect balance between fragrance and alcohol. If you follow our advice, you will be able to keep your perfume in optimal conditions for many years, and even when they have expired.

A final recommendation is to use the perfume directly on your skin since this is the best way to achieve perfect integration with your body and apply it in the areas where the pulse is more perceptible so that the heat of your body is responsible for leaving a trail of aroma in your way.

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