Indian made perfumes

What are the best Indian Made Perfumes?

It is well known that perfume is a very important part of the life of thousands of people around the world. India is not an exception to this. Land of scents, tastes, and exotic cultures, the history of perfume in India is not new. It is not crazy to say that Indian-made perfumes represent everything we desire.

India’s perfume history is closely related to religious rites. Especially, the creation of icons, shrouds, and keeping away bad spirits, associated with all kinds of diseases. This is part of the importance of the origins of fragrances and scents, even though the first and traditional fragrances, and that are still worn to this day, are fragranced attars.

Undoubtedly, India has always been a country where, since ancient times, people were separated by caste. This led to perfume becoming one of the most important things in Indian culture. As we must imagine, this differentiation stated that not every social scale could smell the same way.

The perfume itself was reserved for the higher castes, who used to smear their hair with walnut oil macerated with flowers. However, not only the higher castes of India perfumed themselves. Lower castes could also perfume their bodies. But they had to be satisfied with the products offered by the traveling merchants, whose essences were always carefully delivered wrapped in silk handkerchiefs.

We can see that India has a great history with perfume, and the dedication to this remains even today. Today, India is one of the greatest perfume producers in the world, and Indian-made perfumes are one of the most sold perfumes worldwide.

Why are Indian-made perfumes so special?

If there is something certain, is that Indian culture is as old as time. However, as we associate some things with a certain country, we can associate some fragrances to it. For India, it must be that mixture of exotic with soft scents that makes it. Not only flowers and fruits are the preferred scents for Indian perfumery, but it’s also herbs, leaves, roots, or incense that give Indian-made perfumes a special touch. The country where you can smell like rain, like leaves, like fruits, or exotic scents, definitely India has a lot to offer when it comes to fragrances.

India has become one of the biggest names in most industries, and perfumery is not an exception. Their exotic scents have traveled around the world and made some space in the top spots of fragrances. That’s why we’ve got you a list of Indian-made perfumes that you might want to know about.

Bombay Perfumery

Bombay Perfumery

It’s no surprise that, when it comes to perfume, a lot of names and creators come to our mind, and probably Bombay Perfumery is not one of the top names you think of. However, Manan Gandhi’s brand is taking the lead in this brand, from India to the whole world, so we can enjoy the excellent and exotic fragrances it has to offer and seeks to show the world how special Indian-made perfumes are.

With more than 30 years in the business of fragrances, Bombay Perfumery knows exactly what scents go well together and how to potentiate them. Their legacy is based on the highlight of each one of the scents that take a part in their fragrancies. Exploring different worlds and evoking different memories every time you wear a Bombay Perfumery fragrance is one of the main goals.

A touch of luxury is given by the twist made on ingredients that are well appreciated in any perfume, and the exotic scent of Chai, that characterizes India and its culture. Bombay Perfumery is a masterpiece that’s holding on to the hope of getting to a world where French franchises are the kings and queens of the industry.

Forest Essentials

With more than 20 years of history, New Delhi’s based company, Forest Essentials, is one of the best options if you’re looking for India-made perfumes of high quality. Experts in Ayurveda –an historical alternative medicine system- know very well Forest Essential’s quality, however, this one is nothing else but the beginning of what we today know as Forest Essentials.

Forest Essentials fragrances are created under the belief that India’s got a lot to offer and each of the unique and exotic scents that characterize India is one of the things to be proud of. In this path, they recognize that capturing the majesty of flowers like Nargis, Desi Gulab and Jasmine is the best way to get the Indian scent.

Something that started as an ayurvedic beauty company, is now a part of elite perfumery and skincare, with help of Estée Lauder.

Forest Essentials fragrances are created under the belief that India’s got a lot to offer and each of the unique and exotic scents that characterize India is one of the things to be proud of. In this path, they recognize that some of the flowers

3003 BC

Bespoke Perfumes has made its triumphal entry into the world of perfumery in India. It was born to give a whole new vibe to the experience of getting perfume. By making personalized fragrances, Bespoke Perfumes by 3003 BC is quickly gaining popularity all through India. This is a unique way to create your signature scent without complications and for a lifetime.

The idea of Bespoke perfumes is something that, even historically, was related to royalty and important people in Europe. However, this has changed and bespoke perfumes are now available to let the scent of distinguishment and luxury take a part in your life. They not only offer you the possibility of feeling yourself represented in a fragrance, but also to associate your fragrance with a pleasant memory that may stay with you forever. Everyone has a precious memory, a different stamp to impress the world, but only a master perfumer can help you deconstruct it and make it your own perfume. 

Of course, this represents another level in perfumery around the world, being able to choose what will your fragrance smell like. Its creator, Sushant Panda, believes that customization and level of detail are what make Bespoke Perfumes stand out from others and take on the market of perfumery in India for a large margin.

Titan Skinn

titan skinn

One of the most trusted companies in India is, undoubtedly, Titan. With more than 30 years on the market, it was not until this decade that Titan decided to invest in the fragrances industry. With Skinn, Titan offers what they call a “redefinition” of fragrances, using the finest ingredients to make their scents.

In Titan Skinn, one of the most important things is the concept of fragrance. As they say, and according to science, the sense of smell is something that evokes strong emotions. That’s proof of how important they consider perfume is. Being so important, Skinn offers a different fragrance for each occasion, at a very affordable price that can make the difference between a regular and a great perfume.

Skinn was designed under the premise that it must be a sexy and luxurious brand, and this is the way it has managed to be. Even though it’s a new business, there is no doubt that the mysterious aura that Skinn provides makes it one of the best options to wear on every special (and not so special) occasion.

A Fragrance Story

This is one of the newest brands, however, new doesn’t mean bad, because A Fragrance Story provides one of the finest perfumes in India. With a more natural and fresh approach to what a good perfume is like, this company makes sure that each one of the bottles of perfume smells like a whole novel.

A Fragrance Story is an indigenous Indian perfume brand established in 2013. Their premise is to create perfumes that not only evoke memories but help you create new ones. By making something that dives deep into the heart of who wears it and becoming a journey through everything that should be a part of your story.

They are experts in mixing flowery, fruity, woody, and sweet scents, such as rose, orchid, lemongrass, cinnamon. A Fragrance Story offers its clients excellent perfume regardless of how small the company still is. A Fragrance Story might become one of the biggest names in Indian perfumery very soon, showing the world what the best Indian-made perfumes are.

All Good Scents

All Good Scents

Being high quality one of the main pillars of All Good Scents, you could expect this is one of the top listed companies in India.  This is a cruelty-free brand that specializes in offering “the luxury of sustainable yet affordable perfumes and fragrances for the modern contemporary Indian”

In India, perfumes are not the most common form of perfuming, things like deodorants and attars are more used. All Good scent wanted to focus on creating perfumes that could be a substitute for all of these and bring a fresh alternative to Indians. With scents collected in India, the idea was to provide a better way with traditional alcohol perfumes and give them a more versatile fragrance.

One of the main struggles that All good Scents had was dealing with the fact that great perfumes were expensive, used occasionally, and, ultimately, not Indian-made. That’s why they aimed to become what they call the “affordable luxury” for modern Indians.

All of the perfumes made by All Good Scents are made with homegrown and vegan ingredients, mixing sweet fragrances such as jasmine oils, sandalwood, and rose water, to get attars and perfumes that would give some luxury and distinguishment to its clients.


Something affordable is not necessarily of bad quality, and Embark is proof of it. Created by some of the biggest names in perfumery in India, Embark’s goal is to give its clients a little luxury with perfumes and essential oils that will last.

One of the main things we can say about Embark is that it takes into account the climate conditions in India and other factors that affect the quality of the perfume, not only in India but anywhere. As they say, “made in India, for India”.  This gives a layer of understanding and personalization that feels close to a customer.

Embark provides classy fragrances that are long-lasting, feel sophisticated, and can be worn by men and women. Knowing how difficult it is to find an affordable perfume, smells nice, and lasts a couple of hours, Embark fragrances do worth their price.

The best part is that Embark does not only take care that every one of its fragrances is unique, sweet, and classy but also makes sure that every bottle looks perfect, so you can feel the experience of distinguishment from the minute you receive the package. 


Perfume and style are two things that go well together, and Neesh knows that very well. From the packaging to the perfume itself. Neesh offers its clients a high-quality fragrance that lasts twelve hours and has a fresh and unique smell.

The idea of having unisex fragrances might seem a little bit weird, but actually, for Neesh, it was this idea that led to it being one of the most sold perfumes in India.  Having a perfume that feels so classy, elegant and with a modern twist is, definitely, one of the things that makes Neesh a great option.

Combining citrus, cardamom, roses, cinnamon, musk, patchouli, amber, wood, lavender, saffron, honey, berry and many other scents that sound so different and yet combine so good is a great way to have your own and unique fragrances, that is long-lasting and exquisite to smell.

Besides, the package is comfortable to transport and it holds a subtle scent that combines the exotic fragrances of India with the style of top cities like Paris. One of the best Indian perfume brands for ladies.


Mocemsa perfume

Mocemsa is another of the brands that are stepping up to the game of perfumes. Variety is one of its best weapons, being that Mocemsa offers any kind of perfume you like, for men and women, with a large range of notes to choose from.

With a combination of exquisite scents, that variate from citrus, woody, floral, and even spicy, Mocemsa makes sure that their fragrances are unforgettable and last as long as you wish, suitable for any occasion. Their signature is their spicy notes, with scents such as black cardamom, pepper, and Indian papyrus, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t experts in floral or sweet fragrances.

Worried not only by the interior but also the outside, Mocemsa makes sure that its man and woman fragrances create for the customer a whole new experience of scents and smells. As they say, you first buy it with the eyes, and their handmade bottles are a complete delight to the sight. Mixing the bohemian, the classy, the luxurious, and the modern, all in one bottle, Mocemsa manages to be one of the top options when it comes to perfume.

Aamod Luxury Fragrances

This perfumery was born under the philosophy that fragrances are the most intense form of memory. This is the reason why Aamod Luxury Fragrances is well known in the world of perfumery. As they focus on providing excellent fragrances to customers of all ages, they understand that perfume itself is only a part of a whole that must be impeccable.

Suitable for all occasions, men and women find Aamod Luxury Fragrance an excellent choice when it comes to perfume. Their top notes include Turkish rose, clove, cinnamon, incense, white musk, and sandalwood, which makes interesting and original combinations that are worth trying.

Aamod Luxury Fragrances combines the citrus, the sweet, the spicy, the woody, and the fresh scents to make a unique perfume. As they’re packed in a gorgeous bottle and a colorful box, make it a vibrant perfume in every aspect of it.

The Man Company

Even though ladies rule this list, The Man Company couldn’t be left out, as is one of the top Indian perfume brands. A distinguished gentleman sure knows what’s best when it comes to fragrances, and The Man Company is that best.

Free of cruelty and harmful chemicals, this perfumery is one to look at. They describe themselves as guides, who are willing to help any man in the journey to becoming a modern gentleman, putting them first and surpass the struggle and fear of taking charge of their lives.

This might sound like too much, but for The Man Company, life is easier when you’re confident enough to face it. And who doesn’t feel confident when they smell like a true gentleman? The mixture of powerful and strong scents makes this perfumery a part of the top.

Combining tones with exotic notes of citrus, musk, woody, aqua, and spicy, their fragrances sure make the best a man can get, are long-lasting, have a strong smell, and feel classy, luxurious, and mysterious.

Why are perfumes so important?

indian made

It is not nonsense to say that perfumes are an important part of the culture all around the world. Even though fragrances are used since ancient times, some cultures were more familiarized with them than others. Indian-made perfumes are an important piece of culture.

The cultural and historical impact that perfume had in India, not only by separating castes but also by the exportation to the world of what they do best, in their exotic, diverse, and rich culture and way of seeing life.

Nowadays, it is not so necessary to separate castes but is necessary to keep expressing themselves. Even though in India, many people prefer to use Attars or deodorants, perfumes are still a big part of the culture and what makes them so unique is how diverse they are.

The scents of India are a whole new world to discover: spiciness from things like pepper, chai, cardamom, or musk, combine with flowers like orchids, roses, tulips, and jasmine or with citrus fruits or even with vanilla and soft smells. This is why we can say that India has one of the greatest diversities when it comes to perfumery. Not only this is great for perfumes but also for attars and deodorants, which are a part of the whole experience of what aroma feels like: a scent charged with history, culture, personality, and differences that complement each of the latter.

Final thoughts

Every perfume brand knows how important it is for Indians to smell good. It is written in the stars of the ancient Indian culture and it has transcended to what we know today: scents are the pillars of our understanding of the world.

Created with the idea of giving their customers luxurious, affordable, and nice smelling fragrances that help modern Indians deal with the world while feeling confident and comfortable. Scents and fragrances are what define us, are that thing that creates history, lets us travel into the past, and have good memories to look to in the future.

In this way, we can understand how important it is to have a fragrance that represents us, our personality, and our history. When a fragrance we own is a part of us, our memories, our stories, and our way to see the world go according to it.  So, what a better way to represent ourselves than with exotic and sweet Indian-made perfumes that are created knowing the special and unique this culture is.

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