Which Perfumes Last Longest And How To Tell?

Ever wondered why some fragrances last longer than others?

One reason is that you might have gotten acquitted to the smell, but that’s not the only cause. There is scientific research explaining why that happens and puts a reasonable explanation to back up the claims. Read on to find out what they are.

Why do some Perfumes Last Only a Few Hours?

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In the science of perfumes, you must grasp a few fundamental things to fully understand why particular perfume brands and types are long lasting perfumes while others aren’t.

The elements in a scent, namely the top notes, heart notes, and the base notes, are what you smell. And the duration you get to enjoy these flavors is characterized by a complete cycle throughout the three notes.

Below are some of the reasons perfumes do not last long

The concentration of the perfumes oils

The first mentionable characteristic that explains why some perfumes last only a few hours is the concentration of the aromatic oils used.

Unquestionably, the lower the perfumed oils’ concentration, the milder it smells, hence the faster it fades away. Low concentrated perfumes are not long-lasting perfumes.

The volatility of the fragrance

Most blends are made of different solvents such as water and alcohol. Alcohol is particularly very volatile compared to water and aromatic oils.

Hence, a fragrance with a high alcohol percentage evaporates faster, thus radiating for only a short time.

Your natural body oils

natural body oils

Have you ever heard of the term pheromones?

In the simplest of terms, pheromones are chemicals released in the air through all our bodily secretions. There are several kinds of pheromones, such as food, alarm, and sex pheromones, get radiated outwards. These chemicals are essential and can be the reason why your perfume is not durable.

Every person has a distinctive natural scent that may or may not be compatible with the fragrance you are using it. If the cologne you are using is not consistent, then the perfume is bound to fade off quickly. If the opposite is the case, the two complement each other, amplifying its aromatic nature.

The term used to describe this is called the dry down, where your skin’s natural smell blends in with the perfume’s odor. If they clash, the scent will have a brief life span.

Sweat is yet another determinant that may result in your perfume not lasting long. If your body produces too much sweat, it might overpower the perfume.

The climate

Regardless of the perfume type, there is an increased evaporation rate during hot weather due to the high atmospheric temperature. The vice versa happens in cold weather.

When you use perfume in humid surroundings, it may last longer since the evaporated aromatic molecules will have no air space. On the flip side, the aromatic molecules expire faster into the atmosphere in a low humid surrounding.

The location you apply the perfume

Applying perfume on clothes is yet another reason long lasting perfumes might be fading off before their time. Also, if you spray the perfume on a cool or cold part of the body, it fades off just as fast. 

Types of Perfumes and their Concentration

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As aforementioned, one of the reasons you may have to re-spray every few hours may be linked to the type of perfume you are using.

Here are the varieties of perfumes and their concentrations:

Parfum extracts

These are the purest and most long lasting perfumes in the market. They are mainly pure ingredient blends that include a non-diluted liquid to the aromatic oil.

These extracts mostly contain a concentration of about 30 to 40% and have a longevity of more than a day. These are the scents that stick around for days past application and are the most expensive. However, brand and volume might influence the price.


Also referred to as Eau de Parfum, these varieties are the most concentrated in aromatic oils. They usually range between 20 to 30% with no water and alcohol as a solvent.

They are oily in touch and last for a very long time. They are also long-lasting perfumes that could go even past a day. Depending on the volume and brand, they are perhaps one of the priciest perfumes in the market.


These are also called Eau de Perfume and are at a lower concentration than the parfum. The Eau de perfumes are pure blends without water and alcohol solvents. The aromatic oils range from 15 to 20%.

At this concentration, you are bound to smell the fragrance for about five to eight hours tops.


Directly translated to mean ‘toilet,’ the Eau de toilette is essentially toilet water or grooming water for a more sophisticated term.

They contain both water and alcohol and have the perfumed oil concentration ranging from 5 to 15%. These types last you for only three hours.


Although cologne is a term used to refer to men’s fragrances, it is first a type of perfume with a concentration of 2 to 4% aromatic oils.

These fragrances are mostly light, fresh, and sometimes fruity with a tinge of masculinity energy—colognes last at least two hours.

Eau Fraiche

These are the least concentrated perfumes, with 1 to 3% of aromatic oils in their composition. They are a combination of oils, water, and alcohol.

These scents will last you less than an hour.

Linear and non-linear perfumes

These two categories include all of the six types of perfumes named above. This means it is possible to find a linear perfume and a non-linear one.

A non-linear scent is a fragrance that evolves throughout the three notes of a bouquet from the top, then the middle, and finishes off the base note. These are assumed to be long-lasting perfumes since there is an evident change in smell.

Linear perfumes are the ones that have only one signature scent throughout their cycle. They provide a consistent smell all through. They are perceived to be short-term because you get accustomed to the smell after a while, and you won’t notice it after that. But that does not really mean that they are not long-lasting perfumes.

How to Make Perfumes Last Longer?

Apply on all the pulse points in the body

wrist is one of pulse points

If you want your perfume to last long, apply it to all the body’s pulse points. These are the neck, under the jaw, chest, shoulder, inner elbow, forearm, and wrist.

These areas of the body radiate the most heat, and so it will help your perfume get noticed as fast. Applying on all areas amplifies and makes the smell radiate longer as it is coming from multiple sources. 

Apply on moisturized skin

Moisturized skin can absorb the aromatic oils better than dry skin. For that reason, the best time to apply long lasting perfumes is after moisturizing your skin through a shower or bath.

And for the best results, spray on towel-dried skin.

Buy the perfumes with high aromatic oils concentration

It goes without saying that if you want to smell great for extended periods, the secret is buying fragrances with high perfumed oil concentrations.

If you want an all-day fragrance, go for pure parfum extracts, parfums, or Eau de perfume. And if you do not mind a refresher, go for it.

Buy the original perfume

It all boils down to getting an authentic product. If you use a counterfeit in all the right ways, it might not give you the desired results you would wish to experience.

Indeed it may be hard to distinguish the real thing from a fake, so you need to purchase your product from a trusted seller.

How and when to Reapply Perfumes

reapplying perfume

Revamping the scent is simple—with a single spritz, spray the perfume on the body’s pulse point a few hours after realizing the aromatic smell has died. When to reapply will depend on the following factors.

The types of perfume you have used

Quite naturally, you do not expect to use an Eau de cologne and expect the scent to last the whole day. You might have to redo the fragrance every so often, more so after about two hours.

For the Toilette, you may need a three-hour redo. With the Eau de Perfume, you may need an eight-hour reapplication while you may not need any for the Eau de Parfum or the Parfum Extracts since they are long-lasting perfumes. 

Your skin’s condition

If you have dry skin, you might have to reapply your perfume more often than someone with normal moisturized skin. To quickly solve this issue, you need to apply a layer of lotion before reapplying your perfume.

If you sweat a lot, you might also have to reapply the perfume throughout the day to mask the sweaty odor. But beware, the more the two mix, the worse it may get. The only solution is to freshen up by taking a shower and apply the perfume.


Perfumes are made differently and for various purposes. Some elevate your mood while others make you memorable, but one thing is for sure, they are unique.

And since you want to remain alluring for a more extended period, use the information shared above to get long lasting perfumes. Smell great for longer using the right products, the correct way.

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