Armaf Perfumes probably has the perfect fragrance for you

Armaf is an Indian company that started its operations in 2014. It offers a wide variety of stellar fragrances for men and women, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Users say that the quality/price ratio of Armaf fragrances is excellent and opinions coincide in saying that they are good quality, long-lasting fragrances that leave a good wake.

The best Armaf perfumes

The variety of perfumes offered by the firm is acceptable, so finding a perfume that suits your personality and expectations will not be too difficult. Armaf’s feminine fragrances include floral, citrus, wood, and essence notes to produce perfumes of varying intensity according to the preference of the users. 

There is an enormous range of subtle, romantic fragrances and other very intense and sensual aromas you can choose. We selected the fragrances that are best valued by the users and we offer you the best fragrances of the firm.

The Pride 

This is an amazing fragrance, in which its ingredients are masterfully combined to offer a sweet fragrance that inspires determination. It is from the Oriental Floral family and among its top notes are jasmine, orange blossom, and tangerine. You can also perceive the aroma of almonds, coffee, cocoa, and patchouli.

Femininity, sophistication, and The Pride by Armaf go hand in hand. This fragrance leaves a long-lasting trail that’s sure to make many people sigh, so it’s a good choice to consider if you’re one to be remembered. 

All You Need is Love 

If all you expect from life is love, this fragrance is for you. Its notes include redcurrants, white musk, peonies, pomegranate, raspberry, and pink pepper. It is delicate, soft, subtle, and is a fragrance that leaves a great trail. It is excellent long-lasting and suitable for daytime use in spring or summer.

Red Ruby 

For those women who prefer strong, intense perfumes, Red Ruby is what you need in your life. Among its components are aromas of vanilla, sandalwood, musk, lilies of the valley, nard, and citrus aromas such as bergamot and tangerine. It is a citric and sweet fragrance at the same time. The combination of vanilla and citrus brings a hint of mystery to those who use it

Its duration is moderate, as is the wake it leaves behind. It is perfect for cold climates since in low temperatures it tends to stand out

armaf red ruby 

Derby Club House Gold 

In case you prefer the classic, fruity, and woody perfumes, Derby Club House Gold is what you are looking for. This fragrance is the best synthesis of fruit aromas, wood, and spices. 

It is perfect for those who want to have a subtle, fruity, and citrus fragrance, but long-lasting and with a good trail. The notes that can be appreciated in this fragrance are pineapple, apple, bergamot, cedar, jasmine, amber, and cardamom. 

All You Need is Passion 

A whirlwind of passion is what drives All You Need is Passion. This fragrance with floral notes of magnolia, violet, freesia rose, combine with nectarine, vanilla, patchouli, and moss to offer a unique floral scent, good longevity, and a lasting trail. It is a strong and intense fragrance that not everyone can use. This fragrance will awaken the passion in you

Armaf for Men

Armaf perfumes for men have been well received since they launched their first fragrances in 2015. Their perfumes are modern, fresh, and with a youthful air that enchants. 

Armaf does not limit itself in terms of combinations to find that perfume that fits the personality and age of its users. Users agree that they are very manly, have a heavy trail, and high durability compared to other brands.

Nuit Man Intense Club 

One of the most intense fragrances of the Armaf firm is the Nuit Man Intense Club, which has been the favorite of contemporary men. Musk, ambergris, pineapple, vanilla, patchouli, rose, jasmine, apple, lemon, and blackcurrant notes combine in a strong, fruity, long-lasting fragrance with a heavy trail.

 The Warrior 

The Warrior is a natural, long-lasting fragrance that leaves a heavy trail. The notes of frankincense, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, pink pepper, ginger, and grapefruit make this perfume very masculine. 

Tag Him 

For lovers of strong and imposing, yet subtle fragrances, Tag combines the citruses of grapefruit, lemon, and ginger with the subtlety of lavender, which together with fragrances such as sandalwood, vetiver, nutmeg, and pink pepper offers a fragrance designed for young people. It is a fragrance that leaves a moderate trail and has good longevity. 


We could define Shades as a floral and citrus fragrance that leaves a mark in anyone who wears it. Its notes of cedar, white musk, ambergris, cardamom, and fruits such as lemon, pineapple, and plum, together with violet leaves, combine to offer an impressive perfume. Its longevity and trail are moderate and its fragrance will not go unnoticed.


Victory is a natural fragrance for successful men. Its long-lasting trail, its aromas, and durability make this perfume one of the favorites of many men. Among its notes, you will find patchouli, oakmoss, and ambergris, which give it that herbal and slightly dry aroma. It is suitable for cold climates because it is usually very heavy.

Which Armaf perfume to choose from?

Although there are many perfumes of the signature Armaf, the selection compiles those that more positive opinions have received on the part of the users. Surely, you will find a suitable perfume for you, among the many options offered by Armaf.

The perfumes designed for women by Armaf are feminine, designed to meet the needs of women today, capable of leaving a deep trail in your wake, and with good durability, so they are an excellent choice.

The masculine perfumes of Armaf, are sensual and modern, besides they are suitable for men of any age. Their diversity will allow you to choose the one that best matches your personality.

In Armaf you will find many perfumes with the same name for men and women, but don’t worry, you will easily differentiate them thanks to their packaging, the fragrances for women have feminine packaging, aesthetically attractive and delicate, while the perfumes for men come in masculine bottles, with sober and elegant tones.

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