Top 15 Zara perfumes for men that you can’t miss out

The Zara store, besides clothes and shoes, has an impressive variety of perfumes for all tastes, ages, and styles. Its collection of perfumes includes 484 fragrances for men and women and began its marketing of fragrances in 1998 by the hand of the firm Puig. 

The popularity of their fragrances is because they are unique in their style, of great quality, and of so diverse notes that have turned the popular store into a reference at the moment of buying perfumes since they have a perfume for each personality, style, and personal preferences.

The universe of fragrances marketed by Zara ranges from the most natural to the most eccentric, from the most modern to the most basic, which is why it is worth knowing which are the best perfumes in this store, either as a gift or for your personal use.

Ebony Wood, a versatile fragrance

ebony wood zara

It is a unisex, sweet fragrance that can be used at any time of the year, day or night. The combination of ebony wood, with cloves and pink pepper, is not for everyone. You must be a lover of strong and sweet aromas to enjoy this fragrance. It is a long-lasting perfume that leaves an intense trail.

Zara Vibrant Leather, for sophisticated people

Elegance and sophistication is the feeling produced by Zara Vibrant Leather. It is for independent men, who go after everything they want and conquer it. Its notes of bamboo and leather make it an exotic fragrance. Its longevity is limited but its aroma is exquisite, full of fresh notes and leather, which give it that touch of masculinity expected from perfume for men.

6.0 Zara, a very masculine fragrance

Its curious name is because this perfume includes six fragrances that make it a special aroma. You will find citrus fruits such as lemon, cashmere, cedar, sandalwood, amber, and coriander. It is considered an enigmatic perfume that provokes an unparalleled magnetism and is masculine, but soft and deep.

Teahuppo, an exquisite woody fragrance

One of the most successful fragrances of this chain is the popular Teahuppo. Its aroma is fresh and youthful, includes citrus notes masterfully blended with musk, marine notes, and wood, which make it a very special perfume. 

It is a fragrance that can be used in spring, summer, or autumn and is perfect for sports activities since it is not especially invasive. The fragrance lasts for hours and is an excellent option you will find at Zara. 

Impact Masculin, a fresh and youthful aroma

Just like its name, Impact Masculin was designed to create a great impact. While its top notes are citrus, it is a fresh, youthful, woody fragrance with a touch of musk and sandalwood undertone that makes it a fragrance not easily forgotten. It can be used any time of the year and at any time, leaves a moderate trail, and offers acceptable durability.

Ambar Ego, the intensity in a fragrance

Amber is a long-lasting, intense perfume for self-confident men, with an unparalleled aroma of the wood. Notes of apple, coconut, amber, and cedar stand out. It is a warm and sweet fragrance without being cloying.

Unbreakable, a citrus fragrance for tough men

This fragrance includes notes of cedar and tangerine and is made for the pickiest people. The combination of bergamot, tangerine, cedar, sour lime, and musk make this fragrance one of the most popular for men. It leaves a moderate trail and its longevity is high.

Pipeline, fresh and youthful

This one is a perfume that mixes lemon, patchouli, and orange which together with musk offers a fresh, soft, and young fragrance, although its durability is not very high. People who has used this fragrance claim that it has a mint smell although mint does not appear as one of its ingredients.

Exclusive Oud, simply a classic of the perfumes

Zara’s Exclusive Oud is a classic, modern style and woody fragrance that is a favorite of many men. It is perfect for those dreamy men because of its oriental notes, sensual longevity, and an unparalleled aromatic trail and can even be used by women because it is soft and subtle that can be used at any time.

From Paris To New York, the tropics in one fragrance

This fragrance, despite its name, offers a very particular tropical aroma. Citrus fruits are the most predominant in the fragrance, leaving a very pleasant trail that is difficult to forget. Its top note is sour lime, the base note is cedar and the heart note is ginger. It is a young and modern, soft fragrance that is suitable for use at any time. Its lasting is limited and it is a casual and subtle fragrance, ideal for going to work.

Deep Blue Sea, modern and durable

The perfect combination between the sea and the city is given by Zara’s Deep Blue Sea. Its aroma of cedar, marine notes, and bergamot offer us a unique fragrance in its style and great demand. It is fresh, youthful, modern, and long-lasting that can be used for any occasion.

Mineral Blue, a luxurious fragrance

One of Zara’s best perfumes for men, which has monopolized the preference is Mineral Blue, among its notes stand out the apple and tangerine as main notes, the orange blossom and tonka beans in its heart notes, and its base notes are the woods like the Atlas Cedar. The woody aroma prevails. 

It is characterized by an intense fragrance, which causes a trail in its wake that is impossible not to perceive. It is captivating, of great impact, harmonic, and with moderate duration.

Ganache Tonka is masculinity in all its extension

Zara’s Ganache Tonka is one of the most masculine fragrances. Vanilla, cardamom, cocoa, bergamot, sandalwood, and musk are magically combined in Ganache Tonka. It is a sweet and spicy perfume at the same time, sensual and provocative. Its aroma is very pleasant and particular. Its fragrance and duration are moderate and the trail it leaves behind is very pleasant and sensual, which can be used at any time of the year. 

Waimea for sea lovers

Marine notes, vetiver, and bergamot are the elements that stand out in Waimea de Zara, making it ideal for those who love the sea. It is a fresh, youthful, and casual fragrance of moderate duration.

In its aroma, citric and fruity notes are perceived, offering a pleasant, fresh, and very elegant sensation. It is considered marine, but citrus notes prevail.

A perfume for every man 

If you are going to buy a perfume for men, you should consider their lifestyle, their personality, and the way they dress frequently. Choose woody fragrances for those men who lead a more executive life, while for those who are sporty, choose aromatic and sweet fragrances, perhaps with marine notes.

Adult and jovial men usually prefer fresh perfumes, with sweet and aromatic notes, while people who are shy love subtle perfumes, with citrus or floral notes.

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