Chanel for men, elegant and classic fragrances you’ll love

Chanel is a brand that reflects elegance, luxury, and style in everything it produces. Their perfumes can not be the exception to this, and in the line of men’s fragrances, all are of excellent quality, with great class and a very particular style.

Allure Pour Homme 

This masculine fragrance is one of Chanel’s classics. Its woody notes and oriental fragrances are characteristic of a distinguished man. It is fresh, sober, and perfect. It is the perfume that elegant men prefer and has a special magnetism with women.

The notes that stand out in this fragrance are sandalwood, musk, vetiver, spices, and fruits, however, the citric notes of sour lime, ginger, tangerine, bergamot, combine with vanilla, lavender, and black pepper in a masterful way to create a very sensual perfume. 

The trail and durability of this woody oriental fragrance are moderate, although not invasive, which is easily perceived in any environment. It is a timeless, pleasant fragrance designed for men over 30 who wish to make an impact with their presence alone.

allure chanel

Allure Homme Sport 

For the more energetic and the sporty, Allure Homme Sport is the ideal fragrance. It was designed for active men and its aroma is certainly very sensual. 

Its citrus notes of orange and tangerine combine with musk, vanilla, and amber to offer a fresh, powerful, deep, and very sensual fragrance. It is long-lasting and the trail it leaves is exquisite. This spicy woody fragrance is ideal for summer and marine and citrus notes such as orange and red mandarin can be easily perceived. In its heart notes prevail black pepper, cedar, and neroli, while the subtle bottom notes are a perfect combination of vanilla, white musk, vetiver, elemi resin, and tonka bean.

Allure Homme Sport is a modern, fresh, and very versatile fragrance that can be used at any time, season, and occasion, although users claim it is more suitable for summer or hot climates.

Égoïste Platinum 

With woody and very fresh notes, Egoiste Platinum makes the difference. It is ideal for summer or hot climates. Its citrus and floral notes make this Chanel perfume stand out. The notes of jasmine and geranium combined with citrus fragrances make this perfume a very warm one. Egoiste Platinum awakens the senses and is intended for formal men who love the classics.

Among its main chords are lavender, herbal notes, lavender, woods, and spices. It belongs to the woody-floral olfactory family. In its base notes, woods such as cedar stand out, as well as the delicious aroma of sandalwood, oakmoss, vetiver, and amber. Its heart notes are jasmine, galbanum, geranium, and sclarea.

Its duration is high and leaves a huge trail, but it is a versatile fragrance that can be used on any occasion and is perfect for use at work. It combines perfectly with formal executives, who wear a suit and tie. It is a manly fragrance, for mature men with a very classic style.


Égoïste is the predecessor of Egoiste Platinum. It is a very powerful, classic, manly, and unusual perfume. In its composition, you can perceive floral notes, herbs, and various fruits. It is a perfect fragrance for winter or cold climates. Its longevity is moderate and its trail is exquisite, so you will leave many sighs in your wake.

Its woody notes come from mahogany and rosewood, while the perceived species are cinnamon and vanilla. It has a strong aroma of tobacco and leather, combined with flowers like roses and carnations that make this fragrance very warm. It is sweet, floral, and very aromatic. This one is a long-lasting perfume that leaves a heavy trail in its wake. It is suitable for mature, stylish, and elegant men, leaving an indelible memory in those who perceive its particular aroma.


For those who enjoy the marine notes, Bleu is the perfume to try. It is a fresh perfume, ideal for the summer or warm climates. In addition to the marine notes, the woody notes and neroli make it a unique fragrance in its style, which also combines citrus fruits such as sour lime and grapefruit with mint and pink pepper to become a very manly aromatic woody fragrance. In its heart notes ginger, nutmeg and jasmine prevail. The bottom notes of incense, vetiver, cedar, patchouli, white musk, and cedar compliment this fragrance that can be classified as youthful.


Antaeus is a fragrance designed for winter. It is a strong, intensely scented fragrance that includes myrrh, jasmine, basil, thyme, and sclarea. Its duration is high and the trail it leaves behind is fresh and delicious.

Perfect for mature, elegant, sober, and classy men. In its notes, wood, spices, and leather, combined with citrus fruits such as lemon, magically combine to offer a unique fragrance in its style, intense, classic, powerful, and opulent. Its strong aroma makes it suitable for cold climates and for evening social events, where it develops all its appeal and displays seduction in its wake. 

Pour Monsieur 

Pour Monsieur is a fragrance with a strong aroma, but very pleasant. It has an unparalleled magnetism and it is inevitable to sigh when perceiving its aroma. In its notes prevails nutmeg, which is masterfully combined with vanilla, vetiver, and lemon.

This perfume has excellent longevity and its trail is simply exquisite. One spray is enough for the aroma to remain for a long time. It is a fragrance that captures the attention of everyone around you, thanks to its elegance, subtlety, and exquisite aroma.

Without a doubt, Pour Monsieur is a fragrance for elegant men, who dress well and enjoy luxury, and whose fundamental weapon of seduction is their personality. It is a clean, neat, masculine, classic fragrance that prevails in time and memory. 

Chanel for men, an intelligent choice

A Chanel perfume is not only something you must have if you are a man, but it is also the perfect gift that a woman can give to her partner. The diversity of fragrances, the quality, the durability, and the wake of them, make Chanel perfumes perfect for every occasion, for diverse personalities, for young men, mature men, sportsmen, or executives.

Without a doubt, Chanel produces classic and elegant perfumes that are specially designed for distinguished and confident men who know how important it is to smell like a true gentleman on any occasion, and with all the variety they offer, you will surely find the perfect one for you within their collection of exquisite fragrances. 

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