Bvlgari perfumes

Bvlgari Perfumes: luxury and exclusiveness in a bottle

Bvlgari is an Italian firm that originally started as a goldsmith’s shop dedicated to high-end jewelry and decorative elements made of silver. The name of the firm comes from its founder, Sotirio Bulgari. The quality of its pieces and the imposing creations of jewelry quickly reached fame.

The correct way to pronounce the name of the brand is to replace the V with a U, that is to say, it is pronounced “Bulgari”, as the surname of its founder.

Today, Bvlgari is more than a jewelry store with aesthetically impeccable pieces and great luxury, it is also known for its silver ornaments, high precision watches, accessories, and a great diversity of very successful businesses that have managed to position themselves through the years, as is the case of its hotel chain.

Bvlgari’s perfumery is the side of this emporium of more recent creation and has managed to become one of the most solid firms in the industry in the market. In 1992, the perfume emporium began by chance. The first perfume of the firm was Au Thé Vert, a fragrance that was designed exclusively to aromatize the spaces of its stores and to offer a suitable atmosphere to its exclusive clients.

They also hoped to market the exclusive fragrance in their various stores for their also exclusive clients. The success of the fragrance was immediate and from that year, they started in the world of perfumery.

Au the Vert, the first Bvlgari fragrance

The pioneer of the Bvlgari line of perfumery, is a unisex fragrance, with an aroma and softness that invites to relaxation and intimacy, and that made feel who visited the Bvlgari premises in an exclusive and opulent atmosphere.

Its fragrance is undoubtedly synonymous with luxury, it is captivating and deep. It is a citric, floral, and aromatic fragrance where bergamot, green tea, and beeswax stand out. The combination of its components has made it a classic in perfumery, in a fresh aroma that enlivens the senses, but at the same time is sophisticated and elegant.

Omnia Crystalline, a sensory experience

Bvlgari perfumes are characterized by that feeling of elegance and opulence they convey. They offer a different experience that intoxicates the senses. Their best-selling and most recognized fragrance designed for women is “Omnia Crystalline”. It perfectly combines a set of notes that make the fragrance very feminine and irresistible, which captures the attention immediately.

Its floral and fruity notes make it a unique fragrance in its style. Somewhat extravagant to the taste of some, Omnia Crystalline provokes a sensory explosion that has no comparison. It is a modern, harmonious fragrance, designed for the spontaneous and sensual woman, that you should definitely try.

Aromas such as pink grapefruit, white musks, and pink frangipani, plus elevated notes of bamboo and the delicious fruity aroma of nashi and the inclusion of lotus flower as the main element offer a unique experience to those who use it and those who perceive it. It is a fresh, fruity fragrance with woody tones that, without a doubt, has made it the firm’s star product, reaching optimum sales levels.

Au the Blanc, unisex and relaxing

Au Thé Blanc is a fragrance that can be used by both men and women. The combination of woody and floral notes offers a deep, relaxing, and very captivating aroma.

The woody, floral and musky tones magically combine with white pepper and Himalayan white tea to offer a soft, delicate and unique fragrance that can be used on any occasion, whether by day for work or social events, or at night when you want to make an impact on a date and leave a lasting memory.

It is a sweet citrus fragrance that has moderate longevity and a soft trail that captivates, besides offering a relaxing and unique sensation that you will surely want to experience.

Splendid Magnolia Sensuel, a delicate scent

If you are a sensual woman who loves floral olfactory notes, Splendida Magnolia Sensuel is the right perfume for you. Its soft aroma of orange blossom combined with tangerine, magnolia, and jasmine, accompanied by base notes of vanilla, musk, and patchouli, make this fragrance very harmonious and sensual. It is femininity made perfume, delicate and unforgettable.

Magnolia Sensual is one of those perfumes that leaves a moderate trail in the environment and that causes sighs when perceived, its durability is moderate but persistent. It is definitely a fragrance for sensual, very feminine women who want to be remembered.


Splendida Jasmin Noir, fresh and sofisticated

From the same Splendida line, but with jasmine as the main note, Bvlgari offers Splendida Jasmin Noir. The combination of the jasmine fragrance with woods offers a natural floral and woody perfume, which also includes patchouli and gardenia in its components.

It is an opulent and sophisticated perfume, for those who enjoy the aroma of jasmine in its purest state, the “jasmine absolute”. Its fragrance is feminine, seductive, and very particular.

Man in Black, luxurious and manly

Not only women can enjoy the exclusive and luxurious fragrances of Bvlgari. For men, Man in Black is an energetic, magnetic, and captivating fragrance that is also masculine and bold. It is perfect for charismatic men, who love to draw attention to themselves.

Its fragrance is floral and its notes of rum, tobacco, leather, benzoin, and guaiac woods, as well as some spices, offer an intense, masculine, opulent, and unique aroma, which not everyone dares to use.

Man Wood Essence, sophisticated and strong

This fragrance is a tribute to nature, where cedar, cypress, and vetiver woods are masterfully combined in a masculine perfume. Citrus notes, coriander, and various woody notes make this fragrance an experience for the senses. You will be able to perceive the citrus and wood notes in their most natural form, which provide an unparalleled feeling of freshness and a pleasant relaxing sensation.

When you aromatize the fragrance the wood aroma prevails, intense and deep, seconds later you will be able to perceive the citrus fruits that will delight everyone in your path. It is ideal for young adults, has an excellent duration, although its projection is not high. In the skin, it can be perceived for up to 12 hours. Man Wood Essence is the perfect gift for young, modern men who love nature.

Any perfume you choose from the Bvlgari line is an experience for the senses, you can easily enjoy each of the notes of the fragrances of this prestigious perfume house by just opening one of its bottles.

Wearing a Bvlgari perfume is synonymous with elegance, opulence, class, distinction, and intense aromas that will invade the environment and cause a great impact on those around you. Bvlgari perfumes are definitely the luxury in beautiful bottles that seem to be a work of art.

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