What Should A Girl Look For When Picking a Perfume?

A female goes through different life stages starting from baby, infant,  toddler, then little girl, a teenage girl, a young adult, and finally a mature woman.

Each of these stages has a significant milestone, but one section we will be looking at in between the little girl all the way to the start of a young adult.

In this piece, we shall be highlighting perfumes for girls, and we will be answering a few questions like when they should start wearing fragrances, on what occasions to wear them, and what type they are attracted to most.

But before we get to answer those questions, let’s take a brief detour on why you should dress your child with a pleasing scent every day.

Reasons Why a Girl Should Wear Perfume

girl choose perfume

It is part of hygiene

If you want your child to be conscious about their cleanliness and overall hygiene, teaching them to wear perfume after taking a shower instills the discipline of staying clean all day.

Teaching them that a great scent with clean clothing ensues that they carry this habit even as they grow.

It teaches them to take care of themselves

Smelling great has a significant effect on the brain, depending on the scent, and this is something you can teach your daughter at a very young age.

Using perfume, you may help them become more conscious of how they look, and this will ensure that they take care of themselves on how you taught them.

Wearing perfume has excellent benefits

As aforementioned, a great scent has specific effects on the mind, which translates to improving memory, creativity, and mood.

And did you know that the olfactory section of the brain is the one responsible for memory? Well, now, you know!

Fragrances that have ingredients like bergamot, frankincense, and jasmine can help encourage creativity in your child. This is to say that perfumes for girls are a great idea.

They learn to appreciate smells at a young age

Kids exposed to different scents at a young age tend to be more receptive to learning and grasping different scents. They appreciate certain foods based on their smell and even develop a fantastic skillset of picking up cues from the bouquet.

Even when in danger, they will know a particular scent is unpleasant and will find a way to getaway. They will be better at protecting themselves since they will know what is pleasant and what is not.

At What Age Should Girls Start Wearing Perfumes?

at what age should girls wear perfume

The matter of a safe age will depend from child to child and the parent’s preferences.

Some parents start dressing their little angels in perfume as young as a few months, while others wait it out until they are teenagers. And so it is safe to say that the decision to get perfumes for girls for your daughter will depend on you, the parent.

Regardless, most medical facilities advise that you wait it out until they grow up a bit and select what they like. At the age of 12 is the period most termed safe for kids to wear girls’ perfume. But does everyone agree to this?

The answer is no!

Big brands like Burberry and the likes have perfumes for girls on the shelves of many fragrance stores that people dress their kids with at a very tender age of six months. But this has to be done cautiously.

Here are some pointers you can use while choosing a fragrance for your baby or toddler.

The type of perfume

Babies and small kids tend to have a very delicate sense of smell, and while some are okay using grown-up perfumes, some might react with sneezing or even vomiting.

Therefore, it is best to go with mild compositions that are not too intense or too sweet. That said, you may go for perfumes for girls in the Eau de Fraiche or Eau de toilette categories that will fade away in a matter of hours.

The smell of the perfume

Go for scents that are soft, gentle, and also delicate. They are babies, so avoid strong musky or tobacco scented pieces. Girls are into flowers and fruits, so get them acquainted with floral and fruity scents they enjoy.

Your child’s medical standing

Does your child have any respiratory issues like asthma?

If yes is the answer, then stay clear of all kinds of perfumes for girls. These perfumes can be an irritant and make these conditions worse for your child if you expose them too early.

Let them first get immunity, then introduce the perfume. There is no harm in waiting it out. It is better to have a healthy baby rather than a sick child.

On what occasions should a girl wear perfumes?

occasions for wearing perfume

If you have the go-ahead to dress your little girl with perfumes for girls, here are some of the occasions you can adorn her with a pleasant fragrance.


If you and your daughter will be attending a wedding, why not get that perfume for girls you have waited to dress her in and spray a bit on her.

It will make her feel unique and grown-up like her mummy. And one more thing, she will smell divine and enjoy her day to the fullest.


You can also use perfume for girls on your daughter when she goes to a friend’s birthday party.

However, there is a doubt in this case! You should dress her in a mild fragrance, mimicking what a typical soap or body cream would smell like.

You do so to protect any other child who might be at the party with your child. Indeed your child might be healthy, but someone else’s is not, so be mindful of this eventuality.

An outdoor activity

Whether it is a picnic or a hike, you may also adorn your little girl with some perfume. Perfume can be a great way to keep that nasty poo smell that might be coming through a leaky diaper under wraps before you change it.

 But you must also do it with caution; if you are heading to locations with animals, you better not get anything on her. Insects like bees and animals like monkeys might smell it off her and follow her around. And would you want that? Of course not!

What type of fragrances should young girls wear?

What type of fragrances should young girls wear

You might think that your daughter doesn’t have her tastes, but you’re dead mistaken for thinking that.

Girls start preferring things from a very young age, and you will tell the very instance they get into contact with it.

Scents are no different. And below are some scents that may or may not appeal to your baby. The same way adults like certain things, kids, too, do. And they will let you know the very instance they smell it.

Here are some of the best picks for perfumes for girls.

Sweet fragrances

Sweet fragrances that mimic the smell of bubble gum and candies are, by far, little girls’ favorites. However, these preference switches as they grow up, and the sweet smell of fruits like papaya, oranges, and strawberries may be adopted.

That is why most perfumes for girls have these sweet fragrances in their composition. Sweet smells can be too overpowering, hence best for outdoor events.

Flowery fragrances

The majority of girls relish the smell of a rose flower, and the same extends to the perfumes they prefer. Floral scents are like jasmine, orchid, and orange blossom are great examples. These scents are gentle and smooth and, therefore, best for wearing every day.

Fresh fragrances

Does your little girl love the smell of the lemon soap? She’s into fresh scents that are aromatic, water, green, and citrusy if she does. Perfumes for girls with elements like sage, bergamot, and grapefruit might be appealing for your daughter.

 These kinds of bouquets are versatile and can be used for everyday activities since most smell precisely like the usual cosmetics products we use.

Oriental fragrances

Believe it or not, some kids have a very advanced sense of smell and have a knack for the finer things in life.

Scents like vanilla and myrrh may then appeal to a child who has such a pallet. Such kids love the smell of herbs and spices and so having them in their scent is a plus.

Woody fragrances

Yet another prevalent smell is the characteristic woody smell. It is an accessible scent and is very feathery. It smells somewhat like leather, dry wood, and earthy.

These are the best to wear in the outdoors too. Some of the woody fragrances are sandalwood, cedarwood, and patchouli.

Girls might not appreciate girls’ perfumes with these overpowering smells, but a hint of either can make the scent memorable. 

Take away

Suppose you want your little girl to grow up to be a woman of substance and class, teach her how to wear scents and which is best for which occasions.

They only learn while they are growing, so why wait any longer.

For exceptional cases, always make sure a specialist is consulted. All in all, nothing beats having a family with great smelling people.

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