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The best Elizabeth Arden perfumes you could ever find

If we think about femininity, we must quote something the amazing Elizabeth Arden said: there are no ugly women, but women who don’t comprehend their beauty. Beauty has its science and understanding of how to make the best of what we have marks the difference between a powerful woman and one that doesn’t feel like the best thing in the world.

Elizabeth Arden’s perfumes have this kind of charm that can make you feel like the most desired woman in the world. They let you feel like you’re in control of your life and everything that surrounds you. That is exactly the reason why Elizabeth Arden’s fragrances are so popular. Within an entire world of exquisite fragrance, let’s top-down a few of her best perfumes.

5th Avenue, by Elizabeth Arden

This divine fragrance belongs to the Floral Olfactory Family and was created in 1996. It’s classic, rectangular, and the transparent bottle contains a fresh perfume that has a few notes of linden flower, tangerine, and bergamot, combined with magnolia and lily, giving it a romantic and fruity aroma.

5TH Avenue has heart notes of nutmeg, peach, and flowers like violet, jasmine, and Bulgarian rose, along with base notes of cloves, iris, amber, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk give it an exotic, sexy, yet innocent, aroma that is so irresistible you’ll want more of it.

Green Tea, by Elizabeth Arden

If you’re more into citrus fragrances, you’ll want to try Green Tea. Its beautiful green bottle recreates green tea in a really lovely way. Top notes of these perfumes are rhubarb, mint, orange peel, bergamot, and lemon, which are the right ingredients to make you feel like you are in a tropical explosion. This, combined with scents like jasmine, musk, wood and white amber surely make Green Tea a perfume you won’t forget.

Green Tea is a vintage fragrance with a delicate and soft touch that will make you feel as if you were in an eternal summer. Aimed at uncomplicated, natural, and delicate women, this fragrance is one of the most wonderful aromas that have come out of Elizabeth Arden’s arsenal.

Fifth Avenue After Five, by Elizabeth Arden

after five

Versatile, all-terrain girls will surely love this one. 5TH Avenue After five belongs to the Musk-Floral-Wood Olfactory Family and was created in 2005. Just like the entire 5th Avenue line, this fragrance is inspired by the splendor of New York and the frenetic life of the city that never sleeps, where all kinds of people converge and develop continuous social interactions.

Among its initial notes, we can perceive citric and refreshing aromas granted by the combination of honeysuckle, coriander, plum, and bergamot. These scents, intertwined with the Indian lotus flower, jasmine, saffron, and lily, submerge us in the world of a floral and mystical bouquet. Finally, we land on its exquisite background of birch wood, sandalwood, tonka beans, and musk, which give it a certain hardness that still feels sensual and mystical without being too penetrating.

Provocative, by Elizabeth Arden

This perfume is, definitely, a lethal weapon that seeks power with a single spray of it. It belongs to the Oriental-Floral olfactory family, and its packaging is a beautiful transparent bottle containing an exquisite purple liquid.

In its top notes has the characteristic appetizing smell of quince, raspberry, and peach, which, in line with the wonderful smell of the lotus flower and ginger, make it feel like something created by the gods themselves. With heart notes of apricot, strawberry, rose, orchid, and papaya, landing into a background of cypress, amber, sandalwood, and cedar hinoki wood, this perfume is one of a kind to make you succeed in anything you want.

5th. Avenue Nights, by Elizabeth Arden

The mysticism of this perfume that belongs to the Oriental-Floral olfactory family is incredible. It has a sublime, citrus scent, given by the mixture of the strawberry, the tangerine, and the bergamot. Combined with white rose, gannet, and jasmine, it provides a sweet and relaxing sensation, topped with peony, rose, lily, musk, and a little bit of white chocolate and vanilla to add balance to this exquisite fragrance.

This one is an empowering perfume, aimed at determined women who know what they want. With a touch of sweetness, this is the right fragrance for any woman that wants to stand out subtly and uniquely.

Untold, by Elizabeth Arden

This elegant, majestic, and beautiful transparent bottle in the shape of a ribbed heart, is a sweet, citrus, and spicy perfume that belongs to the Floral-Frutal olfactory family. Its top notes contain ingredients such as pink pepper, bergamot, pear, and cassis. 

By combining them with jasmine, gardenia, patchouli, amber, and musk, this perfume enhances exquisite and exotic scents that give it a special touch. A very versatile, heavy, and divine fragrance that is perfect for women of all ages and with all kinds of likings.

5th. Avenue NYC by Elizabeth Arden

This elegant classic perfume belongs to the Oriental-Floral olfactory family. It is a very versatile and contemporary fragrance that contains top notes of bergamot, peach, and apple, giving it a sweet, fruity aroma. Along with this, it has heart notes of blackcurrant, jasmine, peony, and plum blossom, which add citrus, joyful tone to the perfume. 

In addition, it is accompanied by background notes such as vanilla, Tonka bean, sandalwood, musk, and amber that give it an exotic, sweet character. Its warm, sweet, and exotic scents make it the perfect scent for adventurous, sensitive, and complex women.

Arden Beauty by Elizabeth Arden

If you are looking for a fresh, and simple fragrance, you will definitely love Arden Beauty. This is a perfume that belongs to the Floral Olfactory family. It has citrus top notes given by bergamot, rhubarb, and fragrant and spicy ginger, which, combined with the softness and refreshing rice flower and green notes, turns the aroma into a complete paradise.

In its heart notes relies on the exquisiteness of the orchid, the lotus flower, and the lily, to let you enter into a whole new world of mysticism that blends in quite well with the help of amber and musk. Arden Beauty is perfect for delicate and feminine women who enjoy being in the spotlight with a sensual and fresh touch.

The Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden

All the exquisite aroma of the Mediterranean Sea can be packed in a tiny bottle, and The Mediterranean is proof of it. This perfume belongs to the olfactory family Woodsy-Floral.

In its top notes, it mixes the fruit and citrus aromas of Sicilian mandarin, plum, and peach; letting pass in its heart notes to the fragrant scents of magnolia, the exquisite orchid, and the sweet aroma of glycine. To blend this all we find sandalwood, amber, and musk, giving the fragrance the character of the ocean; fluctuating and daring.

Splendor by Elizabeth Arden 

We call splendor the light that illuminates and shines, and this is what best represents this Elizabeth Arden perfume that belongs to the Oriental-Floral olfactory family. The smell of this exquisite perfume evokes green meadows and mountains.

Its top notes are composed of peony, hyacinth, and sweet pea, which in the company of fruits such as pineapple, strawberry, bergamot, and apple, and that characteristic smell of glycine custard, make it a cocktail that delights the senses. 

With heart notes of magnolia, tea rose, and lily, along with orchid, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and cedar, this is a perfume that any woman that wants to feel adventurous, mystical, and carefree should try. 

We can definitely say that any of the Elizabeth Arden fragrances you choose will empower you and make you feel like the greatest person on earth. It just depends on your likings to pick the right one for you, and after you realize you are unstoppable and you understand all you can do with just a simple spray of perfume, this world will have to be afraid of everything you can do.

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