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The best way to store perfumes and other things to know

As perfumes take over the world, it is important to understand that they are more delicate than you think. It is important to understand that every perfume contains many essential oils and aromatic components that may be damaged or even lose their properties if they are not stored properly. This is why there are some tips on how to display and store perfumes so you can preserve and maintain the exquisite scents for as long as possible. 

It is important to know when a perfume has gone bad or if it is no longer suitable for body use, and they usually last a few years, but if you don’t keep them in places that maintain all of their properties, they might go bad earlier than you thought. Here we’ll have some takes on what are the proper ways to store perfumes. 

Perfumes and fragrances hate the sun

Maybe you love the feeling of sun rays falling on your skin and making you feel warm and tropical, but perfumes don’t love it so much. The sun rays can spoil and damage the perfume, even if it is in a black-colored bottle. This is the reason that it is best to store all perfumes in a dark place. 

Most people like to keep them in the bathroom or the dressing room, in front of the mirror, but these places are luminous and could cause the perfume to damage. Besides, the humidity could also be an important factor that could result in the damage of the fragrance. Some people think that keeping perfume in the fridge is the best option, but this is not advisable. As we said, humidity and the water that could filtrate into the bottle could seriously damage the fragrance.

But this doesn’t mean that heat is the best temperature for perfumes. On the contrary, it can cause great damage to the essential oils in the fragrance. The best thing you can do to maintain the properties of a perfume is to have a stable temperature and avoid sudden temperature changes. By keeping it in a closed drawer or closet, you prevent the temperature from being too humid or hot, while keeping it away from the sun’s rays.

Covering the perfume is key

It is important to prevent air and moisture from penetrating the bottle, so the best thing you can do is put the cap on the perfume right after using it. If the perfume does not contain a cap, you should keep it in the box and then save it in the drawer, so it can maintain the properties in a dry, proper environment.

If you’re one of those persons that always want to smell exquisite, you should know that, for the same reasons that we’ve exposed, it is not advisable to carry the bottle everywhere you go. In this case, a solution may be to get a travel-size refillable atomizer that will allow you to carry your favorite perfume with you at all times without having to carry the large bottle in your purse.

Other tips for perfume you should know

store perfumes

It is a very common thing to shake a perfume before applying. However, if there are no indications from the manufacturer to shake the perfume, it is advisable not to do so. This is one of the most common ways to break a bottle of perfume or to spill a little bit if the bottle is not well closed, and has no sense. When you acquire a perfume, you get a completely homogeneous mixture that is ready to apply.

Many perfumes come with no spray. In these cases, you can use a roll-on or a cotton swab to apply it. Another option is using disposable applicators that can be easy to use, but this could mean that you’ll need to open the perfume bottle often, so the air and humidity might enter the bottle and damage the perfume.

In general, you should always remember that any dark, dry place isolated from external influences is ideal for storing perfumes. Avoiding to store perfumes on high shelves and preferring instead boxes or closets might be the best way to maintain your perfume’s properties for as long as possible. 

The world of perfume bottles

It would not be crazy to say that perfume bottles are fascinating. Perfumes and fragrances have dominated the world since ancient times. Perfumes and fragrances were developed in ancient times, and they are said to be born in Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and perhaps China. 

Tapputi-Belatekallim was a Mesopotamian woman that is considered to be the first chemist in the world. Besides, she was said to be a perfume maker that used a great variety of ingredients to create perfumes. According to some Archaeologists, the world’s oldest known perfumes were about 4,000 years old, which may not sound as much, but four millennia are kind of a great time to develop a whole new industry that today rules the world, and that is certainly a big deal.

Fragrances may have changed over the pass of the years, but they haven’t lost the distinction and important spot they have. Of course, as the perfume changes, the way to pack it has also evolved with it. It is important to note that liquid fragrances have always been stored in glass bottles. Fragrances and glass vessels have been together in history since ancient times, and Egyptians and Romans used blown glass bottles to store perfumes, creating a tradition that has turned out to be the best way to store perfumes.

Today, the best material-technology stands in favor of the packaging of all kinds of perfumes, using the greatest ultraviolet glass there is. This is how perfumes and colognes maintain their properties: glass is almost the only material that has the perfect chemistry not to mess up on any of the components of the fragrances.

In today’s industry of perfume, it is not the shape that matters. Many perfumes come in different sizes, designs, and shapes, from the most simple to the most elaborated. However, as we’re saying, the most important thing to look at is the kind of glass they’re made of.

We’ve already understood that light can affect the quality of fragrances. Without protection from visible light, heat, and air, perfume or cologne might lose its fragrance or even begin to smell bad. Thus, good, high-quality glass cologne and perfume bottles are a must for any fragrance line that seeks to have products with a long shelf life.

Perfumes, colognes, fragrance mists, and other types of liquid fragrances are often presented in spray bottles. These bottles sometimes are made of plastic, but the most common presentation is, of course, glass bottles. They are pretty versatile and are the only ones that don’t act on the chemistry of the perfume, since plastic bottles might have particles that can react against the alcohol the perfume contains thanks to its porous composition.

As we spoke about the damage the light could cause to perfumes, many designers rely on tinted glass, even though many perfumes have clear glass bottles. Still, using clear glass bottles doesn’t mean that you won’t need to keep the perfume in a dark, dry place, just that it is more protected. You may think, then, that the dark-colored glasses are the perfect solution, but they are not quite so. 

As there are different colors for glass, each one of them offers different protection against light rays. If we think about, for example, the brown or amber-colored glass, we must say that they can block all ultraviolet rays, but they are not as effective as normal light, letting some visible light rays in. Now, there are other kinds of bottles, in colors like green and blue, that are not as protective as dark bottles, and let some rays, ultraviolet and clear ones, to pass to the perfume.

Some of the perfume bottle types

There are as many different types of perfume bottles as perfumes in the world. Even though the shape of the bottle is not as important, it would be good to know the different types of them. We’ve already talked about the spray bottles, but there are other ones you should know about, so let’s have a look at them. 

Roller Ball Bottles

These are more common for deodorants, but some perfumes also come in roller-ball presentations. The roller-ball bottle’s dispenser consists of a little ball that can be made of plastic, glass, or metal, and that rotates to dispense a small amount of the fragrance. This is one of the rarest ways to use fragrances. Most of them come in plastic bottles, so it is not the most advisable one, but it is good to know it. 

Flacon Bottles

These are more common, even though flacon bottles are more used as a decoration or as a container in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The flacon bottle has a little opening seal that is specifically designed to avoid the fragrance is contaminated. Most of them have an atomizer or a spray, which makes them a little easier to use, but some have just a little cap to close the fragrance. Either way is one of the most valuable bottles to store essential oils, perfumes, and other fragrances.

Vial perfumes

Have you ever tried one of those tiny samples they give you in a mall to promote a perfume? Well, that little bottle is called a vial. They are also used as portable little bottles that you can carry in your purse. Vials are made of glass and contain a little applier that is really useful.

Now, there are many other perfume bottles that all depend on the designer of the brand and the intentions of the creator since the bottle is the first look a customer has on the perfume. But if there is one thing that doesn’t variate is the way to close them. This is made thanks to a hand-pressured machine that seals and puts the cap in its place in less than a minute.

Undoubtedly, perfumes and the package they come in have evolved enormously through the years, and it is great to understand the different perfume bottles and their materials to take the right measures to store them. If you store correctly your perfumes, you’ll surely be able to keep the fragrance for a long time and preserve the exquisite aroma they have will be there for many years.

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