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The best perfumes to buy in the USA when going to India

Perfumes are said to be that accessory that completes an outfit. They have been an important part of Indian Culture for as ancient as India is. This is why it is so important to pick the right perfume. However, in India, perfumes might cost a fortune, unlike perfumes in other parts of the world, like the USA. The variety of choices and the great difference in prices make the USA an excellent choice to buy perfumes when going to India.

We know that Indians love a good smell, and traveling is one of the best ways to find what you want, you just have to know where to find the cheapest price and the best quality for your souvenir’s shopping. Of course, there are other options, such as buying in airports, that will definitely surprise you with the great quality at the best prices you can get. Knowing what to buy in the USA will help you decide the best choice for you

It is important to note that, when traveling, it should be better to buy smaller perfumes, but this is completely optional since there is no limit to buy and travel with perfumes. Airports in Dubai and Qatar have an excellent option to buy any kind of things you like, including perfume. Whether you decide to buy in the USA or a Duty-Free store, you should be prepared to make the best pick. Let’s talk about the options of buying perfume for India and tell you what are the best perfumes you can buy on your way.

Buying perfume on Duty-Free Stores

duty free stores

Day today, some brands are not even available in India, or there are some variants of popular brands that are limited to big cities, making them especially difficult to find. It is also remarkable that some of these perfume brands, when found in India, are way more expensive. If you are traveling to India via Dubai, you would probably want to look at Dubai’s perfume market, especially what you can find at the Duty-Free stores, located in the airport. Many people prefer this over to buy in the USA because it is an easy choice.

Dubai has hundreds of shops that offer the best fragrances in the world at a not-so-expensive price. Not only the autochthonous perfumes like Arabian Oud or Bukhoor but also the biggest brands like Dior, Armani, Carolina Herrera, and many more find themselves in this amazing world of Duty-Free stores.

Even though you will find diverse perfume options, it is important to mention the ones you will see the most: Oud and Bukhoor. These are excellent options if you want something exotic and rare. Oud comes from the wood of the Southeast Asian agar tree, while Bukhoor is scented bricks that you burn to spread their smell.

How do the Duty-Free stores work?

Of course, the middle east’s aromatic spices of the middle east are well-known for a reason, and they surely become one of the top picks when it comes to scented souvenirs. But this doesn’t mean that, in the complete hall that you’ll find in the airport dedicated to cosmetics, you won’t find any international brands. There is a 24/7 convenience store that offers you the best perfumes at a really low cost.

Dubai Airport Duty-Free has been in operation for more than 35 years, but this is not the only airport that offers it. In fact, Qatar airport also has an excellent selection of Duty-Free stores that have a great collection of cosmetics and perfumery. One thing that turns this into one of the most convenient options to buy perfume is that no matter what time your flight lands or departs, you will be able to visit the free duty store: all of the retailers are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

What perfumes to buy in the USA?

perfumes to buy in USA


International brands are always a top choice, and whether you’re buying them at one of the Duty-Free Stores in the airport or that you prefer to buy them while staying in the US, there are a few branded perfumes that surely will do. In the USA, there are a lot of retailers, online shops, and boutiques that offer you the best perfume choices on the market, this is why the option to buy in the USA should always be a top one.

That’s why you may think that is a better option to buy your perfumes while in the USA, instead of waiting for going to the Duty-Free stores in Dubai or Qatar. And you might not be wrong, the variety that the USA offers could be a factor that leads you to travel to India having already bought the perfumes. Of course, the choice depends on your liking, but here we offer you some good references on what to buy in the USA.

The Favourite, by Penhaligon’s

This is one of the best perfumes of the brand, with a beautiful history that revolves around a flower: the mimosa, warm and powdered, which produces its own soft power. This is not the only focal point of the perfume, which has wonderful notes of mandarin, along with the scent of flowers like violet and freesia, and woods as sandalwood and musk. If you like people asking about what perfume you are wearing, this is definitely one of the best choices. It is a real delight and the pink bottle, decorated with a lovely pink velvet ribbon makes this vintage air perfume an ideal gift, for others or yourself.

Coco Mademoiselle, by Coco Chanel

One of the fragrances that have earned its spot as one of people’s favorite is, undoubtedly, Coco Mademoiselle. Its notes of citrus, given by Sicilian orange, and Calabrian bergamot, mixed with exquisite flowers as jasmine and maypole rose, along with notes of wood, musk, vanilla, and vetiver, make this perfume a perfectly balanced fragrance that gives a fresh and light aroma.

Good Girl Eau de Parfum Supreme, by Carolina Herrera

This fragrance completely reinterprets the mythical olfactory contrast of light and shadow, and this is what has made the first Good Girl fragrance famous: an explosive formula of white flowers, berries, tonka beans, and vetiver. This perfume is one of the best ways to reconnect us with our rebelliousness with the help of a sweet and oriental aroma, irresistible for almost every mortal.

Light Blue, by Dolce & Gabbana

It claims to be a representation of summer, and, who doesn’t love summer? This fragrance is so unique you could wear it every day without getting tired of it. This fragrance has become one of the bestsellers all around the world, with a base of Sicilian cedar melds, apple, and bluebell, mixed with bamboo nestles, jasmine, white rose, along with amber, citronwood, and musk. It is definitely one fragrance to stole your heart.

Escale à Portofino, by Dior

Another best-selling fresh fragrance is without a doubt Escale à Portofino, which is said to transport you to an Italian Mediterranean beach in the middle of summer. It is dominated by citrus notes of bergamot, citron, petitgrain, lemon, bitter orange, bitter almond, orange blossom, juniper, cypress, and cedar among others of white musk, galbanum, and caraway. Escale à Portofino is, surely, a unique fragrance that you should have on your list.

Mon Guerlain, by Gerlain

A perfume that stays imprinted on our hearts forever is Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum. Its notes of lavender from Provence, mixed with vanilla, jasmine, and sandalwood create the perfect formula for a sweet, light, and captivating perfume that becomes one of the best options to buy when going to India.

Black Opium, by Yves Saint Laurent

This one’s a fragrance that plays with opposites, by having notes of white flowers combined with coffee beans. This mixture, along with the scents of pear, orange blossom, vanilla, cedar, and patchouli, is surely perfect for adventurous and glamorous girls. Its black-lacquered bottle with glitter reminiscent of the city at night will definitely be the perfect package for a perfect perfume.

Lady Million Empire, by Paco Rabbane

The exotic notes that Lady Million Empire has to offer will be the best choice when you’re searching for the right things to buy for Indians. The scent of magnolia, orange blossom, white patchouli, vanilla, osmanthus, and Mirabelle gives a fresh and slightly fruity fragrance that is also enveloping and woody with a touch of white musk and comes inside a bottle that emulates a spectacular pink diamond and will make you feel like the most luxurious woman in the world.

Other options we can mention to complete this list would be The Interdit Eau de Toilette, by Givenchy; Euphoria, by Calvin Klein; My Way, by Giorgio Armani; Byzance, by Rochas, and Nina Rouge, by Nina Ricci. In definitive, there are a lot of options to pick from when it comes to perfumes to wear in the land of exotic scents, India.

If you’re ever wondering what things to buy in the USA when going to India, the answer should probably be “perfumes”. The price difference, the variety and the quality of what you would buy in the USA or one of the free duty are the main factors you should consider. Picking the best perfume, no matter where you decide to buy it will be the best you can do, and with so many different and incredible options, this probably won’t be an easy choice. 

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