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Tobacco Essential Oil: everything you need to know about it

Many people relate tobacco to cigarettes. And even though Tobacco is an important ingredient of them, there are plenty of other uses you can give to this plant. In its form of essential oil, Tobacco has a strong odor that might be perfect for you when used in the right ways.

If you’re wondering what is exactly an essential oil, you should know how are they made. Essential Oils are quickly evaporated and extracted from the plants by different processes such as steam or pressing. The “oils” are found in small sacks or globules inside the plant, they are very aromatic and, although they are called oils, they are not fats, but small volatile molecules that vaporize quite easily. It is important to note that Essential Oils can be extracted from the leaves, stems, roots, bark, flower, or resin of a wide variety of botanical ingredients, and can be used to obtain fragrances and their therapeutic benefits.

Tobacco Essential Oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of Nicotine Tabacum, a plant belonging to the Solanaceae family. Nicotine Tabacum is native to the Americas and other warm climate areas. Its aroma can be described as smoky, warm, a little sweet and soft, deep and that brings character to natural perfumes, mainly to oriental and male combinations. 

tobacco plant

Tobacco, an ancient product

Tobacco has been known for thousands of years, and historians say it was used by many Native Americans. It was mainly used in rituals and ceremonies. Not only did they smoke the tobacco, but they also blew its smoke on the warriors to protect them before leaving for the war, in the fields before planting and making offerings to the gods. They also used it as a narcotic. Besides, it was snorted, eaten, drunk, applied to the body, and even to the eyes.

It was Christopher Columbus who on his first voyage introduced tobacco to Europe, and according to the story, the Spanish sailors, upon returning to the continent, carried lighted smut.

More than 70 species of Nicotine Tabacum are known, among them the Wild Tobacco. It is known that it has been used as an antidote against the venom of some snakes, to heal wounds and for conditions such as toothaches, although there is no recent medical evidence that certifies its medicinal properties, despite this, this plant is named in various books of the 16th and 17th century, in which it is stated that it has various healing properties. By the 18th and 19th centuries, botanical studies affirm that Nicotine Tabacum is a very powerful medicinal plant.

Properties of Tobacco Essential Oil

Although the negative effects of tobacco on health are better known than its benefits, medicinal properties have been attributed to it since ancient times and its application in perfumery and cosmetics is very popular because it acts as a fixative for other aromas and by itself has a delicious aroma.

It combines perfectly with fragrances such as sandalwood, bergamot, and sage and is mainly used for perfumes and male products. It is only soluble in alcohol and oils, but not in water.

There are many properties attributed to tobacco essential oil that is claimed to alleviate different diseases. In aromatherapy, it is used diluted to heal the body, mind, and soul.

Among the properties are attributed to relieving toothache and some ear problems, as well as bleeding gums, halitosis, and cavities, even to whiten teeth if applied topically.

As a source of vitamin C, it is used to treat certain skin problems, such as eczema, rashes, infections, burns, and other problems. In this case, it is used diluted in another carrier oil, to achieve soft and radiant skin.

It is also stated that it can help quit smoking if inhaled to reduce the urge to smoke. However, there is no scientific evidence to validate its health properties. On the other hand, you must purchase tobacco essential oil only from certified suppliers who guarantee the purity of the product. Many people even use tobacco essential oil as a relaxant and to manage mental exhaustion and stress.

Olfactory Combinations

The strength of the essential oil of tobacco, its combination of aromas, and its power of fixing makes it widely used in the field of perfumery. It could be said that it combines perfectly with woody, floral, fruity, and citrus notes and with oriental fragrances, which is why it is considered one of the elementals of the world of perfumery.

It is a fundamental component in the aromatic families of leather, as well as with woods such as cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, and juniper among others. It has a touch of distinction unparalleled to citrus fragrances such as orange and bergamot. It also combines perfectly with flowers such as roses and orange blossom, as well as with citrus fruits such as lime.

Precautions in the use of Tobacco Essential Oil

Tobacco essential oil is exclusively used in cosmetics, including perfumery. It should be kept in closed containers, preferably of dark glass, and protected from sunlight or heat. It is not recommended for use on the mucous membranes or in the eyes and the case of aromatherapy, it should always be used diluted, either in vegetable oil or in a diffuser. Tobacco Essential oil is not recommended for use on pregnant women or children. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using tobacco essential oil as it can cause skin irritation. Tobacco essential oil should not be used in baths or body massages.

Many people attribute energizing properties to it, although the recommendation of diluting the product should always be kept in mind because of the effects it can cause on the skin.

Tobacco Oil in Perfumery 

Despite what you may think, tobacco in perfumes, far from being unpleasant as cigarettes can be, is one of the most masculine essential oils and one of the most sophisticated, which the perfume industry uses frequently.

Tobacco has a special aroma, which offers unique sensations. Its strength is characteristic and it is considered a woody olfactory fragrance, however, other notes such as honey, leather, almond, and wax are perceived in tobacco. It prevails in male fragrances or those that are unisex, although many women’s perfumes include it in their formulations. That touch of opulence, strength, and elegance is what brings the essential oil of tobacco to perfumes. 

Essentially masculine 

tobacco vanille
One of the most well-known perfumes that use tobacco essential oil is Tobacco Vanille, by Tom Ford, a delight to all senses. This fragrance combines tobacco leaves and flowers, spicy notes, vanilla, cocoa, tonka bean, nuts, and woody notes in a masterful creation that feels elegant and sweet at the same time.

Iseey Miyake’s collection offers Lueur d’Issey Homme, a fresh and natural fragrance that combines spices, herbs, and tobacco in a sensual, very masculine perfume that will provoke sighs as it leaves its wake. 

If you prefer something different, also from the firm Yves Saint Lauren, the fragrance Noble Leather is an excellent option and integrates tobacco with flowers, wood, and leather to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Women also use perfumes with tobacco

One of the most famous signature perfumes is Belle d’Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, a feminine perfume with oriental notes, opulent and unique, which includes tobacco in its formulation. 

Gucci could not stop using tobacco essential oil in its formulations and Gucci for men, by Gucci is its best representation. This fragrance masterfully combines floral notes, with leather, wood, and of course tobacco that takes care of integrating the notes admirably, offering a very modern and manly fragrance.

Perfectly Unisex

The perfume Chinese Tobacco of the signature 19-69 is one of those fragrances that include the essential oil of tobacco between its ingredients that, combined, with the red bell pepper, the wood of cedar, the vanilla, the vetiver, the oud, and the ginger do of this perfume an unforgettable fragrance.

Chinese Tobacco is a unisex fragrance whose heart notes, bottom notes, and top notes simply fall in love. It is an exotic, seductive perfume that escapes the traditional and combines the modern world with the most primitive elements. 

A classic perfume, inspired by the stormy love affair between Ava Gardner and Luis Miguel Dominguín, is The Oud Affair by Vilhelm Parfumerie. This is a very long-lasting fragrance, with a great trail that includes tobacco as the main note, as well as agarwood, wild honey, and black vanilla.

It is a sweet and vanilla perfume, with a warm spicy aroma, and a floral touch that combines perfectly with the strong aroma of tobacco. This oriental woody fragrance, despite containing tobacco, can be used by men and women alike.

Byredo’s signature, Oud Immortel, is another classic that includes tobacco in its composition. In this fragrance, tobacco masterfully combines with moss, lemongrass, cardamom, papyrus, patchouli, and incense to offer a very special perfume.

Some Attars also include tobacco essences, such as Vanilla Tobacco, which does not contain alcohol and complements the aroma of tobacco with spices, vinegar, and tonic beans.

Final considerations

Without a doubt, tobacco essential oil is one of the soberest, elegant, opulent, and pleasant fragrances, which also serves as a base to highlight the different aromatic notes. It combines perfectly with floral, woody, and fruity notes. The concentration of tobacco is different in the different fragrances, some with a slight touch of essential oil achieve the magic of unisex perfume, feminine or the most masculine of fragrances.

Although its healing properties have not been scientifically proven, it has been attributed to plenty of benefits for different ailments or pathologies. Despite this, its use is not recommended for pregnant women, children, or people with allergies. Remember that it should not be applied undiluted or directly to the skin. 

Tobacco essential oil is one of those you should not judge by the first thought that comes to your head. It has a pleasant, elegant, and woody aroma that will do for the best, whether it is used in aromatherapy or your favorite fragrance, there is no doubt that tobacco essential oil might become your top choice if you only give it a chance to do so.

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