Indian perfumes vs imported perfumes: which one is better?

Perfumes are usually so many on fragrance stores, but did you know that they come from different parts of the world?

Part of that vast market is Indian brands that match up to imported ones’ standards, so how would you tell the difference if both were presented to you and had no prior knowledge about the scent?

In this piece, we will try to help you find the grounds that may help you figure out the difference. First, let’s cover the basis for categorizing a particular fragrance to belong to a country, say India.

How to Know Indian Perfumes

old perfume manufacturer in India market

The composer of the fragrance

One of the many pointers of an Indian perfume brand is if the composer is of Indian descent, and they do the composition under the plan to sell it to the Indian people.

The composer might also be from another country. However, what they are making must be intended to be used by Indians.

The ingredients used in the formulation

Did you know that every culture has its own set of unique scents they find divine?

Well, the Indian people have the same. A great example is Jasmine and several other flowery ingredients that make perfumes magical. An Indian bouquet will have most of its components having a deep-rooted origin to the land.

The source of the ingredients

When you look at the packaging of imported perfumes, the ingredients mentioned are mostly outsourced from different parts of the world and blended in another nation.

On the flip side, Indian perfumes tend to be specific about where the particular ingredient was sourced from India. However, this does not mean that everything must come from India, just most of them.

A mentionable location is the attars of Kannauj found in India. It is the official perfumer town in India that distills one of the best Indian perfume blends.

The Methods Used In the Making of Indian Perfumes

kannauj perfume market

We live in a modern age where machines have taken over many industries and have quite frankly fastened the process of making perfumes.

Huge companies that mainly deal with imported perfumes tend to use these machines to get the maximum efficiency in the production chain to send out their materials worldwide.

 If they stick by the olden ways, they might lose quite a number of their clients. Shelves in fragrance stores must remain full. Otherwise, losses are bound to happen.

Now, despite technology bring in the speed factor, there is still beauty in the old ways to get things done. Indian perfumeries still use techniques they have had in use for centuries, and the results are spectacular.

When a perfume goes through this process in India, packaged in India, and sold to the Indian people, it is an Indian brand.

These same fragrances may be exported elsewhere, but they go out there as an Indian native perfume, made by the Indian folk for everyone else to appreciate.

What are Imported Perfumes?

imported brand

In the simplest terms, imported perfumes are the scents and fragrances that come into India from different nations worldwide.

They may be from China, Japan, or even France. Any perfume not manufactured locally then falls under the category of an imported fragrance.

Most people fail to understand that those scents come as designer perfumes while others are generic. The generic ones come in to be retailed and even sometimes rebranded. The latter has to be indicated in the packaging as required by law.

Designer imported perfumes are the likes of Hugo Boss, Gucci, Burberry, and Versace. For these kinds of fragrances, they are not repackaged and sold as they arrive.

For an imported perfume to get the go-ahead to enter a country, it must pass the tests the regulatory body has in place. Thus, it must not contain any illegal substance in its formulation, must not include any radioactive matter, and be fit for human use.

 The rules differ from country to country, and all must be met. If not, the fragrance is banned and cannot be sold in the country.

Are Indian Perfumes Better?

popular chai musk perfume

The matter of Indian perfumes being better than imported perfumes is solely left in the buyer’s hands.

Some people might be too loyal to the imported brands while others relish using the Indian brands.

But in comparing the two, Indian perfumes tend to be a bit pocket-friendly. Say you have a budget of 4000 rupees to spend on a lux fragrance. You can get a pretty unique premium Indian brand at that price.

For that same amount of cash, looking into designer imported perfumes, you will be getting a tiny bit of the same. That said, Indian perfumes are better when compared to imported perfume prices.

Indian perfumes also have an additional specialized uniqueness to them since they are formulated for the Indian folk. The elements used in the making are mostly loved by the Indian population hence making them a more personalized fit of perfumes to go with.

When it comes to comparing their longevity, sillage, and ingredients, they might go neck to neck as each has its perks and disadvantages in each category. They are all similar as they all come as Eau de toilette, perfume, parfum, and cologne, among other general classes that give each its characteristic quality.

That said, someone preferring one to the other is a matter of personal taste.

How to Tell If a Perfume Is Imported

The first place is to check the packaging. Most times, you will find the writings ‘made in.’ If the location indicated is outside India, then that fragrance is an imported brand.

Secondly, if the ingredients were all acquired and blended elsewhere outside India, that shows it’s also an imported perfume.

Famous Imported Perfume Brands

lacoste and bvulgari perfume

The list of imported brands in India is quite a number, but here are a few mentionable that never miss in India’s fragrance shop.


Azzaro is an Italian scent made by a Tunisian composer back in the 60s. Azzaro products range from men to ladies’ perfumes and deodorants. The most famous Azzaro piece is the Chrome series beloved by many.


Bvlgary sources its roots from Switzerland and has quite an array of products in the Indian market. Bvlgary is a premium brand with exquisite fragrances that are unique in scent, and for that reason, they are quite pricey. They make fragrances for both men and women.

Calvin Klein

CK is an American perfume brand that has stolen the hearts of many globally. They also create scents for men and women besides the classy lingerie and men’s innerwear collection. Calvin Klein has so many items on their shelves, special mentions being Eternity series and the CK shock collection.


popular brand guess

Guess is yet another American brand with far more than just fragrances. They also have a clothing line, jewelry, and watches. The most famous Guess signature imported perfumes include the Guess girl, the Guess Marciano, and the Guess seductive series, but they also offer deodorants.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a German luxury brand that has also made its way into the Indian market. Hugo Boss has quite a reputation for creations like the Hugo Boss red and Hugo Boss woman that have very distinctive scents unmistakable for anything else.


Lacoste is a French brand with its roots spreading into the perfume industry, the fashion world, sportswear, eyewear, leather goods, and watches, to mention a few. Marked by the famous green crocodile, Lacoste’s best fragrances are for both men and women. There are the Lacoste pour Femme and the Lacoste Challenge for men.


Moschino is an Italian brand that also goes just beyond scents. They also have luxurious leather items like belts, bags, and luggage pieces. Examples of Moschino’s finest are I Love Love and Moschino Funny!

Tommy Hilfiger

hilfiger perfume

This is a native Netherlands brand with pieces like the Tommy Girl for women and the Tommy Hilfiger Freedom for men, among others. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the international brands with some history in India. The brand’s apparel, handbags, and footwear are sold all over India.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria Secret also has quite a number of its fragrances in many Indian fragrance stores. They have a wide variety of scents and beauty products like perfumes and body splashes.

The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell and the Victoria’s Secret Love Me are among the most beloved fragrances. Victoria’s Secret is an American Brand that also makes women’s lingerie.


India’s perfumery industry has grown so much that you cannot possibly tell the source of a scent by simply sniffing it.

Sure, you might guess the elements correctly, but you might be left in the dark by identifying the original.

This then emphasizes that Indian brands are just as outstanding as imported perfumes, making them just as grand and luxurious as some of the mentioned imported brands.

In conclusion, when going for perfume shopping, sample a few Indian brands, trust you will not be disappointed.

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