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Best Titan Skinn Perfumes to sparkle up your life

Titan Skinn is an Indian perfume firm that has gained popularity for its exquisite fragrances. The duration of its perfumes is prolonged and include woody, spicy, floral, citrus, fruity, and musky notes. Their perfumes are intended to become one more accessory, which can be used every day and on any occasion.

Titan Skinn perfumes are available for men, women, and even kids. Each of the fragrances is a unique olfactory experience and its duration in time and leave a moderate wake.

Fragrances for women of all ages

Among the perfumes for women, Amalfi Blue is one of the freshest that includes tangerine and green apple as its main notes and jasmine, violet leaves, and gardenia as its heart notes. Among its base notes, we can distinguish cashmere and musk. It is a strong perfume that may not be to the liking of many.

With citrus notes, Pristine combines patchouli and musk, designed for the modern and feminine woman.  It is a very long-lasting woody fragrance, where you will also perceive notes of tangerine, lemon, cardamom, marine notes, geranium, and clove. It is suitable for use every day and on any occasion.

With a floral touch, Celeste, combines exotic flowers and fruity notes, ideal for younger and dynamic women. Grapefruit, blood orange, ginger, and green pear are the notes you can perceive just by opening the bottle. In its middle notes, jasmine sambac takes the lead, but you can also feel the orange flower and as base notes, you will find white musk, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, and the delicious aroma of apricot.

celeste titan skinn

For hot days, Sheer is a feminine, sensual and fresh fragrance worth acquiring. The combination of green pear and red strawberries, complemented with pink pepper, make Sheer an energizing fragrance. Vanilla notes can also be perceived, giving it a mysterious and seductive air. 

If you are a lover of the scent of tuberose, Mystical Valley is the perfect perfume. With this Himalayan flower in its composition, opulence and freshness are masterfully combined. You will be able to appreciate citric notes, white flowers, and the particular aroma of the red apple. In its middle notes, spikenard and musk prevail. It is a fruity, floral, and woody fragrance that has good durability and a delicious aftertaste.

For the more romantic, Nude is a sensual fragrance, which includes citrus bergamot, raspberries, roses, and musk. It is a sweet, elegant, and sublime fragrance. The jasmine and violet notes are soft but very intense, the woods, spices, and sandalwood make this fragrance unique in its style. 

Younger women also enjoy titan Skinn’s fragrances

Titan Skinn also offers a line designed especially for girls and teenagers in four different aromas that will combine perfectly with the lifestyles of each. Pulse is a citrus fruit fragrance that also includes white musk, perfect for fun and active girls. They will love the combination of aromas like strawberry, raspberry, and tangerine that together with bergamot becomes a happy and young perfume.

Another fragrance designed for young girls is Trance. A deliciously fruity and fresh fragrance. It combines sandalwood, vetiver, tangerine, and bergamot, although musk notes can be perceived. It is perfect for girls who have many facets as it is not extremely sweet, nor very woody.

Beat, on the other hand, combines flowers with citrus and musk notes. It can be used both during the day and at night. The blackcurrant prevails and the woody notes give it a fresh and vibrant aroma. 

For those who hate labels and exclusive perfumes for girls and boys, Titan Skinn offers the Solo fragrance. A unisex perfume, which mixes notes of wood such as cedar with vanilla and includes patchouli to complement a unique fragrance, which also has a touch of pepper very pleasant.

Fragrances for modern men

Titan Skinn’s line of men’s perfumes has a fragrance to suit every man. Amalfi Bleu for men is a captivating fragrance, reminiscent of the sea. Its notes are fresh, modern, dynamic, and very deep. Citrus, lavender, and galbanum combine with vetiver, orange blossom, moss, and musk to offer an unparalleled aquatic floral fragrance. It is perfect for adventurous and sporty men.

Raw is a fresh, energizing, vibrant and balanced perfume. It is suitable for everyday use and combines watery notes, bergamot, and tangerine as its top notes, carnation, violet leaves, and pomegranate in its middle notes, and patchouli, cashmere, and gaiac wood in its base notes. Raw is a modern, woody, and fresh perfume that can be used by young or mature men.

A fragrance, undoubtedly elegant and daring is Verge. It is different from any masculine fragrance. Lavender and lemon oil, along with rosemary and basil combine with spearmint, geranium, and mahonia oil to offer a very particular fragrance. This aromatic woody fragrance has patchouli, leather chords, and oakmoss scents in its base notes and is a very manly fragrance.steele

If you are looking for a fresh fragrance with great appeal, Steele is the fragrance you need. It’s intense and magnetic, very long-lasting and you can’t miss it. In its top notes, you can feel bergamot, rhubarb, and grapefruit essence, while in the middle notes you can appreciate pink bell pepper, bell pepper, nutmeg, and geranium. The magic of this fragrance lies in its base notes that masterfully combine musk with vanilla, praline, and roasted tonka bean to offer a very particular woody aroma.

As you can see Titan Skinn offers a fragrance for you, no matter your age or lifestyle. It has a great variety of perfumes of different intensities and aromas so varied that your biggest problem will be to choose the one that best suits your personality and lifestyle. Titan Skinn has also triumphed in men’s fragrances, with fragrances for men of any age and lifestyle. A point in favor of Titan Skinn is that all its products are dermatologically tested, an aspect that is highly valued among people who suffer from allergies.

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