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10 Zara perfumes for women that will make you fall in love

To the surprise of many, Zara is more than just a fashion store, often setting the market trends for men’s and women’s clothing. For many years now, Zara has been making inroads into the world of fragrances with unpredictable success.

There is a Zara fragrance for every woman, of different ages, personalities, and preferences. You will find fruit, citrus, wood, and marine perfumes for any time of the year and for any occasion.

Certainly, every woman has her favorites, however, we dare to select the most popular and the reason why today buying perfume at Zara is as common as buying the latest trend in clothes.

Dare with Zara

The woman of today is daring and likes to explore various options, mainly when it comes to fragrances. For those modern women, young and agile, who have days full of activities, the perfume Wonder Rose is perfect.

This fragrance has a fruity musky scent, ideal for many kinds of situations. It includes red fruits in its notes and its packaging is an attractive pear-shaped bottle that stands out for its beauty. Many people consider Wonder Rose to be an irresistible perfume.

Red fruits, roses, vanilla, and musk give this fragrance a characteristic sweetness that makes you fall in love. It is a versatile fragrance that can be used for a social gathering, to go to work, or to go on a romantic date. 

Intense women deserve it all

zara for women

If Wonder Rose does not captivate you and you prefer a more intense aroma, you should definitely try Orchid Intense, as it goes beyond the limits of daring and is a very sensual fragrance that will capture the attention of anyone who passes by you. Its citrus notes provide a sensation of freshness and will also make you feel like a very sexy woman.

Orchid Intense has the perfect balance between citrus and woody notes. It is a perfume suitable for women of any age, from the youngest to the most mature, the effect among men will be the same, they will be trapped by the trail you will leave behind. 

One of the most popular and daring fragrances of Zara is Vibrant Leather for Her, but we must say that it is not a fragrance that pleases everyone. Its particular leather aroma and sweet notes combine to offer this perfume that is suitable for those who seek to stand out from the crowd. Its components include, besides leather and vanilla, some notes of patchouli and redcurrant that give it that vibrant and even too strong character.

Elegance made fragrance

If you are one of those women whose style, elegance, and sobriety are a permanent part of your lifestyle, the perfect perfume for you is Femme. Its feminine and sweet vanilla aroma will make people want to be close to you. It is a sensual and sophisticated fragrance.

In addition to vanilla, Femme includes sandalwood, musk, and peony, an avant-garde blend that is sure to make you stand out at big social events.

If jasmine is one of your favorite aromas, don’t forget to try White Jasmine. This fragrance is suitable for any woman, even for those who tend to feel insecure. Besides jasmine, it includes musk and peach, which will make you feel definitely beautiful. It also includes honeysuckle which gives the fragrance stability and durability.

zara for women

Romance and femininity at their best

If you are one of those delicate and feminine women, Nude Bouquet will match your personality perfectly. It is a very sweet fragrance that includes a variety of flowers in its composition. Despite the subtlety of its aroma, it is impossible to go unnoticed, as its wake is very pleasant and seductive.

By using this fragrance a trail of floral aromas such as jasmine, honeysuckle, lotus flower, and bergamot will leave in your wake and announce that a woman is coming. By other women, the fragrance is perceived as a maternal aroma and inspires confidence in those who use it

If you love notes like apple, strawberry, and violet, of moderate intensity, but at the same time very subtle thanks to the notes of mate, ambrette, and seeds, Accord No. 3 Woody is just what you are looking for. This is a delicate, fresh, and very natural aroma that is worth trying.

Another suitable fragrance for those who love sweet scents is Blue Candy, in which vanilla prevails. It is a versatile fragrance, suitable for any occasion and circumstance. In addition to vanilla, it includes citrus and sandalwood notes, which will leave a pleasant, sexy, and very appetizing trail. 

zara for women

Bring the best fragrance to your work

When you buy a perfume to use in your workplace you must be careful and choose the right one. A recommendable fragrance to fulfill your working day is White. Its aroma could be said to be basically neutral, stable, and long-lasting. Its composition includes jasmine, ginger, and pepper, which combined give that touch of distinction that you must transmit to your colleagues, clients, and related. In spite of what you may think is not a flat aroma, the combination of aromas will allow those around you to perceive you as a very stylish person.

Charm everyone in your path

A fragrance that perfectly combines oriental aromas and produces a sensation of captivating mysticism is Oriental Delice. This fragrance combines jasmine and the particular aroma of white chocolate as its main notes.

The sensation produced by this fragrance is incomparable, it will rejuvenate you and you will feel the freshness on the surface, so consider buying it and adding it to your collection. You will not regret it.

We know that there are many more perfumes than those named, however, we choose the best and most popular among women. Anyway, the variety of perfumes offered by this store will make you delirious, you can have a perfume for every day and still not manage to use them all in a year.

Zara’s line of perfumes has evolved considerably and they continue to work to fit all female profiles and reach a greater number of fans of the line. An excellent option if you want to try different fragrances is to opt for the miniature perfumes, so you can use different scents until you find the perfume that best suits you.

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