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Perfume tips you need to know to make it last longer

Some perfumes last longer and could last a whole night until dawn. However, others last only a few minutes and appear to have not been used. But why do some fragrances last longer? Keep reading! We will take a walk in the beautiful world of perfumes.

The origin of perfumes

The term perfume comes from the Latin word “per fumare” which means “through the smoke.” This refers to ancient times to the elements that were burned and that their smoke gave off a pleasant fragrance. Nature such as trees, flowers, and leaves is accompanied by various aromas.

Likewise, the Perfume Museum in Spain affirms that since prehistory, the man may have accidentally discovered perfume almost hand in hand with the discovery of fire. Since when trying to keep it on to feel warm, perhaps it placed some branches that caused a smoke with a pleasant smell.

Over time, the perfume reached the Greeks. Here began the marketing of the first perfumes. The art of packaging fragrances in ceramic jars for sale had emerged. They were elegant and of matchless beauty. This was even the system that contributed to its conservation.

The evolution of perfume and its duration

The perfume has evolved over the years. The techniques for storing and preserving its aroma have been perfected for centuries. Its passage through different regions and cultures such as Roman, French, the Middle East, among others, has significantly improved its quality and duration on the skin.

Today fashion and elegance are rooted in the scent of each person. That is why the perfume industry has used different techniques and elements that offer the best to the consumer. Even, depending on the ingredients used and their composition, the duration of a perfume can vary. Next, let’s understand this topic a little more.

tips to make perfumes last

What makes perfume last longer?

Many factors affect the duration of a perfume. These are closely related to the characteristics that make up the product. However, only 5 of them are the most outstanding. Here we show you!

1.    The ingredients

Experts say that only some ingredients in perfumes retain the smell for longer in people. For example, we have:

  • Perfumes with sandalwood (scent of sandalwood). This ingredient has a sweet and woody aroma. This is very stable on the skin and lasts for many hours. It is very sensual and at the same time captivating.
  • Perfumes with jasmine. They are intense and generate a good complement for any occasion. This is the most used flower in perfumery. Even the fragrances that have it are characterized by being very durable.
  • The patchouli. The aroma that emanates from this plant is a fundamental ingredient in the preparation of perfumes. It has an exquisite and complex hue. Its scent is extravagant and it is highly chosen for its duration.
  • The vanilla. This flower is present in many perfumes. Although it has a sweet aroma, it is very attractive. Even, despite being soft, it keeps very well on the skin and is resistant for many hours.

It is good to note that the ingredients that have a stronger smell take longer to evaporate. Therefore, these elements are part of the first factor that contributes to the duration of the perfume scent.

concentration of perfumes

2.    Concentration

This second factor is vital for the duration of a perfume. Concentration is measured in percentages based on the level of oil a fragrance contains. This degree is controlled by the dissolution of this oil in the alcohol. That is to say, the more concentration there is, the stronger and longer its aroma will be.

For example, some perfumes have between 2 and 4% concentration. These are highly recommended for summer due to their light scent. They are excellent for after a shower. On the other hand, there are the fragrances with a higher concentration between 6 and 14%. Even so, its smell is not so strong and it is ideal for the night.

Now, fragrances that are above 15% concentration up to 20% are more intense. These are great for cold places, but in hot places, they can be a bit heavy. However, it all also depends on the other components that accompany it as the perfume ingredient.

Also, there are perfumes with a higher concentration density that reach up to 30%. These are sold as an elixir, as they are of high density. Of course, these highly concentrated fragrances are the most expensive and come in smaller bottles due to their strong odor.

3. The olfactory notes of the perfume

Here we have the third factor that makes a perfume more durable: the scent notes. When we talk about olfactory notes, we talk about the composition of perfume and the development of its aroma over time. Olfactory notes can be classified in these two contexts as:

  • Those that describe the composition of the perfume. An example of this description could be when a perfume has delicious citrus notes and this gives it certain qualities of freshness.
  • Those that refer to their temporal development. In the same case, if it has citrus top notes, it will be fresh and it’s time to be perceived will be short.

Classification of the olfactory pyramid

perfume notes

The role of the notes is essential in obtaining longer lasting perfumes. Among the notes that make up a fragrance, depending on volatility, decomposition time, or breakdown of essential oils, we have the following:

  • High notes. Also known as the top notes, they are those that are perceived instantly through smell after applying perfume. They are characterized by evaporating quickly compared to other odors. And although they disappear easily, they cause a good impact. Its duration is 15 minutes.
  • The intermediate nodes. Also called middle, middle, or modifying notes. They are those aromas that usually appear between 15 and 20 minutes after application. They are capable of lasting about 6 hours. Furthermore, they are considered a dominant trait that provides a strong personality to the perfume.
  • Low notes. They are those that play an important role in the longest lasting perfumes. Also, they are known as base or base notes. Its components make up the body of the perfume. One of their main characteristics is that they take longer to evaporate on contact with the skin compared to top notes.

In this way, the base notes represent the smell that lasts the longest in the pyramid. These take a long time to be perceived. However, its aroma appears at the end of its evaporation. It is usually perceived 120 minutes after applying the perfume. Therefore, the real scent mixes with the skin and this makes it last longer.

Among good quality perfumes, you will always find base or base notes. Therefore, at the base of the pyramid are the most durable perfumes.

4. Perfume fixatives

The fourth factor that makes perfume last longer is fixative. These are the ingredients that make the perfume set on the skin. And although they have an odor, they act only as fixatives according to the capacity of their components. This will allow a fragrance to remain longer.

There are many types of fixatives. These are added to the base or base notes located in the olfactory pyramid. The natural raw materials that are used as a fixative are generally of high quality. Its compounds are usually resins and gums such as benzoin, vetiver, or labdanum.

On the other hand, musk, ambergris, civet, and castoreum are notes of animal origin. Fixation does not depend exclusively on the components. However, the skin is a determining and complex factor for fixation. For this reason, it is important to know your skin type to choose longer-lasting perfumes.

perfumes fixation

5. The type of skin

The last and fifth factor that makes perfume last longer is the type of skin. The epidermis can be responsible for the duration of a perfume. Since the skin is covered by oils that intervene in the fixing of a fragrance. It is necessary to consider that not all skins are the same.

Therefore, it is convenient to know what type of perfume to use according to the type of skin to achieve a long duration of an aroma. Check out the following:

  • Skin with high-fat content. Oily skin has more active chemistry compared to other skin types. What makes them capable of interacting better with perfumes? For oily skin, very light and soft aromas are recommended for the day. In the case of the night, it can be used in greater quantity.

Likewise, it is advisable to choose for this type of skin aromas with floral notes and some citrus notes. Finally, it is important to take into account that you should avoid those fragrances with musk in their content.

  • Sensitive skin. It is difficult to find long-lasting perfumes for this type of skin since anyone could have consequences. The use of natural perfumes is recommended for these skins as they do not have high alcohol content. This will not affect the skin and will help the perfume evaporate less quickly and its scent lasts longer.

Diluted essential oils are a great option for people with sensitive skin. However, it is good practice to pretest by placing a little on the inside of the elbow.

  • Dry skin. In this type of skin, the odor tends to dissipate more quickly than in others. In this case, the person who suffers from dry skin tends to solve the problem of evaporation of the aroma by applying larger amounts of perfume. However, this brings with it more dryness.

A solution for this type of skin is to choose stronger fragrances, with a predominance of floral or woody notes. Sweet and intense fragrances have better hold. It is also important to use a neutral odor moisturizer before applying the perfume. This allows the scent to last longer.

  • Moisturized skins. This type of skin is ideal to make perfume last longer. Well-hydrated skins can better trap fragrances. Consequently, they use less of the product and make the aromas stay with them for a longer time.

It is important when choosing a perfume that suits your skin type. To do this, spray a small amount of it on the wrist area. The product should not be rubbed on the skin. Leave it for about 15 minutes to reveal the notes it contains. After about 30 minutes, if you still perceive the aroma, it means that this is the perfume indicated for your skin type.

Preservation of perfume

The degree of preservation offered by the container is essential to make the perfumes more durable. If you take care of the internal components of the product you will make the most of its qualities. A perfume on average lasts from 2 to 5 years, but with good conservation, it can extend that duration up to 10 years.

How can I keep my perfume?

In general, perfume bottles are designed for the preservation of fragrance. However, external elements such as the sun or varied climatic exposures can affect them. It is necessary to store them in a dry place. The darkness is important so that the fragrance does not lose its potency.

In this way, it is recommended to always keep them in their box and the closet. One of the agents that most influences the loss of the characteristics of a perfume is temperature. Therefore, it is very important to keep the product in places that are away from any weather exposure.

Well-preserved perfumes can be very long-lasting if properly cared for. Its useful life can be extended for several years. On the other hand, it is important in addition to the aroma to observe any change in color over time. This would be an indication that the product is losing its original properties.

The expiration date

Like all products, perfumes are made to last a certain period of time. This forces the manufacturer to inform the consumer of the deadline by which its various components remain intact. Sure, unlike food products and medications, perfumes can be used after expiration.

However, exceeding its expiration date presupposes the loss of many of its characteristics. Among them the intensity of the aroma, which decreases with the passage of the expiration date. It is important to consider the expiration date of the perfume to take advantage of all its properties.

Practical tips to make your perfume more durable

Every fragrance lover wants that once its aroma is applied, it will last all day. We already knew some factors that directly affect its duration and conservation. Now, we will give you some practical tips that will help make the fragrance of your perfume your personal hallmark.

1.    Pre-moisturize your skin

It is important to pre-moisturize the skin before applying the perfume. Its purpose? Prevent the skin from absorbing the perfume and its fragrance lasts longer. It is important to consider that the moisturizer used is unscented so that it does not mix with the perfume.

2.    Apply it to the correct areas

The area of application of a fragrance is important to preserve the duration of its aroma. It is advisable to place it on parts of the body that are not exposed to the sun and where there is no friction. The area behind the ears and wrists is ideal for making perfumes more durable on you.

Even behind the knees and the calf areas are excellent as the fragrance rises and lasts longer. The area of the neck and forearms are strategic so that the aroma is perceived and lasts.

3.    Use the perfume after bathing

At first glance, it seems something very simple, but it has great significance in fixing the perfume. After bathing, the pores of the skin are open. This allows you to better absorb fragrances, giving you greater freshness and durability.

4.    Let the perfume evaporate on its own

It is important to help the duration of the fragrance, let the perfume dry on the skin on its own. It should not be rubbed against the skin once applied, as this action alters the composition of the perfume. In addition, this prevents its proper fixation on the epidermis.

5. Use spray perfumes

These fragrances, when not applied directly with the hands, tend to last longer. Another advantage is that no air gets into the bottle. This prevents the liquid from rusting. It is commendable to prefer environmentally friendly sprays. Those free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) do not damage the ozone layer.

6. Apply perfume on clothes

In addition to the skin, applying perfume to clothing will increase the chances that it will last longer on you. There are some types of fabrics that better retain the essence of perfume. Among the best known are wool, synthetic leather, and cotton.

This type of fabric particularly absorbs perfume very well, making it more durable. Also, another effective way to put perfume on clothes is before ironing them. Apply it carefully at a distance of about 20 cm. On the other hand, when washing clothes you can also use your favorite fragrance.

During the spin, it is ideal to apply the fragrance on the clothes. Also, another technique to fix your fragrance and make it more durable is to place cotton moistened with it in your clothes drawers. Put perfume on your clothes and infuse them with your favorite scent before putting them on.

Some different techniques worth trying

Although it sounds unusual, putting perfume on the comb is a very attractive idea to leave that delicious scent when you go through. For long and straight hair it is even more beneficial since they spread the scent through the air.

Another very effective technique is to moisten a cotton ball with perfume and keep it in your handbag. This will surprise anyone when you are around. You can also keep a cotton pad soaked in perfume in a bag. You can do this while it is time to do some touch-up with the perfume.

When it comes to perceiving your perfume

It is important to take into account that always wearing the perfume makes you get used to its smell. That is why you will be the first to stop perceiving it. Even others may perceive it before you. To know if the perfume you use is ideal for you, do not settle for the fragrance you are receiving. You should know more about the product.

Similarly, its components, concentration, notes, fixing capacity, and even your skin type are elements that you should keep in mind. They are all important to know if you smell good and to maintain your fragrance all day. If you use the correct perfume this will give you confidence and will be your personal stamp in front of others.

Now, do you want to know a little more about the longest lasting perfumes? We invite you to browse our website. You should not miss all the information that we have prepared for you. See what we offer you in the wonderful world of perfumes.

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