Amber: an exquisite aroma for amazing perfumes

Amber is well known as an important part of many jewelry accessories worn by women all around the world. However, even though it is not as known in perfumery, it is a popular ingredient in many of the greatest perfumes in the world.

It has an amazing amount of properties, that make Amber an excellent and important part of perfumes, no matter if it’s a base of grey amber or synthesized in a laboratory. 

Where does amber come from?

The origin of amber is very curious. Grey amber, which is actually used for the manufacture of perfumes, comes from whales. In particular, is formed in their stomach. When a whale ingests food that is difficult to digest, it quickly expels it from its stomach in the form of vomit, and then, sea salt and algae convert this waste into a rock-like mass. 

The strange origin of amber is what makes it so difficult to find, and therefore so expensive. As an alternative to amber rock, the aroma and characteristics of amber have been synthesized with chemical solutions, which also achieve the aroma and properties of this perfume ingredient.

Amber in perfumery

As it must be imagined, amber’s aroma is exquisite, despite its strange origin. That is the reason that it is so valuable in perfumery. However, it is important to highlight that amber is also one of the most powerful natural fixers that exist. Perfumes with amber remain in our body for hours, because it is able to preserve the smell longer. 

Another of its properties, highly appreciated by perfumers, is the ability of amber to unify olfactory nuances. As we understand that every perfume has top notes, middle notes, and endnotes, we have to say that amber makes the aromas grind and follow each other, allowing the perfume itself to evolve and have a better aroma over time.

On the other hand, amber is linked to feelings of relaxation, as amber brings wellbeing and balances our sensations. In definitive, amber is one of the greatest scents that can be added to a perfume.

There are many perfumes that incorporate amber to a greater or lesser extent. Amber blends quite well with sandalwood, jasmine, rose, musk, oud, vanilla, and many more. Its strong, slightly woody -like tree resin- aroma gives the perfume a sensual and exotic aroma that is not easy to forget and depending on the other notes of the perfume, it can give a whole new vibe to a fragrance.

Besides perfumery, amber’s aroma can be useful to enhance the feeling of peace, relaxation, well-being, even to encourage inspiration and creativity. When combined with jasmine, bergamot, orange, or cinnamon, amber can give a fresh and sensual feeling in a subtle way.

Perfumes that have Amber

Since Amber is such a unique fragrance, it is no surprise that the biggest brands in the world have decided to join this amber trend and incorporate it into their top perfumes. Let’s check out some of the most famous perfumes that contain amber.

Ambre Fétiche by Annick Goutal 

Fragrances like Ambre Fétiche have a special kind of charm that makes them a bestseller: the oriental touch that Amber gives it are unique and can flatter both men and woman. It contains top notes of amber, incense, lava, vanilla, and styrax. With Heart Notes of sambrani and iris; and Base Notes of vanilla, patchouli, and geranium, Ambre Fétiche is an unforgettable fragrance.

Ambre Sultan, by Serge Lutens

This exquisite fragrance created by one of the masters of perfumes, Serge Lutens, is reminiscent of a piece of amber wax found by him at random during a walk in the souks of Marrakech, forgotten in a box of cedar and found years later.  It marks the return to the identity and authenticity of raw materials, combined with vanilla, it gives a luxurious and mysterious touch to anyone who wears it.

Rive D’Ambre, by Tom Ford

The first impression of this perfume starts with a bright burst of citrus. Being quickly embraced in the citrus aroma, this perfume gives you a fresh and soft touch that feels so warm and so unique at the same time. 

Even though, in the beginning, the citrus smell seems to be the star of the show, as the fragrance’s wear goes on, the more Oriental facets emerge, showing on all of the amber scents to give a strong and delightful smell that feels rich and deep while still being a little tropical.

Sexy Amber, by Michael Kors

Michael Kors’ fragrances are almost every girl’s desire, and Sexy Amber is not the exception. This perfume is said to bottle the essence of what sensual-chic is in a sumptuous, nuanced fragrance that exudes allure with your every turn. With notes of amber, sandalwood, and jasmine, it promises to give you a sexy, mysterious, and luxurious touch with just a splash of it.

Pomellato Amber Knot, by Pomellato

If you’re looking for an exotic and unique fragrance from the Oriental Floral family of fragrances for women, Pomellato Nudo Amber is the right one for you. With exquisite notes of Bulgarian rose and orange blossom, combined with amber and jasmine sambac, along with base notes of vanilla, ambroxan, and musk, this perfume is definitely made to steal your heart.

Tsarina, by Ormond Jayne

A perfume that completely captures opulence and passion is, without a doubt, Tsarina. It gives a heavy, fabulous, and oriental touch that combines well with the complexity of itself. It would be misunderstanding the fragrance to call it a floral oriental perfume, identifying better as a baroque, profound fragrance. It has Madagascan vanilla, amber, and orris butter notes, becoming a ravishing, distinctive, and luxurious perfume that you’ll definitely want to try.

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, by Jo Malone

Based on rare Kyara wood, and prized in the highly ritualized Japanese art of incense appreciation, the Kohdo ceremony, Dark Amber & Ginger Lily is a divine fragrance with an overwhelming sensuality to offer. It is really calm and relaxing, with a cardamom and incense scent that pops at the very first impression of the fragrance, and then passing on the ginger, orchid, water lily, and sandalwood aromas, to make it a sweet and subtle perfume.

Alien, by Thierry Mugler

Marked in the history of Alien, the daughter of the Sun, human and goddess at the same time, this fragrance will definitely be one of those that stay imprinted on your heart. It is said to give a mysterious aura that envelops you and has delicate notes of jasmine sambac, wood and amber. Alien’s secret is hidden in a bottle of perfume inspired by amethyst, a symbol of meditation and tranquility. It is, without a doubt, one of the most magical and mystical fragrances you’ll ever see.

Amber is one of the most valuable ingredients of many of the top perfumes in the world, and it is no surprise: its exquisite smell makes every fragrance a step into the unknown, the magical, the exotic, and the unique that is almost irresistible.

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