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The Best Online Stores for Perfume Shopping in India

You’ve ever seen the film “Fight Club”? You might remember one of the main characters saying something about soap being “the yardstick of civilization”. However, it is arguable that the modern, sophisticated counterpart to this statement is perfume. To smell good is an essential element to obtain the best impressions around your peers and potential soon-to-be relations. It implies hygiene, self-care, and confidence. And quite frankly, there’s hardly any better way to put this rule into practice than online shopping.

The internet is a wonderful place because it has made commerce and shopping extremely accessible and instantaneous. All products are instantly available to you at the comfort of your home and just a couple of clicks and browsing queries away.

Today, we will offer what we consider are some of the best online stores to buy perfumes, body mists, colognes, and fragrances in India. Keep in mind; this is not supposed to be an objective ranking or anything of the sort. This is merely a shopping guide where we give you some purchase options and let you decide which one appeals the most to you.

Without further ado, let us begin.


As soon as you enter Myntra, the homepage greets you in one of their self-publicity billboards with a bit of a boast: “Welcome to India’s Biggest Fashion Store” Surely they can’t be messing around when they say that. With dozens of thousands of personal care products in their catalog, its collection of fragrances and perfumes is no slack-off.

Apart from their vast collection of products, both for men and women, the first thing you’ll notice about this site when you get down to the fragrance category is the abundance of discounts, with several products passing by with shiny tags reading “10% off” or “25% off” in their purchase menus, apart from the usual “Flat 300 Off + Free Delivery on first order” offers. The cheapest options usually go around ₹200 – ₹500, and given the tons of discounts, even the finer fragrances don’t usually exceed the ₹5000 price tag.

You can sort the products by popularity, recency, discount offers, and prices from high to low and vice versa, as well as filter perfume products by size. Some notable brands that are sold on the site include Calvin Klein, Envy, Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS, Police, Skinn, Lalique, Ajmal, Nautica, Denver, and THE BODY SHOP.

As for the site itself, as well as the shopping experience, the user interface is very intuitive, user ratings make sure the quality of the products is as transparently stated as possible, and the shop is flexible with its methods of purchase, letting you choose your preferred payment option, giving you a 30-day return policy, and taking special attention to care and safety in delivery, with products usually coming in wrapped around three layers of protective materials.

For want of criticism, the catalog does seem to lean a bit hard into high brands rather than a balance between fine fragrances and domestic products, making most of the products rather expensive, but there are still a wide amount of high-rated products going out at very accessible prices, so you should be able to walk out from there with something good in your hands.

(Pictured: Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire – Eau de Toilette)


· Very versatile and extensive catalog

· Relatively accessible prices

· Excellent quality control

· Customer-friendly shopping experience


· Not as much variety of domestic products

· Slightly unintuitive checkout menu




Moving on to the next store, whereas Myntra is a more versatile fashion store, including a wide variety of both domestic and high-brand products, NNNOW’s perfume catalog seems to be quite more lopsided into fine fragrances from luxury brands. Naturally, you should expect the products on the site to be significantly pricier, with some of the cheapest offers scratching ₹1800, and some of the most expensive ones going as far up as ₹10000. However, don’t let that alienate you from considering a purchase in this store. There are still plenty of promotions and discounts flying about on the site cutting prices down to more reasonable offers.

Apart from that, the site also offers even more specific filtering options, including brand, size, price range, promotion, and even store by closest proximity of your pin code. Some frequent brands to spot in the store include Carolina Herrera, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Givenchy, Versace, Estée Lauder, DAVIDOFF, Bvlgari, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren.

The store’s quality control in regards to the chosen brands is very evident; however, unlike Myntra, you won’t get that from user reviews or ratings. NNNOW doesn’t host a function for user ratings, which to its detriment, does eliminate some customer reliability. Apart from that, their return policy doesn’t work on most fragrances, and given that their catalog is mostly luxury brands, their collection is not as numerous as other stores on this list.

However, if you’re one to dig more into the finer fragrance brands, NNNOW should be taken into consideration anyway, as they certainly stand out for being more heavily stocked on high-brand products than other online stores. So the recommendation of this store should be taken more into a “see if it appeals to you” type of verdict.

(Pictured: Versace Eros Pour Femme – Eau de Parfum)


· Strict quality control

· Almost all high-end brands

· Numerous filtering options for very specific results


· No customer reviews/ratings

· Not a very numerous collection

· Selective return policy




Moving on to the third entry on the list, we have Nykaa; a very numerously stocked online store for beauty and fashion products, with just the fragrance collection being stocked with thousands of products, ranging everything from domestic manufacturers and luxurious brands, all the way to its in-house collection of perfumes.

And on top of being a very well-rounded and reputable online store, Nykaa is also notable for having a pretty sizeable franchise of brick-and-mortar stores at a nation-wide level. With a spread as prolific as almost 70 stores all across India, offline Nykaa stores have two main branches: “Nykaa Luxe” and “Nykaa On Trend”, which as the names imply, separate their products between international luxury beauty brands and trending products between the general public.

And again, the store is just stocked with a large volume of products in its collection, so it should have something for everybody, both for modest and expensive tastes. One could argue there’s not enough brand variety on the cheaper, more domestic options on the store, but that’s the conclusion is up to the customer to debate on.

Otherwise, with plenty of discount offers and a very customer-friendly return policy, Nykaa is a very accessible alternative. Some notable brands to see on the store, apart from Nykaa’s very own in-house collection, including Bath & Body Works, Engage, Kama Ayurveda, NIVEA, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Paco Rabanne, Jaguar, Ramsons, and United Colors of Benetton.

(Pictured: Jaguar Classic Black – Eau de Toilette)


· A very large catalog with thousands of products

· Relative balance between luxury products and cheap perfumes

· Reliable return policy

· Lots of discounts


· Low brand variety for cheap alternatives

· Not very remarkable management



You really can’t talk about online shopping without bringing up Amazon at least once, can you? They have undoubtedly become the end-all-be-all of online shopping at this point. So what do they have to offer on the fragrance catalog?

Well, apart from having an immense fragrance collection, with well over 50.000 items in their catalog, they have a huge variety of articles and products, including deodorants, roll-ons, perfumes, body sprays, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne, and attar. Lots of brand variety for women, men, and unisex products, as well as high-brand and domestic categories, with some of the frequent brands on the featured page including NIVEA, Jaguar, Adidas, Yardley, Brut, MINISO, Nautica, Evaflor, Armaf, Urbane Nights, Fogg, and Body Cupid.

Even without considering discounts, which are quite a plenty, the prices are very accessible almost all the time, with most of the products on the featured page of Eau de Toilette fragrances alone oscillating between ₹500 and ₹2700 on average. If you feel so inclined, you can filter results to get to the most ridiculously expensive products right away without too much foreplay, but if you’re on a budget instead, you’d be hard-pressed to walk out from there disappointed anyways.

For the sake of balancing praise with criticism, Amazon doesn’t have a very open-ended return policy. Also, it is somewhat notorious of them that their delivery service oscillates between very decent to downright unreliable, with some people reporting issues with their products on their respective review pages, usually involving broken bottles or bent boxes, so take that how you will. Otherwise, in terms of catalog, Amazon should be able to provide the customer with enough density to make some jaws drop, being extremely versatile, numerous, and varied.


· Enormous catalog; extremely versatile

· Customer ratings and reviews

· Very accessible prices; lots of discounts


· Selective return policy

· Unreliable delivery service

· Not as tightly curated of a catalog




And so we go from well-known international services to a more national online store: Flipkart, which may or may not be summed up comprehensively as the Indian counterpart to Amazon. And much like Amazon, one of the most immediately distinguishable features about Flipkart is the sheer enormity of their catalog. As soon as you decide to consult filtering options for the fragrance catalog, there’s a little bar on the bottom of the screen that reads “98.000 products found”. Just how exactly can a store be so crammed? It completely eludes this humble writer.

But I digress; apart from being ridiculously stocked, Flipkart’s catalog is quite a versatile selection, with plenty of variety and distinguished brands, as well as cheap, cheap prices everywhere. The perfume section encompasses over 24.000 products, and the cheapest options tend to be a little bit over ₹200 on average.

And while it would be easy to attribute this abundance of low costs to poor quality control with bootleg products, customer reviews love to say otherwise. During the time of writing, one of the best-selling products on the perfume collection is “Fogg’s Scent Impressio – Eau de Parfum”, which has an average of 4.2 stars out of 5 from over 70.000 ratings, and is selling out to a price of ₹500, and that is, of course, not counting the 55% off discount tag slapped onto it.

Flipkart’s return policy, much like many other sites, is not as flexible as it could be, but they do compensate for that with flexibility in payment methods, with cash-on-delivery being a viable option for most of the store’s products. So for all of this, Flipkart proves itself to be a pretty ideal choice for purchasing a wide variety of fragrance products at very accessible prices.

(Pictured: Fogg Scent Impressio – Eau de Parfum)


· Excellent prices

· Huge catalog with thousands of products

· Consistent quality control

· Customer ratings and reviews

· Flexibility in payment methods


· Selective return policy



Now, throughout the list, we’ve been exploring sites that are general fashion markets that so happen to contain notable fragrance catalogs, but that changes right here right now with PerfumeBooth, an online Indian store that is completely dedicated to selling fragrance products, such as perfumes and deodorants.

While it’s certainly true that it can’t compete against any of the previously mentioned sites in terms of catalog density, PerfumeBooth instead prefers to specialize itself in being a decently stocked fragrance shop with high-brand perfumes for men and women, being sold at modest prices. Expensive luxury perfumes are not a rarity, but you can also take a nice stroll through the store and breeze by a good lot of products with price tags of ₹500 and ₹750 on average. Apart from that, they also have their own sets of unique original products, like the Scent Shot Box.

To roll in some criticisms, the site does have a really low brand variety. You can virtually scroll by for minutes and go past dozens of perfumes, 40% of them Lomani, 40% of them New NB, and 20% of them anything else. Apart from that, the customer review mechanic is not as full and extensive as it could be. Products have a habit of going out of stock very frequently and taking them very long to be restocked, and on top of that, the user interface feels very incomplete in more ways than one, with not enough filtering options and not very intuitive menus.

Arguably, this site is not very recommendable for casual customers who are just looking for something more on the slap-it-and-go terms of shopping than meticulous experimentation, but if you’re already an avid perfume collector or customer, then maybe a try for PerfumeBooth won’t hurt. At least they do have something in store so you can walk out with a pretty sizeable profit with not that large of an investment.


· Pretty good prices

· Numerous enough for a dedicated fragrance store

· Interesting original products


· Very low brand variety

· Products frequently go out of stock

· Unintuitive UI


Projekt Perfumery India

The final entry on the list is another site entirely dedicated to fragrance products; one that very confidently boasts of being the “largest collection of authentic designer and niche perfumes online for men & women”. Whether it holds true or not depends entirely on the customer, but Projekt Perfumery India (or just “Perfumery”) certainly stands out from the crowd for its presentation. Unlike any of the previously mentioned sites, Perfumery has a more flamboyant design on its page, letting you know just to what level of attention to detail this store operates in. The user interface is pretty streamlined for aesthetic purposes, but it gets the job relatively well done.

Apart from that, the site also has a pretty respectably large collection of perfumes and beauty products. Most of them high-brand products that are sold at reasonable prices, with an entire category in the site labeled “#999 #PERFUMES”, which is entirely stocked with perfumes selling at ₹999. The whole store is divided into very specific categories referencing manufacturers, trends, and other miscellaneous ventures, such as general makeup and beauty products.

For the most part, the site seems to pay closer attention to luxury products going out at costlier prices, with products flying by with prices of around ₹1500 to ₹4000 and et cetera, but they do also pay attention to piling in offers to propose reasonable prices more often than not. Generally speaking, if you’ve been around some of the previously visited stores, you’ll catch somewhat of a running gag in terms of the available brands, (and frankly, given that some of the previous stores were intensely packed, naming brands would feel redundant) but just for the mention, some common brands to see here include Bvlgari, Jaguar, Burberry, Givenchy, DAVIDOFF, Playboy, Calvin Klein, Nautica, Police, Roberto Cavalli, Ferragamo, and Aramis.

Generally speaking, while Perfumery is a very decently stocked store with plenty of variety, it’s not as customer-friendly as it could be. Again, part of the sacrifice that Perfumery commits in having a good-looking store comes in the form of exchanging intuitive design for looks. Some categories are not well explained, and some menus are obtuse to navigate. On top of that, the customer reviews are not very numerous, and the function is not very well implemented. But either way, if you’re an avid perfume collector, you should be able to try this out and give your verdict on it, as it does have a great, sprawling catalog full of familiar names and good prices.


· Relatively large collection

· Multiple high-end brands

· Decent prices

· Attractive design


· Slightly unintuitive interface

· Improperly implemented a function for customer reviews


Final take on online perfume shopping

Again, it would be wise to remember that this list is not an objective ranking. This is not here to say which stores are better than other ones. This is here to give a quick, somewhat surface-leveled, but comprehensive enough overview of the aforementioned online stores and how they operate so that you can decide which ones are the more ideal for your shopping needs.

To conclude, if you’re a casual customer on a budget, prioritizing cheap options and numerous catalogs over fine products, then stores like Nykaa and Amazon should be up your alley. If you’re looking for more fashion-centered stores instead of general warehouses, with a wider variety between cheap, domestic alternatives and fine, high-brand fragrances, then MyntraPerfumery, and PerfumeBooth should be the way to go. If you’re one to go for fine-as-wine quality control and luxurious brands, you should try giving NNNOW a bit of a shot. And if you’re looking for a balance between most of the positive aspects of the aforementioned marketplaces in a more properly holistic shopping experience, then Flipkart is your one-stop shopping spot.

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