Incredible benefits of Sambrani and how to make it at home

Making Sambrini at home is not as complicated as you might think, nor as expensive. You should know that with just a few materials you can enjoy that sweet, vanilla-like aroma in less time than you expect. Sambrani oil or tincture can be prepared and kept for many months, either for cosmetic or medicinal purposes.


What is Sambrani?

Sambrani, also known in other countries as benzoin resin or storax, comes from the resin of several fragrant trees of the Styrax tonkinensis tree. Its use has spread to the cosmetic industry, veterinary medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy and it is even frequently found in scented candles. It is a perfect aromatizer for drinks, baked food, dairy products, jellies, and other foods.

Traditionally, the sap is extracted from the tree by making an incision in the bark. To obtain a small portion of resin can take several days. Later, the resin forms crystals that can be sprayed for use. Its consistency, in its natural state, is viscous and thick, honey-colored and its fragrance is sweet and vanilla-like. 


Its properties favor the combination with resinous oils such as sandalwood, incense, and with floral, fruit, or spice aromas. It combines perfectly with jasmine, rose, sandalwood, lemon, black pepper, cypress, ginger, and incense.

Commercially it is mixed with organic ethanol in a percentage of 55% and resin oil. Sambrani is usually bottled in glass bottles, particularly in those of amber color. 

How is Sambrani used?


In ancient times, women used to aromatize their hair with Sambrani incense and it was considered a beauty ritual that left their hair perfumed with a sweet aroma that also nourished their hair. The ritual began with a brass container in which the product was placed and lit, causing smoke waves that dispersed quickly, so using it was a complex process and often women required help.

To use it topically, it is recommended to perform a tolerance test, placing a small patch with a few drops of the diluted essential oil on some non-visible part of the body and wait 48 hours to make sure it does not produce any allergic reaction.

It can be used in the form of essential oil or tincture, and also in the preparation of skin creams since it has moisturizing properties. Besides, it can be used topically to soothe wounds and promote healing.


Benefits of Sambrani

The aroma of the smoke Sambrani, when it’s burned, is attributed to medicinal properties such as antibacterial and according to Ayurvedic medicine, it induces a state of serenity and favors the nervous system, eliminating negative thoughts and promoting peace of mind.

It is often used as a germicide, repellent, aromatizer of environments, and purifier in some Hindu ceremonies.

Sambrani oil can be used to relieve pain, as a healer, or to reduce redness of the skin. In a tincture, the sambrani is used as a healing, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, or sedative and in the cosmetic industry as a moisturizer, depigmentant, and detoxifier.

It is commonly used in the preparation of lotions for its healing and pain-relieving effect on wounds. Applied topically it improves blood circulation. Its intake will improve blood flow and has a diuretic effect, so it is used in conditions such as cystitis.


Prepare Sambrani Oil easily

burning sambrani

There are two ways to prepare sambrani oil at home easily, you can do it in cold or in hot. for the cold preparation, you can use coconut oil. For hot preparation, on the other hand, the most recommended is to use sesame or olive oil thanks to its resistance to heat

In cold preparation

To prepare Sambrini in cold, you will need 60 ml. of fractionated coconut oil and 2 gr. of benzoin resin. Besides, it is important to have a mortar and a glass container. Preparing it is simple. You only need to grind the resin in the mortar, place the oil in the glass container, and add the ground resin. 

You must remove the components well so that they integrate and save them for two or three weeks. Every day, you should mix it a little just to make sure that the resin does not integrate. After the maceration, you must filter it to be able to use it. To maintain all of its properties, you have to keep it in a glass jar.

In Hot preparation 

The process to prepare sambrani in hot is really similar to the process in cold. You will need 20 ml of olive oil, 40 ml. of Sesame oil, 2 gr of benzoin resin, and a little bit of vitamin E or jojoba oil. Of course, a mortar or grander, a pot or container to take to the fire, and a glass container are also required.

You must grind the resin to proceed with the preparation. Place the resin together with the oil in a container over very low heat for 20 to 30 minutes without allowing it to boil. After you’ve done this, it is recommended that you add the vitamin E or jojoba oil. Then let it rest at room temperature for three days. Then proceed to filter and pack. 

Sambrani Tincture

The tincture can be used diluted in water or directly. It is often used in creams, ointments, beans, lotions, or for bathing and massage. To make sambrani tincture you will need 60 gr. of benzoin resin and 250 gr. of 70º alcohol.

Often, you will find benzoin resin in herbalists and alcohol can be purchased at any pharmacy by requesting alcohol for tinctures or using an alcoholic beverage that contains that percentage of alcohol such as vodka, or gin.

The preparation is very simple, you just have to reduce the resin to powder with a mortar or grinder and place it in a glass container together with the alcohol, making sure that it is well closed. It is important to store the preparation in a dark and temperate place, and it is recommended to shake the bottle at least twice a day so that the resin integrates. 

It should be macerated for at least three weeks, although you can macerate it for up to three months. After the maceration time, filter the content and pack it, preferably in an amber-colored bottle.

Precautions of the sambrani tincture

Sambrani tincture has some contraindications for cases when the patient is a child, chronically ill, or is a pregnant woman. That’s why it is important to consult a doctor before using it.

Due to its composition, it should not be used undiluted on the mucous membranes or in the eyes. It is important to keep it out of the reach of children and not to ingest it without consulting a doctor.


Sambrani in perfumes

The sweet vanilla aroma of benzoin makes it widely used by perfumers. The aromas of caramel, almond, coffee, honey, and essences blend perfectly with floral aromas and spices. Its ability to bind makes perfumes very sensual. Their incorporation into the perfumes is done with the dye of the product.


Sambrani is a very useful product and, as you can see, it is really easy to prepare at home. As long as you take the right precautions and prepare it correctly, there is no doubt that the benefits sambrani have are going to be noticeable, whether you use it cosmetically or medicinally.

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