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Holy Basil Essential Oil: a sacred scent with amazing uses

Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, is one of the most popular herbs and has plenty of uses, including in perfumery. The essential oil of Basil is an essence widely used in India, both for medicinal, aromatic, and even spiritual purposes. It is a plant with green stems and its flowers and buds have a violet hue. The aroma of Holy Basil is similar to clove oil, thanks to its high content of Eugenol, combined with basil. 

The botanical name of Holy basil is Ocimum sanctum / Ociumum tenuiflorum and belongs to the Lamiaceae family and is attributed to various medicinal properties, including lowering anxiety levels. 

To extract the essential oil of sacred basil, a method of steam extraction is used and both the leaves and the flowers are used. Its color is a light yellow tone. It has a strong, spicy, and warm aroma.

Uses of Holy Basil Essential Oil

This essential oil is perfect to be used in diffusers to aromatize and for its energizing properties, however, is widely used in the perfume industry in male fragrances.

It is frequently used to relieve muscle aches, respiratory conditions, menstruation problems, headaches, fatigue, the common cold, and even as an insect repellent and for the treatment of ringworm.

Like all essential oils, it should not be consumed or applied undiluted directly to the skin.  It should not be used on children or pregnant women, as well as people with sensitive skin. It is recommended that you consult your doctor about the interaction of this essential oil with any medical treatment.

Holy Basil in Perfumery

One of the fragrances that include the essential oil of holy basil in its formulation is Tulsivivah by Exclusive. The combination of holy basil essential oil with cashmere wood, sandalwood, Indian jasmine, calamari shell tea, and spices, makes this perfume a very sensual and mysterious one. You can find this fragrance in Amazon at a very affordable price.

From the spicy, woody, and green olfactory family, Tulsivah is a long-lasting perfume, with a moderate trail, ideal for daily use, with a very refreshing aroma, and very popular in India, which can be a suitable gift for anyone as it is a unisex fragrance.

Pour Homme, by Hurrise, is a natural and fresh perfume, with a delicate, long-lasting, elegant, and very sexy fragrance, which will hardly go unnoticed. In its top note, the lemon stands out, in the middle the hyacinth, and in its bottom note the pleasant aroma of the sacred basil. That suitable for use during the day and its durability is extensive, so it will accompany you throughout the day. 

From the woody floral family, the fragrance Dusk of Mar Galliti is a true delight to all senses. It presents in its top notes the dill and the green lemon, in its heart notes can be perceived mimosa, jasmine, sacred basil, chamomile, and ylang-ylang. In its bottom notes prevail vetiver, oakmoss, and angelica. It is a long-lasting fragrance with a moderate, unisex trail that is worth trying.

dusk holy basil

If you prefer the green floral family of fragrances, Holy Hemp by Aether Arts is right for you.  In this long-lasting fragrance, the moderate trail is dominated by Indian basil or Tulsí in its base note, combined with basil. Its heart notes are highlighted by ylang-ylang and curry in its base notes Gurjum balsam. 

Gujarat, is an oriental fragrance, with a smoky, spicy, and sweet aroma, in which the holy basil or tulsi combines masterfully with essences, woods, flowers, and fruits to offer a unique perfume. It is one of those fragrances that you will hate or love, but you can never be indifferent to it.

From the same oriental family, a unisex fragrance that also includes tulsi as an ingredient is Sacred Frankincense 4 by JoAnne Bassett. Besides, it contains black pepper, cedarwood, bitter orange, juniper berries, incense, shepherd’s flowers, balsamic fir, and red mandarin.

Temple Flowers by Agarscents Bazaar, is a soft and very delicate unisex fragrance, which also includes tulsi in its formulation. It is a sweet perfume, in which, besides the tulsi, the notes of plumeria, champagne, and lotus flower stand out. 

Tulsi or Holy Basil in India is considered “sacred” thanks to its spiritual and regenerative properties but has gained popularity in the perfume industry for its particular aroma. 

Holy basil is definitely a plant that produces one of the finest essential oils in the world, and it is just a matter of time until it becomes one of the greatest scents not only in the industry of perfumery but in many more, taking advantage of all the great properties it has.

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