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Swiss Arabian: one of your greatest options in fragrances

There is a great competition in the perfumery world, and Swiss Arabian is one of the newest brands to join the race. Launched in 2010, Swiss Arabian has managed to build a name for themselves and create exquisite fragrances that have become favorites of many men and women around the world.

Swiss Arabian is characterized by mysterious, exotic fragrances that bring out the sensual, elegant, and classic side on everyone who dares to wear one of its fragrances. No matter if you’re a man or a woman, you can surely find a Swiss Arabian fragrance that fits you and makes you feel like the most magical, exotic person in the world.

Swiss Arabian for women

The fragrances that Swiss Arabian creates undoubtedly represent the majesty of Arabian scents and are an exquisite way to highlight all the magic within you. Here we have some of the best perfumes of the brand for women. 

Royal Mystery 

This one is a perfume that touches the mysterious side of women without being too strong. Some say this fragrance truly makes you feel like royalty, and it is perfect for women that are decided and determined to get what they want. 

It has notes of patchouli, amber, rhubarb, freesia, and rose, which give the fragrance a sweet, feminine vibe that reaches its best potential in autumns, a calm and cold season.  

Al Amaken

swiss arabian perfumes

A fragrance like this is one to make you stand out, even in the biggest crowd. It is sold like the fragrance of success, made especially for those women who are destined to reach the highest levels in life.

If you want a sweet and feminine, yet strong fragrance, Al Amaken is the perfect one for you. With notes of peony, rose, musk, cedar, patchouli, vanilla, and jasmine, this is surely one of the best ways to make a statement without saying a single word.

Shaghaf Oud Aswad

When you’re looking for a fragrance that inspires mystery and seduction, you should check on Shaghaf Oud Aswad. This perfume has a great duration and has a heavy trail, which makes it an excellent fragrance for all tastes, that will make you the most desired woman in the room.

It has notes of patchouli, musk, sandalwood, leather, amber, and vanilla, blending in to create a sweet and sour mixture that will delight you and remind you of the best summer nights.


This fragrance is made exclusively for all those who live an active and exciting life, are always in movement, and are people that are always looking for a new adventure. 

It belongs to the Oriental Wooden olfactory family and has notes of lemon, grapefruit, pepper, amber, cedar, and rosewood. In general, this is a versatile perfume that feels hot and spicy, so you can express that spark that ignites you with just a splash of it.


Inara Oud

We could define Inara Oud as a relaxed, casual fragrance that makes you feel like you’re in heaven of aromas and sensations. It is said that it was inspired by the woman whose radiant beauty shines from within. This perfume was designed for those women who want to feel a glimmer of sensuality and reflect all of their beauty with their aroma.

With sweet notes of rose, peach, oud wood, teakwood, and lychee, this is a strong and forest-like fragrance that is one of the best choices when you want to reflect confidence and sensuality. Besides, it is long-lasting and leaves a soft trail that you will probably love.

Swiss Arabian for men

The fragrances Swiss Arabian offers for men have become a reference for other brands from around the world. Each aroma they create gives a respectable, elegant, and manly vibe and leaves a subtle, yet strong trail that is perfect for distinguished men. Let’s have a look at the best Swiss Arabian perfumes for men.


This perfume contains everything a modern and energetic man should have to be successful, or at least to feel like a successful man. It has notes of grapefruit, lotus flower, musk, sandalwood, and lemon for an explosive and citrus fragrance.

It is perfect for the summers, and it is a long-lasting fragrance that leaves an exquisite trail. This is why it is the perfect fragrance for men who make every moment count and are always seeking new opportunities.

Shaghaf Oud

If you are looking for something casual and simple that makes you feel powerful, the fragrance for you is Shaghaf Oud. It belongs to the Oriental olfactory family, and it is aimed at relaxed men that only want to have a good time. 

It has notes of vanilla, oud wood rose, and also saffron, and these scents give it a very sweet and fresh aroma. This fragrance is long-lasting and has a heavy trail that is perfect for springtime.


Ultima Swiss Arabian

A perfume like Ultima will make you the most desirable man in the room since it is a fresh fragrance with many deep relaxing touches. Specially designed for decided, strong, and confident men, Ultima is one of the most popular perfumes of the brand.

It has notes of grapefruit, tangerine, jasmine, bay leaves, and patchouli so that it leaves this fresh, citrus, fruity, and floral aroma, all at once, making it perfect for hot summers. 

Edge Intense 

Made for the coolest and slyest men, Edge Intense is among the most popular perfumes made for men, because it offers you the opportunity to show the world how confident and powerful you are, while it makes you feel elegant and in control of everything that surrounds you.

With notes of vanilla, oakmoss, musk, geranium, ginger, and pineapple, this fragrance will make you feel fresh. It is perfect for wearing it in spring when the details of each of its aromas stand out.

If there is something sure is that Swiss Arabian will probably have the perfect exotic, fresh, and elegant fragrance to steal your heart. No matter if you’re a busy, relaxed, active, seductive, or confident person, there is no doubt that Swiss Arabian can offer you just the right fragrance to suit your personality and make you stand out wherever you are.

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