Best Attar Perfumes in India, and why you need to buy one

You have surely heard about Arab fragrances called Attar. In the Arabian language, Attar means fragrance. They are sweet scents, and they tend to last on the skin of people who use them for a long time.

The manufacturing process and its popularity in the current market are very interesting, that is why we want to tell you about the best Attar perfumes in India, but we also want you to know all its origin.


What are Attar perfumes?

As we have told you, Attar perfumes are fragrances widely used in Arabia, India, and France they are perfumes that were made with oil and natural ingredients such as precious flowers or sacred plants that are placed in vegetable oil or water for a specific time to create intense and long-lasting scents much more than the alcohol perfume we more commonly known.

Attar perfumes are widely used fragrances in India and the Arab countries and although conventional perfumes are frequently used in these countries, it is the Attar that leads the sales, even in shops like Amazon.


What are the ways to use Attar perfumes?

There are many ways to use Attar fragrances, however, it is very important to note that there is a clear difference between Attar perfumes and synthetic perfumes, which we usually use.

This difference is that Attar fragrances are oil-based and can be applied directly on the body, it is recommended that it be used behind the ears, on the inside of the wrist, and also on the back of the neck.

Attar perfumes have a very strong smell and just one drop will be enough for you to fragrance your entire body for a long time. However, there are many uses that you can give these fragrances.

Attar perfumes can be used in cold drinks to give them a pleasant fragrance, as well as, they can be used in aromatic lamps and some types of fragrances can be used to increase the temperature of the body in winter or lower it in case it’s summer

It is known that some alcoholic perfumes can cause problems in the nervous system of people, but Attar fragrances don’t cause these damages in the nervous system of people.

However, one of the negative points of Attar fragrances is that they can be much more expensive than spray fragrances. The main reason is that they are highly concentrated perfumes and that a small bottle can last for months before you have to replace it, so it is an investment.

As we have already mentioned, one of the main advantages of Attar fragrances is that they don’t have any type of side effect on people.

Attar fragrances can also be used as medicines. These are products that have been used from day one in the formulation of pharmaceuticals. The most popular fragrances for this are Molesari, Champa, Rose, Bela, Myrrh, Tuberose, Khus, Anbar, and Jasmine.

Attar’s most popular fragrances for medications


Saffron: this ingredient is used for medicines and some culinary preparations. It is used to relieve stomach pain and regulate menstrual disorders, it can also prolong vitality and is frequently used for rejuvenation. Provides a calming effect on babies.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood is known throughout the world and its use dates back to the caravans that went from India to Egypt, Rome, and Greece. The Egyptians used it for embalming and the vast majority of temples were built with sandalwood. This is a relaxing oil that can be used for tension, exhaustion, or depression, its main effect is that it is calming and can cure a dry cough when applied to the chest.

Rose: Muslim traditional saints have a very special correlation with the Rose, rose attar perfume and rose water is used for the heart to treat different ailments and to control health problems.

Anbar: this is a whale excretion, it is formed in the intestines and although it has a foul smell it is used as an aphrodisiac and for herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Musk: this has the best aroma and is known as the king of all perfumes, they have many medicinal values because it works for the treatment of some poisons and can help against a snake bite, it can control dizziness, regulate the applications of the heart and balance the internal health disorder.

Oud: this can be used as a medicine and as a perfume, but in addition, when burned it can purify the air and strengthen the stomach once it has been inhaled, sharpens the senses, and relieves and enuresis, calms the heart and relieves the body aches.

How are Attar fragrances evaluated?

When purchasing an Attar fragrance, you must take into account some measures such as quality, purity, depth, elegance and safety, and use of the fragrances. These essences are precious, rare, and expensive, so you should bear in mind that you are investing in a scent for your body.

A good Attar perfume must be absorbed quickly by the skin and must be prepared for many natural products. These perfumes do not have synthetic products like alcohol, chemical additives, and other preservatives.

Differences between common perfumes or Attar perfumes

1-. Attar perfumes are oil fragrances, while perfumes are spray

One of the more common differences between attar and perfume it’s that Attar perfumes are highly concentrated perfumes derived from natural and botanical products that are presented in oil format. While perfumes commonly come in spray format and these contain alcohol and chemicals.

2-. Their production process

Attar perfumes are made through distillation using raw materials such as plants, flowers, wood, leaves, among others. While conventional perfumes are created with an oil base, but other synthetic ingredients and alcohol are added to them.

3-. Natural vs. Synthetic

The biggest difference between Attar perfumes and alcohol perfumes is that Attar is perfumed with a natural base and conventional perfumes are based on a chemical process.

Keep in mind that Attar is created based on flowers that tend to adapt much better to the natural odors of the human body, while chemical perfumes can often be harmful to the skin and health in general.

4-. Eco-friendly

Common perfumes tend to affect the air around us and the oceans a lot, while Attar perfumes are completely bio-degradable and are much more careful with nature.

5-. The cost

If we talk about the process of making perfumes, Attar perfumes are much more expensive than conventional perfumes. Although conventional perfumes such as designer brands, among others, you can still find much cheaper options on the market.

Types of Attar perfumes

Attar floral perfumes are made with different types of flowers that fall into the categories of Gulab ex Rosa damascena or Rosa Edword, Kewra ex Pandanus odoratissimus, Motia ex Jasminum sambac, Gulhina ex Lawsonia inermis, Chameli ex Jasminum grandiflorum, and Kadam ex Anthoephalus cadamba.

Herbal Attar perfumes, are made with a combination of herbs, spices, and flowers where you can find Hina, Shamama, Shamam, Ambar, Musk, among others.

Classification of Attar perfumes

These perfumes are classified in the effect they cause on the human body, for example, the hot Attar perfumes are generally composed of musk, amber, Kesar, Oud, among others; They are the most used for winter, these can help the body temperature rise.

On the other hand, we have the cold Attar perfumes that are made with Rose, Jasmine, Khus, Kewda, Mogra, among others; these are generally used in the summer because they are made to regulate body temperature and refresh.

Questions and tips for choosing Attar perfumes

1-. What does it mean that the fragrance is very strong?

Some perfumes can take us to the past, they can remind us of a moment and a situation, this is because perfume accompanies people to their life experiences and for that reason, a perfume can have positive or negative associations.

In the case of Attar perfumes, these are highly concentrated fragrances, you cannot use them if it is not in small quantities, but their smell is natural and if you learn to use them in small quantities, the perfume will not only last for a long time but also, the aroma will be part of you.

2-. Do the ingredients drive up the price of perfume?

This influences, but not in the way you think. For example, if you really like the smell of jasmine attar perfume, we know that the price can be very high, but it is simply because many jasmine flowers are required to make a quality perfume, in the case of Attar perfumes, the concentration of the smell it’s vital, as well as the use of the ideal vegetable oils for use on the skin.

3-. How to adapt a perfume to your lifestyle?

Depending on the lifestyle you lead, you will need to choose an aroma that can contradict it, that is if you have a quiet life, office work, etc. You should avoid at all costs perfumes that smell of roses, these are highly relaxing and can invite you to sleep during your activities.

While if you have a much more active life, you should avoid the essences that give you more energy, try to find the balance with more relaxing aromas.

4-. Will the Attar smell a little different on my body?

Every skin is different, so when you go to try an Attar perfume, you should avoid at all costs choosing it based on the samples that give you the scent on paper or directly from the bottle. To know how to apply attar perfume you will have to apply a little of the perfume on your wrist, wait a few seconds and then catch the smell, this is the best way to know which is the ideal smell for you.

There is something that not many people know and that is that the perfume essence can have a direct reaction with the pH of your skin, as well as with bacteria, which can significantly modify the smell of perfume.

5-. Why is an Attar perfume is better

We know that these perfumes are not what we are usually used to. However, these perfumes can have many benefits, such as:

  • Attar perfumes are much more durable than alcohol perfumes, with just one drop you can have a long-lasting scent.
  • They are much healthier, yes, although it may be strange, Attar perfumes are much healthier for people, they do not affect our skin as alcohol-based perfumes can, and they do not use chemicals and do not affect our system nervous.
  • They are much more natural and respectful of the environment. It may seem strange to you, but alcohol-based perfumes are highly harmful to the environment, in the case of Attar perfumes they respect the environment and do not have chemicals that can affect our environment.
  • Attar perfumes can be more expensive than alcohol-based perfumes, but at the same time, they can be much longer-lasting. With a single drop of Attar perfume, you can have a perfect scent throughout the day.
  • They get along better with our bodies. Attar perfumes have a better relationship with the pH and bacteria of our body, making the personal smell blend with the aroma of the perfume and have a much more pleasant relationship.

The best Attar perfumes

We want to mention which are the best Attar perfumes on the market, the best rated in the current market.

1-. Ajmal Jannat ul Firdaus Concentrated Oriental Perfume Free From Alcohol 10ml for Unisex

This Attar perfume has floral notes with mixtures of species with a base of amber and musk attar perfume that will give you the sensation of enjoying different notes of aromas.

This Attar perfume is long-lasting, irresistible from the beginning, and you will ensure that you will smell excellent throughout the day. You should know that this is one of the most popular Attar perfumes of the moment.

The perfume brand Attar Ajmal has an experience since 1951 in obtaining perfumes with a charming scent and that enhances all the oriental fragrances. The company has developed excellent creations for you and this is one of them.

2-. INDRA SUGANDH BHANDAR Attar for Men | Women White Sandal | Chandan Natural Sandalwood Long Lasting Fragrance 25ml Rollon Pack

This oil-based Attar perfume gives you an exceptional and long-lasting scent at all times, making the scent sweet and fresh, perfect for use by men and women. This is one of the best sandal attar perfumes.

As with all Attar perfumes, Indra Sugandh Bhandar will give you a lasting scent for a long time, offering you not only a good scent but also a scent that will adapt to your personal scent on all occasions, becoming your ideal essence for everyone.

3-. Al-Rehab Aseel Quality Non-Alcoholic Concentrated Perfume Oil, 6 ml


In the case of Al Rehab Aseel, it is a highly concentrated non-alcoholic perfume that will give you a lasting scent for much longer. With a concentrated aroma of vanilla, sandalwood, red rose, mint, caramel, oud, and saffron, it offers you an excellent aroma.

This perfume is designed for women, it is a sweet and warm scent that will last you all day and for much longer. Keep in mind that with only 6 ml of content, this perfume can last you several months, depending on how you use it.

4-. Aroche Aro Magnet Oriental Attar Concentrated Perfume Oil 6Ml

This concentrated and alcohol-free Attar fragrance is a brand that has been worn by all men for over a decade, it is one of the leading Attar perfumes from India. It is a very classic masculine fragrance that has adapted over time with fruity notes that blend very well with body odor, making it not only a natural fragrance but also pleasant to perceive.

5-. Parag fragrances Long Lasting Attar (4ml)

This is a pack of the most popular perfumes from India, Arabia, and France. It contains 15 fragrances where you can have different pleasant scents at all times. This collection has an excellent variety of Attar perfumes so that you can use them in different situations or you can share them with your loved ones.

6-. Parag Fragrances Himalayan Kasturi Attar (World’s Best Attar for Men by Parag) Long Lasting Attar | Real Attar | Alcohol-Free Attar

This exclusive Attar perfume has everything you need to captivate you by enjoying an excellent, masculine, and natural scent that will last over time. The Parag Fragrances Himalayan Kasturi is an alcohol-free perfume with an oil base considered to be the real Attar.

7-. Parag fragrances Original Kasturi Attar Musk for Men, 25 ml

This Attar perfume made entirely by hand and developed with only the best natural ingredients has become a favorite of all men. It offers a long-lasting and masculine scent that will adapt very well in any context.

8-. Arochem Omaar Arebian Unisex Attar (9 ml)

This unisex Attar fragrance features the scent of different herbs, spices, sandalwood oil, musk, captivating flower essences, and leaves. It is a fresh and warm scent that will suit all occasions. It is a concentrated perfume that will give you the durability you need at all times, with just one drop you can enjoy an excellent aroma at all times.

9-. Parag Fragrances REAL MOGRA 12ML Real & Natural Attar, Best Attar for Man and Woman, 100% Alcohol-Free & Long Lasting Attar

This is a genuine fragranced product from Parag, long-lasting, and unisex is an excellent scent for all occasions. It is a 100% original product that offers you what you need to have everything you are looking for in a perfume.

10-. Al-Nuaim Desire Black Dark Collection Alcohol-Free Floral Attar (6 Ml)

With a delicate floral scent, this Attar perfume offers you everything you want from a perfume, long durability, and a delicate and natural aroma. Without a doubt, this is one of the best products you can find when looking for the best floral perfumes.

Are they as good as they seem?

In India, Arabia, and even in France, Attar perfumes are one of the great best of people, because they have the naturalness they are looking for and the durability that we all need in a perfume.

However, to know if is attar better than perfume for you, you must find the scent that best suits your needs, it is very important that you know, especially if you have never used an Attar perfume, that these can be very different from chemical and alcohol-based perfumes, their concentrated aroma It can impact you at first, so it is recommended that you apply a little to the inside of the wrist and that you can enjoy the smell it has on your skin.

They have unique and natural scents that are completely respectful of the environment and will help you take care of your health. Keep in mind that alcoholic perfumes are related to some problems with the skin and even the nervous system. With Attar perfumes, you will not have any problem.

However, one of the main doubts people have when they go to buy an Attar perfume is its price, these perfumes can be a little more expensive than you are expecting and you will not find as many options as you can find in conventional spray perfumes, but Attar perfumes are highly durable, depending on the size of the bottle, and Attar perfume can last you for weeks or even months depending on how you use the perfume.

Definitely, if you want to get out of the conventional and bet on something different that fills you with natural and pleasant aromas, that offers you durability and pleasant fragrances, that protects the environment and also, your health; Attar perfumes are just what you need, the best thing is that you don’t have to travel to India, Arabia or France if you want them, you can find them online and you can buy the one you want at any time. Also, these Attar fragrances can make an excellent gift for a loved one.

Remember that these are fragrances that you can find for women, men, or unisex, which will expand the range of fragrances that you can find in the market.


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