Are Branded Perfumes Simply Better? What Brands Can Tell You About Your Perfumes

There is a flare of panache, style, and sophistication when you smell a Chanel, Versace, or Prada perfume on someone.

Right away, you place them on a pedestal of the divine scented matching the gods. But does that mean that a less famous cannot produce an exceptional fragrance as the branded perfumes?

Well, let’s take an in-depth look at this matter and let you be the judge.

Are branded Perfumes Better?

few branded perfumes

Well, this matter is debatable as there are both pros and cons of branded perfumes.

Pros of branded perfumes

For starters, a branded product is deemed trustworthy as the owners are liable if anything awry happens. For example, a branded perfume takes great pride in that container’s constituents and will stand by and defend it.

Branded perfumes are made in large batches. Thus they match all skin types. The manufacturers indicate all ingredients used to make the perfume and issue out allergy warnings and caution on the packaging. Generally speaking, they are safe to use across the board.

Branded perfumes are consistent in their compositions, and this gives them an edge that unbranded aromas lack. They guarantee the user the same or better quality of the product for years and years. 

Cons of branded perfumes

On the flipside, branded perfumes can be quite costly, notwithstanding the type of fragrance they are. You often pay a low product in volume, concentration, and longevity only because it has a brand plastered on it.

For example, a branded Eau de Cologne with a 4% perfumed oil concentration may be more expensive to an Eau de parfum from an unknown perfume brand. The latter might last longer, but the price would significantly differ.

Since these products are made for the general public, you might find it hard to get a perfume that matches your skin type if you have sensitive skin. And even the thought of trying several seems like a far-fetched idea since most of them are quite costly.

All the ingredients used in making these branded perfumes might be printed in fine print, making it hard to read. Sometimes, even lack the full list. Some of the words might be the scientific names that people might not be familiar with.

In this case, most people pick a product and not even bother to look through the constituents. This is hazardous as you may get an allergic reaction for not knowing what is included. And the sad part is that you cannot hold anyone liable but yourself.

What About Our Domestic Indian Brands?

domestic indian pefume manufacturers

The beauty of domestic Indian brands is that they are familiar with the Indian culture. Most of the ingredients used in the formulation are locally sourced, giving the locals confidence in the brand.

The second thing notable about Indian perfume brands is that they are made specifically for the Indian folk. Fit for all skin types, social classes, activities, and so much more. That is why you will find Indian perfumes in all categories fitting every Indian.

Over the past few years, the Indian fragrance market has been seeing start-ups with Indian nationals as the brilliant minds behind the fragrances. Companies such as Bombay perfumery, Mocemsa, and Forest Essentials India provide excellent products in the market.

On the costing, you will find a perfume that matches your budget without poking a hole in your pockets. There are Indian branded perfumes that go for under 1000 rupees and even under 500. All in all, it all boils down to your financial capabilities and personal tastes. 

Why are Western Brands More Popular Than Others?

Their marketing is more of a lifestyle than just a fragrance

The first reason western brands like Chanel, Boss, Gucci, and the rest are loved globally is because of the vigorous marketing campaign behind the products. They are portrayed as classy, luxurious, fancy, high class, and sophisticated traits that everyone wants to be associated with.

The brand and its products are linked to a certain feeling and are given a backstory through advertisements. That is why you will find a brand such as Boss being loved by business people while Chanel is loved by people who love the spotlight or celebrities.

Western brands focus more on class and marketing, which earns them fame.

Limited editions are a hotcake

Humans are designed to want to be novel and rare, and these international branded perfumes companies understand this all too well. And that is why they give the users and illusion that their merchandise is released in limited editions.

A fragrance you bought a year ago might not smell the same in a year or two. Every new bottle has a unique experience.

They retail worldwide

It is possible to find a western brand in almost all fragrance stores simply because they are shipped worldwide and are always in stock. When the supply satisfies the demand, people will keep buying the product due to the consistency. 

How to Pick The Right Brand For You?

popular perfume brands in a box

Deciding which brand or product to go with is a personal matter that you have to undertake all by yourself. Sure, a friend may point you to exceptional branded perfumes that you may or may not like, but the final verdict is yours.

That said, below are some questions you should ask yourself as you narrow in on your choice.

How much are you willing to spend?

This is the genesis of your search for a brand of perfume for use. Budgeting is crucial since it cuts down the search from plentiful choices available. Admittedly, those same numerous choices range from ridiculously high price tags to very minimal costs.

The best quality cost more, while the substandard versions cost a bit cheaper. However, you should take note of the type of perfume, the brand, and the ingredients. These may be the possible reasons the price of branded perfumes are high. So take note.

Depending on the perfume you settle on, make sure it is something you can buy over and over without breaking the bank.

What are your favorite scents?

Are you a nature lover, or do you enjoy the smell of the car’s engine? It may seem odd that someone might be inclined to certain scents, but it just so happens that the perfume you choose to go with should have some similarity.

The good thing is that there is quite an array of scents you can go for. Examples are earthy, floral, fresh, fruity, and sweet, among others.

How often would you like to use perfume?

This goes hand in hand with the aromatic oil concentration you want to get. Certainly, the higher the concentration, the longer the fragrance scent cycle.

If you want a one-apply-fragrance, go for the Perfumes and Parfums, and if you do not mind a few retouches along the day, the toilette or the cologne is ideal. 

What are your intentions?

Are you looking for a fragrance to drive women crazy? Or are you looking for something subtle for the office or intense for the gym? Well, whatever the reason may be, this will go a long way into helping you select the right brand and fragrance for yourself.

As mentioned above, branded perfumes have backstories, so what’s yours?

What’s the occasion?

Imagine wearing a perfume full of sensual pheromones in the office, what a waste, right? An office is a place of professionalism, and you do not want to attract the wrong kind of attention.

That said, picking a perfume brand will have you evaluate your everyday life, considering your hobbies and lifestyle. The sensual perfume would be best for a date and softer, milder branded perfumes for the office or running errands.

Is there enough supply in your location?

noname brand

It is no news to hear someone has imported a cologne bottle from Europe or the USA simply because they could not find it in their locality.

So when you shop for a fragrance, ask the vendor if they have enough supply of the same for the next refills. And even if they don’t, find out if they could ship it for you. By doing so, you will save cash on shipping costs and customs.

Are you allergic to anything?

You should avoid any adverse reactions to perfume by being aware of what you are allergic to and check if the product has any allergen substance. If you are not so sure about what the elements in the perfume are, it will help if you gave the manufacturing company a call or send them an email.

These allergic reactions also extend to people who are always around you. You do not want to cause anyone discomfort in the name of smelling great.


Now, we can confidently state that selecting your best-branded perfumes majorly falls into a person’s tastes.

One person’s preferences will differ from another. Either way, we hope this guide was informative enough to help you make a sound decision the next time you go for perfume shopping.

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